Sunday, January 02, 2011

new decade, new blog

I've let this blog go. Goodbye, helloyvetty.

Go here to see my new page and new posts. See you there!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

random likes and dislikes

Because you know you've been dying to know these things about me . . .

Werewolves: Seriously, if you know me, then you already know this about me. I hate werewolves. No, I despise, loathe, detest werewolves. If you're wanting to give me a heart attack, show up anywhere I am dressed as a werewolf. I will undoubtedly faint, poop, and die. I just don't the exact order in which I'll do that. I'm just going to stop now. I'm getting all heebie-jeebied.

Baboons: I don't like them. Never have. I'm pretty sure it's their obscene ass and their unfortunate nose. What's more is that I think they're smug. Like a fat guy at the beach that thinks he's hot. You're not, fat guy and you're not either, baboons. Stop it.
I don't think I'd feel the least bit sad if I heard baboons were on the verge of extinction.

Sock Puppets: Seriously, need I say more? Sock puppets are all kinds of awesome and hilarious! If anyone ever wants to give me really bad news and does it with a sock puppet, I'd probably be cracking up. "You're fired", "Here are your eviction papers", and "The dog ate your wedding band" would all be gladly applauded if delivered by someone wearing a sock puppet. Awesome.

Looney Tunes: Again, total awesomeness. My husband says that I say at least one looney tunes quote a day. I'm not going to comment on that except to say that I've considered putting my name and "Genius" on my mailbox.
I also feel like a grumpy old man about Looney tunes because when I see some of the crap cartoons my kids watch now, I say something like "What's this? These cartoons aren't any good. Now, Bugs Bunny, those were cartoons!".

This link today. I was in tears while reading some of these. Mostly because I understood. I wrote muahahaha once and it turned into "mustaches". Not cool . . . and definitely NOT what I was going for.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

{{almost}} right

My mom has this tendency to get things almost right. Not quite right . . . just almost right. The latest was that she told me she wants to watch "The Girl that Played with Matches". It's "fire", Mom, she played with fire. I made fun of her for a while and started saying things like "The Girl with the Dragon Body Art". She's always doing this, especially with all things pop culture. She's talked to me about that "Kane" guy, you know, the one that interrupted the country-singer girl. She likes to watch Law & Order SVU. She recently asked if Brianna still likes Miley Montana. She wants to watch The Deadly Hallows.
It's really quite hilarious, but if I stayed here typing up all the "almost right" things she says, I'd be here forever. I should get her this for Christmas.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

total Brianna post

Today I'm making a quick post to congratulate my baby bird, Brianna. Although, she is a typical rotten tween, she saves all her rottenness for me. I have to admit that she is quite the lovely and smart young lady everywhere else. As a result, she is one of 33 students chosen from her school to attend a marine biology trip to the Catalina Islands towards the end of the school year. She is VERY involved in school. She's a cheerleader, a member of student council, a member of the enriched learning program, in choir, and in drama club. Yes, I'm proud. Busy, but proud. Here she is at one of her pep rallies. She's the 2nd one from the left.

Now, since I was missing from bloggyland for so long, I'm just going to make a total Brianna post. Let's catch up, shall we?

Brianna got braces last year. Here's her last "without" picture. There are three ostriches and Brianna. Guess which is which.

After the braces came the haircut. She LOVED it. I thought she looked very pretty, but it bothered me how grown up she looked all of a sudden.

Brianna cooking in class. I think it was a measurement lesson. She made something called puppy chow.

In Mt. Lemmon pretending to be a moose.

She joined OM again. Here she is helping a friend with his costume.

Here she is with her friend just after they performed in the school talent show.

Brianna playing a cop in their production of The Pir@tes of Penzance.

Brianna with my mom as we were leaving a baseball game. Her "C@mp Half-Blood" shirt will tell you what book series she's waaayyyyy into and which team was playing (Ann@beth wears their cap).

That's all I have time to post now. Doesn't she look sweet? I suppose it's a sign of good parenting to know that the eye-rolling, back-talking and "whatevers" are exclusively for me. Ah, I should call my mom and apologize for my own behavior from ages 11-13ish.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pauper Yvett

Within the past few days, my son has gone from saying that we "have a lot of dollars" to "we can't afford anything that costs more than $10". Let me explain . . . on Halloween night, we were SWAMPED with kids and ran out of candies. Rodrigo and Alec headed to the store for some things and Rodrigo decided to get some more candies. He saw a bag for $13 but casually mentioned (sort of like talking to himself) that $13 was "too expensive". In his defense, it was too expensive for last minute candies for the few trick or treaters we'd still get. We can, in fact, afford to spend $13.
I suppose Alec ran with this, though. . . .
We've been getting toy catalogs in the mail and he was looking through them. I heard him in the other room saying things like "Oh, this is cool, but it's too expensive. I like this! Too bad we can't afford it. Aww, I want this, but it's $20". Curious, I asked why he thought things were too expensive, he gave me the explanation I already gave you and I found it extremely hard to not laugh too hard.
Now I'll have to explain to him that we actually have more than $10, before he goes and tells half the school.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

the non-musical

For weeks now, Alec has been practicing for the 2nd grade musical. It's a patriotic theme (since it was scheduled for Election Night). He's memorized the songs and moves and has taken it very seriously. I made sure the camera battery is charged, remind Rodrigo that he has to leave work early today, just planned everything for today. So I go get him from school and just as I'd parked, my cell phone rings. It was the school nurse. Alec is running a fever of 102 degrees and isn't feeling well at all. Suck. He needs to be fever-free for at least 24 hours before he can go back to school. Poor thing. He was sooooo disappointed about not being able to be in the musical.
Oh well, he's been asleep pretty much since we got home from school. : ( I know that's the best thing for him right now. Soup, sleep and cuddles should do the trick.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Late World Cup update

Let's talk sports, yes? I bet you guys thought that since I was MIA during the World Cup that you'd be let off scot-free. Wrong. I watched 64 matches. Yes, 64 and although I'm not going to go into detail about the matches, I HAVE to tell you about what was so different about this year. We. Were. Connected. That's right. I would sit and watch with my handy dandy arm extension . . er . . I mean iPad at my side and watch while "talking" with my friends all over the world. It was amazing! I loved being able to get reactions and talk smack with my friends. Wow, I kept thinking about just how different technology became in four short years. I don't think I'd heard about FB four years ago. I couldn't have even imagined the iPad yet. I wonder how it'll be four years from now . . .

Here's what I remember about WC's so far (since I'm sure you want to know) . . .

-2010: Totally connected WC. Amazing!
- 2006: We were moving to Arizona during this WC. We caught some of the matches at a hotel when we were here looking for houses. Oh, and that head-butt!
- 2002: This one was in Japan. We were living in an apartment and I was waking up at dreadful hours to catch live matches.
- 1998: I was a flight attendant living in Phoenix. My mom and brother went to spend a part of summer vacation there and we'd watch matches in the apartment.
- 1994: I honestly don't really remember much about this one. It was in the US, but this is when I graduated high school, so I suppose I was busy with other things. : S
-1990: I was about to go into high school. My grandparents went out of town and I was allowed to house sit for them. I remember watching some matches while listening to the radio at the same time thinking I could somehow get in trouble for that.
-1986: This one was in Mexico. My dad watched the matches in Spanish and I STILL remember the theme song.

That's all I remember.