Tuesday, February 24, 2009

experience the warmth

We had record breaking heat yesterday topping off at 91 degrees. That's right, in February. I know to a lot of you that would be super hot weather. To me, all I could think was "ahhhhhh". It felt like a warm hug.
I'm neither bragging nor complaining. I'm telling you all this because of Alec. He hasn't wanted to have a haircut in a while. He says he wants "hair like Joe Jonas". Yes, those were his exact words. I thought it was cute at first and went along with it, but it's hot now and he's sweating. My mom says he's five and shouldn't even be allowed to make decisions about if or when he gets a haircut. I get it. I mean, I'm not going to have him in blue hair if he suddenly feels like it. Or if he suddenly decides he wants a perm or a mullet, I wouldn't let him. I just sort of thought this was cute and not tremendously out of the ordinary. Plus, it's really hit or miss at his school right now. Little boys either have a crew cut or they're letting their hair grow/have long hair. He kind of looks up to a couple of Brianna's friends right now, both of whom have Joe Jonas-like hair. I guess we'll see how it goes. If I see that he's going to be dripping in sweat, that's too bad for his longish hair. It'll have to go. For now, let's just hope he's not, uh, burning up (rimshot). <-- Consider yourself lucky if you don't get that.

feeling: I think we're going to have a HOT summer
listening to: Depeche Mode (Wrong)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

drunk yvett

I got drunk last night. I'm not bragging like some kids who thinks it's cool to drink. Quite the opposite, actually. I think it's pretty sad. We were watching Top Chef and as part of their challenge they had to make a cocktail. I thought they looked soooooo good that I really wanted one. Now, we have wine in the house but I have to admit it's mostly used for marinating. We have an occasional glass once in a while. We also have a hutch with liquor bottles, but those are mostly for display. For some reason, people would give my grandpa bottles for Christmas and he just collected them. He's since passed away and my grandma saved them for years. When we got this house, she decided to give us that awesome antique hutch and gave all the bottles to Rodrigo as a gift.
So anyway, back to my story, I decided to make cocktails for us. We had some unopened vodka in the freezer and some cranberry juice. That's what I made. Only I think that the fact that I added too much vodka and the fact that I have zero tolerance now made a bad combination. My chest felt all warm and my face felt hot. I started speaking gibberish about how I now understood why St. Bernards carry alcohol around in that little barrel of theirs. Or whatever it is. Rodrigo was just laughing at me. We came upstairs and I started trying to change my blog banner. That didn't really work. When I went to bed the pattern on my pillowcase was moving. I couldn't focus.
Isn't that just pathetic. I mean ONE cocktail. Sad. Really, really sad.

feeling: I lost my cool
listening to: The Ting Tings (That's Not My Name)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

you deplete me

The books I've been reading lately have been leaving me just plain exhausted. Emotionally drained. This is really the kind of book I love, but I don't remember feeling this way from a book since The Kite Runner.

I just finished reading The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb. I loved it. It's about a husband and wife in a troubled marriage who both work in Columbine HS. He has to go away because of a family emergency and that's when the shootings happen. This is basically everything that happens to them afterwards. While reading it, I found myself feeling just sort of worn down. It actually depressed me. I don't think I'd ever gotten a grasp of just what a horrible tragedy Columbine was.
Still, I'd absolutely recommend it. I've read both of previous books and I suggest you do the same before you read this. Characters from his previous novels pop in and it's nice to know who they are and follow up.

Now I'm reading Revolutionary Road. Oh. My. Goodness. I really want to see the movie, but I hadn't read the book. It makes me soooooo grateful to be happy with my life. Still, reading about them exhausts me. How could anyone feel like that all the time? Exhausting. Still, a must read.

Let me know of any good books you've read lately. I am forever compiling a "to read" list.

feeling: looking for a rag doll pattern
listening to: U2 (Get on Your Boots)