Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brianna's pigpen

You know where I've been? Here. Cleaning.

Ugh, because Rodrigo and I are constantly on drugs, we decided it would be a good idea to have a yard sale. Well, it was actually my fault. I was trying to convince Brianna to get rid of a lot of junk, er, things and I blurted out "You could have a yard sale and whatever you sell will be money for you". Still, Rodrigo didn't stop me and is going along so it's his fault too.
I've never had a yard sale, have never had any desire to have one either, but it seems that we really give away a lot of good clothes simply because the kids have outgrown them. Plus, we have some old bedroom furniture and other things we need to get rid of, so we thought it would be a good idea. Getting things ready has been a nightmare, though.
I've tried and tried and tried and tried to get Brianna to let go of some things. She saves EVERYTHING. Everything. I knew that if I went into her room and did cleaned it myself, I'd get rid of some things she'd probably want. I warned and warned and warned to no avail.
Saturday we went to Phoenix and spent a lot of time at IKEA. Oh, you cannot imagine how inspired I was with all the choices for home organization. I've been on a "everything has a place and everything in it's place" mode for a while now, so Brianna's messy room was driving me batty.
Sunday she went to a friend's party. As soon as she left, I went straight into her room. I had planned to be done by the time she got back but it became a longer task that I had imagined. Oh. My. God. I could not believe the kind of thing this kid was saving. Think empty plastic Easter eggs, empty party favor bags, homework from years ago, notes, every plastic necklace imaginable, toys she hasn't played with in years, gift tags, pencils, etc. Armed with a new organizer and bins, I tackled that room. It two days and several hours but that room is Or-Ga-Nized. Closet, drawers and all. She owes me big.
Now I just need Alec's room (which really isn't that bad) and the toy boxes in the garage. -groan- All I'm saying is we better make some money on this yard sale thing and make all this worth it.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

short hair . . . . . again

Yesterday morning . . . .

Blah. Yesterday afternoon . . . .

Aww, total awesomeness. I love, love, love haircuts. This is the longest I'd gone not getting a cut. It was about two years since my last real one. I just wanted to let my hair grow out for a while, and well, I did. I liked having longish hair for a while, but I adore all the cute short styles. Next up, getting the back of my neck all tattooed. Yes, I'm kidding but I have to admit I kind of like how a little tattoo on the back of a neck looks on girls. Well, some girls (like Posh) who clearly have some sort of fashion sense. I'm going to put on one of those temporary ones like Alec has. A shrek one. LQTM.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

calling all independently wealthy people with nothing to spend your money on

This past Friday, the kids' school had a carnival. Alec and I went to the ATM since I knew I'd need cash for that. . . .

- Alec: can I do it?
- me: let me enter some numbers and you can get the money
- Alec: (getting the cash) I like this!
- me: yeah, me too
- Alec: can I have one of these cards? Sometimes I need money. If you give me a card I can get money from here whenever I want
- me: (thinking) if only . . .

So let me complain to you guys about money for a while. No, we're not hurting for it, but there are soooooooo many things I want. -sigh- I wish I could win the lottery without ever playing. We still need so many things for the house. Right now here are some of the things I want . . .

- the backyard: We haven't done anything to it yet. We want some artificial turf (because you know computer guy Rodrigo won't be out there tending the lawn), I wanted some oleanders, but that's not an option anymore now that we have Badger (they're poisonous). I want some sort of border. I think we need some professional landscaping advice.
- curtains for the living room: Our living room has some HIGH ceilings. We have four windows in the living room, two up high and two below those. The two low ones have curtains. The model home had some curtains that started from the top, and covered all the way down to the bottom. I want some. I've seen quotes for those and they cost somewhere in the thousands. That's right thousands of dollars for curtains. Pssh. I'd rather make them. Then I don't know how in the world I'd hang them.
- paint: before we moved in, we painted the kids rooms, the kitchen, the family room and the dining room. Now we really want to paint the living room, but again, it is super high. We'd have to rent scaffolding and/or pay an arm and a leg to have painters come out here.
- the garage: we want to get those hanging shelves to make use of wasted space. We're planning on putting the holiday bins in there. Then we want all sorts of racks and other organizing things in there.
- Brianna's room: that girl needs some major organizing bins and shelves in there. She has way too many toys and collections in that room.
- The kids bathroom: we redecorated the whole thing, now we want to paint it. I guess we should have done that first. They went from a fish theme to yellow rubber ducks. It's really cute.

I can't even list all the other things we want
- frames
- a furniture piece for the family room to function as storage for dvd's and decoration
- things for the wall in the kitchen (we have a coffee theme with black, light brown and stainless steel)

Just soooooo many things. Then we get done, we're going to get sick of it all and start all over, huh? Ah, the joys of home ownership. Don't get me wrong, though, I completely love my house and am glad to have it.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Casa de Montana

This weekend Rodrigo and Alec were out running errands when Rodrigo called me. .

- Rodrigo: I have something I have to tell you
- me: OK
- Rodrigo: I have to admit I kind of like this song.
- me: What are you listening to?
- Rodrigo: Radio Disney. It's that H@nnah Mont@na song. (<--I don't want 75 million tweens led here)
- me: (laughing) You see? I TOLD you. I like that dumb song too. Now you can't make fun of all those little girls that scream for her because we're just as bad.
- Rodrigo: Darn that Billy Ray. He plotted to get back at all those who made fun of him. "Yeah, laugh at me now, but your kids will want to buy my daughter's albums."
- me: Bwah, ha, ha! !

This morning during breakfast Rodrigo starts singing . .

- Rodrigo: "I've got my eye set on you and I'm ready to aim"
- me: I'm pretty sure that's not how it goes.
- Rodrigo: I've had that song in my head all week. It comes and goes.
- me: Brianna has the c.d. if you want to borrow it
- Rodrigo: yeah, very funny (but he was looking up the lyrics on his pocket computer anyway). You're right, those are the wrong lyrics. Hey, these lyrics are kind of dumb. "My best friend Leslie?" What's wrong with her?
- me: uh, she's 15

For those of you who are lucky enough to have not heard this song, you can hear it here. Yes, lucky you. Brianna listens to that c.d. ALL the time. She even goes to sleep with it playing. If you clicked on that link, get ready for an ear worm.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yeah, that's right. That's what I feel like yelling recently. Let me tell you why.

- Alec's tooth: He went to the dentist last week and was referred to a specialist because he has a pretty big cavity. He got scheduled for a pulpotomy and crown for late next month. I received a call yesterday from the dentist's office telling me that someone had cancelled and they could take Alec today. Of course I wanted to get it over with, so I said yes. Someone from the anesthesiologist's office called me later to give me the procedures as far as meals and such. They told me what he could and couldn't eat, drink and wear. We hung up. A few minutes later they called back saying that she'd forgotten to tell me I also had to take $750. WTF? Just like that she said it all casual-like. I told her I had already paid for half our cost at the dentist's office and she informed me that was just for the doctor. This was for the anesthesia. All in all I'd have to pay $954 for a baby tooth. Today. That's just what isn't covered by the insurance. I had to cancel for today and told them I'd call back. It just didn't seem right. I left with Alec to a pre-k picnic, practically got heat stroke then came back and started with the calls.
It turns out the insurance does cover for kids under seven but that particular dentist "doesn't bill to insurance". Again, WTF? I had to reschedule with another specialist but we only get two dentist visits each per year. That was two. This next one isn't covered, but the procedure will be.

- Badger: He got neutered on Friday. Friday afternoon he was sort of out of it. Saturday morning, the stitches started bleeding. Oh wait, I already wrote about that. So anyway, we have to keep him from jumping or running. The problem is, well, he's a frisky puppy. We were told we should keep him in his crate (which we did end up buying a short while before, by the way) as much as possible. I feel like a horrible puppy mom. Like I have a child in a cage. I know it's for his own good, but I hate having him in there for so long. We take him out frequently to "do" but each time he's out, he starts getting all crazy and jumping around. Oh, and he has that cone on his head which he hates. Poor thing. He must hate us.

- Me: I feel like I'm running around all the time. I need some "help me focus and give me energy" vitamins. Today I had some unexpected errands and I made a quick stop at the grocery store. I got home, placed the bag that had nothing but eggs in it on the kitchen island. It fell and the eggs broke. Because I am crazy or something, I decided not to waste some of the eggs that could be salvaged and bake a cake. I did. Then I get a call from Brianna at school asking where I was. I was late to pick her up. I thought her club meeting ended at 3:30 today when it really ended at 3:00. F*ck! I usually take about 5 minutes to get to her school but today I took like 30 seconds.

Ahh. . . . I need to take a deep breath.

feeling: overwhelmed
listening to: Alec talking, talking, talking and talking about Star Wars

Monday, April 14, 2008

Harry Potter Ruined me

You know what? Ever since I finished reading the whole Potter series, I can't get into anything else. Does that make me a dork? I started reading Atonement back in February and I still can't finish. This is the first book that's even held my attention since I finished the series. I just don't care about the characters anymore. I think I'm in Potter withdrawal. When I finished the last book, I just felt like I was left hanging. I was talking to a friend of mine for about an hour about this, since we're both in the same boat. She said she still feels like "Where are my friends" (meaning the Hogwarts kids). I think we decided that we're too dorky to be good mothers and we're glad our kids are friends. What's wrong with me? I used to enjoy reading sooooo much and now everything seems "eh". I'm convinced that it was because I was left wanting more. There are YEARS of their lives that weren't covered in the books. Too many unanswered questions. -sigh- I just have to get over it. We should seriously start a support group.
I think that what I need is an AMAZING book to get me out of the slump. Could you recommend your favorite book to me? I like books that make me cry, but not something like a romance novel (think The Kite Runner). I don't care too much for mystery or scary types. Although I love the Harry Potter series, I'm not really into wizards and things like that. Care to share?

feeling: HOT!!!! 95 degrees in April, huh? I'm in for one HOT summer
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

crazy, crazy

It's been a crazy two weeks or so. I feel like I don't know if I'm coming or going. In the time since I last wrote . . .

- started puppy kindergarten and we've gone twice
- Alec had a dentist appointment and was a total nightmare
- Alec had to be seen by a pediatric dentist specialist
- Brianna had test week
- Brianna's class has to be transformed into Germany for a carnival this Friday
- Alec had a pre-k show where he sang
- Brianna started book club
- Brianna is going to be in a musical which she's been rehearsing for
- Badger got neutered
- Badger's stitches started bleeding and had to go back to the clinic
- set up a neighborhood watch with a detective

I feel like a driver for the kids. I think I know how my mom felt when we were kids. It seems that I'm always taking someone somewhere or picking someone up. Now with the dog, well, we drive him around too. The school activities wouldn't affect me, but since I volunteer at the school, these things involve me too. This coming week, we have . . .

Monday: let all the neighbors know about the meeting time and place for the watch
Tuesday: pre-k picnic which I'm helping chaperon then book club in the afternoon
Wednesday: puppy training
Thursday: a doctor appt. for me
Friday: Spring carnival and school musical
Saturday: follow-up appointment for Badger

Besides all the coming and going, I was planning a Harry Potter birthday party for Alec. I had made owls to carry invitations and was well within plans for the other things when he asked me if he could please have a pirate party instead. How could I say no? I mean, I felt like the first choice was really because of me. So now I'm going crazy trying to find all sorts of pirate party ideas.
Also, Brianna wants to start taking yoga lessons. There was just no way because she'd have school, book club then yoga that starts at exactly the same time book club ends. I hated having to tell her no, but there's no way I'm going to be speeding trying to get her from place to place. She understood but wants to take kids culinary classes now instead.
Back in February, Alec's class started working on a Flat Stanley project. Alec was in no way interested in the project until he saw the flat kids starting to come back. He finally made a flat Alec and wants to send it "very, very far away". So we tried to reach a friend we have in Amsterdam to no avail. I left an incoherent message to someone's number who may or may not have been Ani, and asked Jenny. She agreed but I feel like a horrible person because she's busy, sick AND I gave her the total wrong information. (I said we had to make a journal when in fact it's the person you send it to that makes it then sends it back to the school) I'm sort of embarrassed to correct it now.
-groaning- Well, I have some phone calls I need to make now. I need to talk to some moms about the 3rd grade end of year picnic and teacher appreciation week. I wonder when mom appreciation week is? I need a total massage or retail therapy ALONE. Ahhh. . .

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

yvett the evil mom

Rodrigo and I are going to hold a family meeting today where we will present the kids with this new chore chart . . . . (click on it to make it bigger)

Happy April Fool's Day!

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