Tuesday, March 30, 2004

what's on. . .right now?

What's On favorite 'recently viewed movies' list Right Now?

I haven't been to the movies in the longest time! The last time I went I was still pregnant and Alec is now 9 months old. I feel bad dropping him off to go do something like go to the movies. I feel selfish. Anyway, the movies I've seen lately have been either on tv or dvd. The last ones that I saw and really liked were Lost in Translation and Whalerider. I saw Capturing the Friedmans and it was a really good but disturbing documentary.

small break

I'm taking a little break from sanding down a nightstand for Brianna's room and I decided to to the Tuesday memes!

TV Tuesday
Oh, Get Real!

Reality TV is everywhere, love it or hate it. From Survivor to My Big Fat Obnoxious American Idol - Oh, sorry, there are too many to keep track of!!! So do tell- what's your take on the topic???

1. Do you consider yourself a "fan" of reality TV?
-yes, I have to admit it. Since back in high school when I couldn't believe how rude Puck was and why in the world did Rachel kiss him? I followed the casts of the Real World and then Road Rules as if they were my friends. I was in LOVE with Neill and Jason!

2. What's your "can't miss" reality TV show (or shows)?
-I'm really enjoying American Idol right now. I like tuning in to hear Simon. I was really looking forward to the Survivor All-Stars but I have to admit that I think it's a little boring.

3. What reality TV show do you suppose the devil plays on the TV in Hell as punishment?
-ugh! I hate Fear Factor and those Tempation Island shows. I've never seen Tempation Island but I think that anyone who'd put their relationship through that doesn't deserve to be in a relationship.

~Bonus~ If you were given a free ticket to be on any reality show, which one would you choose?
-I would've LOVED to be on the Real World but I'm too old now. One of my friends was forcing me to make a video entry after the Boston cast. I wouldn't last a day on Survivor and I'd be one of those ridiculous people who can't sing on American Idol. What's left? There's a show called "Aiport" or "Airline" on A&E. It reminds me of the hell I went through when I was working as a flight attendant!

Thanks for playing, evidently fear is not a factor for you!

Tuesday Twosome

1. Rain or Snow?
rain if I have to

2. Music from the radio or compact disc?
radio unless there's nothing good, then cd

3. Yellow light: "slow down" or "go faster" ?
usually slow down (I drive with kids now)

4. Freeway or feeder road?
freeway. everyday. freeway and more freeway.

5. Road Rage: "what's that?" or "Heck yeah, and you better not get in my way!"
not usually unless I'm driving in Juarez. There are a lot of crazy drivers there and you either have to keep up or move out of the way!

feeling: extremely busy!
listening to: Local H (Bound for the floor)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: grabbing a quick bite

Wait! About reality TV... how could I've forgotten about Queer Eye and all those cool home make-over shows! I'd LOVE to be on "While you were out" or "Trading Spaces" (except I don't know my neighbors). There is one that I've just seen a couple of times but I LOVE called Mission Organization. They need to come here and show me how to store things in a designer way. Yeah, I guess there are a ton of reality shows.

Monday, March 29, 2004

brianna's room

Do you all remember that I wrote about how I was going to make over Brianna's room? Well, I started that today. Once I got a mental picture of what I wanted to do, the colors and ideas came easily. I had never gone paint shopping on my own. I would always help my dad when he would paint and I loved it, but it's an entirely different thing to do the whole thing on my own. I'm about halfway done, but I called it a night. Starting from the top, I painted a pink border about a 6 inches-1 foot down in curves. The rest of the wall is going to be green. I'll post pictures tomorrow since that was probably not a good explanation. I'm beat now and I'm going to soak in a bath!

I found this at Tommy's page and decided to do it on my own. If you all do it as well, leave a comment at Tommy's! (and here too of course!)

What color pants are you wearing?
-right now I'm wearing white soccer shorts with pink paint splatters on them.
What are you listening to right now?
-The White Stripes (seven nation army) on Winamp
What are the last 4 digits of your phone number?
-9712, 8692, 8655
What was the last thing you ate?
-a thin mint girl scout cookie
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
-sky blue
Weather right now?
-high today was 74 (wow, it felt hotter than that!) and right now it is 61
Last person you talked to on the phone?
Do you like the person who sent you this?
-I got it from Tommy. I don't know him personally but enjoy his page!
How are you today?
Favorite drink?
Favorite alcoholic drink?
-Smirnoff Ice or Bailey's
Favorite sport?
Eye color?
Do you wear contact lenses?
Siblings and their ages?
-Ruben, 21
Favorite food?
Last movie you watched?
-I caught Dolores Clairborne last night and today heard parts of a Heidi Fleiss movie
Favorite day of the year?
Are you too shy to ask someone out?
Summer or winter?
Relationships or one night stands?
Chocolate or vanilla?
Do you want your friends to write back?
Who is most likely to respond?
-Diana V.
Least likely?
Living Arrangements?
-house with Rodrigo and kids (Brianna & Alec)
What books are you reading?
-re-reading Angela's Ashes and House of Sand and Fog
What’s on your mouse pad?
-don't have a mouse pad
Favorite board game?
-Monopoly but I'm forced to play a lot of Candyland
What did you do last night?
-washed Alec's crib linens which he peed on while we were changing his diaper, watered lawn
Favorite TV show?
-Law & Order

feeling: exhausted!
listening to: nothing anymore
what I should be doing instead of blogging: taking a bath!

my busy weekend

my busy weekend

Once again I had a very busy weekend! On Friday we received a flyer from Lowe's in the mail. Since Rodrigo and I were talking about fixing up the backyard, we went to take a look at the garden stuff. I immediately regretted not taking the camera because there was about a million hummingbirds fluttering around. We spoke to a consultant and explained how our yard was and what we want to do. Let me explain. We have a HUGE yard with nothing but dirt, a few rocks and weeds. I thought we should get the yard ready for grass by watering it, removing the weeds, evening out the soil, but Rodrigo saw the sod at Lowe's and bought 60 squares of 5sq. feet each and 6 bags of topsoil. We don't own a truck, so they separated the sod for us and we were to pick it up Saturday morning.
After that we went to Chili's where Alec was waving at everyone. Dinner was good. When we got home, I called my dad and asked to borrow his truck. He was surprised because my parents had been there earlier in the afternoon and my dad was telling me how to even out the soil.
Saturday morning we were up early and my dad was here practically before the sun came up. He and Rodrigo went to pick up the sod (or as I call it "grass carpet"). When they came back, we started pulling and hoeing weeds, spreading the topsoil and basically preparing for the grass. The two of them started laying the sod and I was in charge of placing "patches" on whatever empty spots there were. It took us about 5 hours and we still have about more than half of the yard to work on. My dad left and Rodrigo showered and while I was watering our new lawn.
I knew nothing about yards. Growing up the only thing I'd do was tell my dad what type of flowers I wanted him to plant. After that, I've had apartments so this is the first spring in a house that isn't my parents'. It's a lot or work. Rodrigo, the computer boy, also knew nothing. The only thing he ever did was mow the lawn at his parents' house so we are hoping that our first yard turns pretty.
The rest of Saturday, we were pretty much worn out and tired. Since Brianna went to my parents' house again this weekend we were able to nap whenever Alec napped.
Yesterday we went to Target, and Sam's club and also cleaned, did laundry, swept, etc. I bought some things that I know I'll need for Easter. Right now, I'm going back to get some more things that I'll need to make Easter baskets. I'm making a basket for Brianna, one for Alec, one for my nephew Darian and one for my little cousin Alexa. Plus 22 little baskets for Brianna's class. Well, I better get moving! Have a great Monday everyone!

The First Four
What are the first four things you think of when I say:
Free Speech
-song lyrics
-1st amendment

Unconscious Mutterings
Pitbull:: dog
TD:: touchdown
Carter:: Jimmy
50:: years
Streak:: blonde
Rifle:: barrel
Trap:: bear
Easter:: egg
Mitt:: oven

Monday Madness
1. Describe what you believe is a "good" driver.
Someone who pays attention to surroundings, doesn't just talk on the phone and keeps up with traffic.

2. Describe a "bad" driver (your opinion of course).
Someone who gets on the freeway drives 45 miles an hour oblivious to everyone else, people (mostly young boys) who try to "show-off" while driving by racing, peeling off, and cutting in and out of traffic.

3. Which category do you fit in? Please back up your answer. Feel free to use examples!
I think I'm an alright driver since I'm always looking out for whatever is around me. I think I'm impatient which isn't good and I get mad at "stupid people". Driving with my children in the car, though, definately makes me be more cautious.

feeling: busy
listening to: The Muppets (Mana Mana) Alec is here with me
what I should be doing instead of blogging: getting Alec ready to leave

Thursday, March 25, 2004

i'm not dumb, i swear

I'm really not that dumb. Of course you wouldn't know that by the way I've been acting lately. This morning Rodrigo left to work and I was with Alec. Alec fell back asleep and I was carrying him back to his crib when the phone rang. It was Rodrigo but I missed the call. He has a new cell phone with a different area code and I still haven't memorized the phone number. Alec woke up with the ringing and we both came back to the living room. I called back.
me: Hey
him: Hey
me: What are you doing?
him: Nothing
me: What's wrong?
him: Nothing, why?
me: Why do you sound like that?
him: Like how?
me: I don't know, weird.
him: I just woke up
me: Huh? What do you mean you just woke up? What are you talking about?
him: I just woke up.
me: Where are you?
him: Home
me: Home. Wait a minute, who is this?
him: I think you have the wrong number
guy: laughs. that's ok
me: SORRY. I hope you can go back to sleep.

Oops. I called Rodrigo (the correct number this time) and told him what happened. He thought it was funny. So, about three minutes ago as I was writing this the phone just rang. I check the caller i.d.

me to Rodrigo: It's from New Mexico, you think it's from work?
Rodrigo: I don't know. Answer it.
me: Hello?
guy: Uh, hello, who is this?
me (thinking it's one of Rodrigo's friends): This is Yvett
guy: I think I have the wrong number but I have this number on my cell phone
me: It was me! Sorry, it was the wrong number. I was trying to call someone else but I got your number
guy: (Laughs) It's ok. I thought I was dreaming.
me: (face bright red now) I'm sooooooo sorry. I hope you were able to go back to sleep
guy: I didn't actually. I stayed up.
me: Sorry
guy: Thanks ok really. No problem
me: It won't happen again. Sorry. Bye (laughing)
guy: Don't worry about it. Bye
Rodrigo to me: (laughing) you're a dork
me: I know. Poor guy. Not only do I wake him up but I start getting mad at him.


feeling: like an airhead
watching: Law & Order SVU
what I should be doing instead of blogging: saving Rodrigo's new phone number into the speed dial

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

misunderstood lyrics

I usually have a song stuck in my head. I don't know why this happens. It's not the whole song either just a piece of one over and over. I don't have to like the song or even know the lyrics, it plays in my mind just as well. Last night on American Idol one of the contestants sang "Desperado" and it's been in my head all morning. As soon as I heard it last night, I was laughing and remembering the Seinfeld episode where Elaine's boyfriend's "song" was Desperado. "Desperado, you better let somebody love you. . " has been playing over and over in my mind. Argh.
I don't know if it's because English was not my first language but I also have a problem of hearing incorrect lyrics. I don't think it's the language, though since I am now better at English than anything else. Growing up, though, I heard the funniest things. I remember singing, "Everytime you go away, you take a piece of meat with you." A few years ago, I came across a book called "Excuse me while I kiss this guy". I thought it was hillarious and bought it right away. There are a lot of lyrics in there that I knew correctly but the ones that I also misunderstood were too funny! I was glad to know that I wasn't the only one. Here are some of the lyrics that I have misheard in my life: (what I heard, artist, song, correct lyric)

-"Don't chew on me baby" from Human League- Don't you want me baby (don't you want me baby?)
-"Sooooo open the door" from Beck-Loser (soy un perdedor)
-"Tuned and fine toned" from Pearl Jam-Immortality (a truant finds home)
-"My morning sun is a truck that brings me mail" from New Order-True Faith (the morning sun is a drug that brings me near)
-"The cross-eyed bear that you gave to me" from Alanis Morrissette-You outta know (the cross I bear that you gave to me)
-"This month it's going to happen" from The Pixies-Monkey gone to heaven (this monkey's gone to heaven)
-"There's a bathroom on the right" from CCR- Bad Moon Rising (there's a bad moon on the rise)
-"I am the sun and the air" from The Smiths-How soon is now (I am the son and the heir) close enough
-"Everything counts in marching band" from Depeche Mode- Everything Counts (everything counts in large amounts) don't ask why!

I know there's about a million more but I can't think of them at the moment. I should write them down as I remember them so you all can know how dumb I really am!
On a totally different note. I was on a sappy "oh no, my baby is growing up" mood yesterday and I made a little slide show of some of Alec's pictures. You can take a look at it here. I put a song on it. I had put "Thirty-three" from Smashing Pumpkins but it looked too gloomy. I tried "Echo" from Incubus and it fit perfectly with the time plus I love the song! Have a great day!

feeling: I can't type!
listening to: New Order (True Faith)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: going to Target

Monday, March 22, 2004

weekend recap/memes

That sounds about right. I'm pretty much stuck in the 90's. Thanks, Alex for the quiz! Happy Monday morning to all! I hope your weekend good! Mine was busy but quite refreshing. I'm usually not this happy about Mondays. I'll sumarize my weekend for you since I know you guys are all dying to know what I did. Ok, maybe not, but I'll tell you anyway.
Friday: My mom is also on spring break and my dad had a day off, so they took a little road trip to Ruidoso, NM and took Brianna, my nephew, and my little cousin Alexa along. They went to "see the snow" even though I told them what the weather report was. There was no snow but they had a good time anyway. Alec had his 9 month old check-up and so we were not able to go. Alec and I were out early and waited at the pediatrician's for about an hour and a half. I had mentioned to my grandma the night before that I wanted to cut my hair and she said she did too. Since I am my grandma's official driver and errand runner, we went to pick her up after the appointment and took her to get her hair done. Alec was in a very good mood yelling and laughing and all the ladies at the salon were playing with him which only made him do it more. After that, we grabbed a quick lunch and went back to my grandma's house. There, Brianna and Alec's godmother went over and gave them some St. Patrick's day gifts and cards since we had been missing each other's calls all week. Alec and I came back home for a little while and when Rodrigo got home we left again. My hair appointment was at a mall so they went along with me. When I got there, a lady that was before me was running late and delayed my appointment. I was asked to come back in half an hour. We went through the mall and decided to get some ice cream from The Marble Slab. There were about 10 million kids in line already. Some little girls in front of us couldn't decide on the ice cream or the toppings. They finally decided, got their ice cream, tasted it, and gave it back to get a different kind. We had been in line already for about 15 minutes and I just decided to leave because it seemed that it would've been another 15. We shared a smoothie and a cranberry muffin from another place and it was just as good if not better. I finally went to get my hair done and it took a long time. I'd had my hair short for a long time but decided to let it grow about two years ago. At about the same time, I started dyeing my hair black. The black dye was damaging my hair and the color had to be stripped. My hair was already half way down my back but it only gave Alec something to tug on, so it is now up to my chin and light brown once again. This morning I read in Alex's page that it's good to throw out hair from brushes so that birds can make nests. After having Alec, I lost sooooooo much hair and I've just been throwing it out. I feel bad for all the birds that I could've helped. Sorry, birds (because birds read my blog). After I was finally done with my hair, the mall was closing. Rodrigo didn't park where I wanted to park (of course), so we were stuck at an exit at the opposite end of the mall. He offered to go get the car, but I knew it would take a while and it was very nice out, so we all walked to the car. He had picked up some take-out Chinese and we had that when we got home. We both swear they put some sort of psychadellic powder in the food because as soon as we ate it, we both felt dazed and couldn't keep our eyes open.
Saturday: Rodrigo left to his class and Alec and I went to my mom's. Alec was very excited to see Brianna and was wiggling around and pulling her hair. My mom had to go to Juarez. Whenever we go, we just drive over but she was going to cross the bridge walking. She didn't want to leave her van parked at the border for too long, so we dropped her off at the international bridge. We went into the downtown area of our city and I don't know my way around there. Brianna was looking into all the shops just naming out all the things that she wanted while I was making sure that we were going the right way. After we got home, Rodrigo went to his mom's house with Alec. Brianna likes this because they do "boy things" and we do "girl things". She wanted to go to Sonic, so that was our "girl thing" for that afternoon. My "mom thing" was cleaning up the kitchen.
Sunday: Yesterday morning we lounged around well into the afternoon. We were watching movies and relaxing. We were fine until we saw a commercial for Romano's Macaroni Grill and instantly knew that we wanted that for dinner. We all finished cleaning up and got ready and drove all the way to the other side of town for dinner. Brianna loved the fact that she could draw "on the table". The food was delicious, the kids behaved really well and our waitress was really nice. She was talking to us for a while and we ended up sharing our pregnancy and baby stories and she showed us pictures of her kids. Before we got home, we stopped at Walgreen's for some teething medicine and Brianna got a plastic slinky. If I'd known that she would be so happy with a 99 cent toy, I wouldn't have gotten her all those Barbie and Princess toys and houses. Kidding! We got home, bathed Alec and played with him a little while before winding down.
So that was my weekend. Now I'm working, reading over the blogs and memes I frequent and getting ready to fix the links I have. Have a great day!

The First Four
In honor of his birthday, which is Thursday (is it sick that I know this?), what are the first four things you think of when I say:

Elton John
-Benny & the Jets
-gap in teeth

Unconscious Mutterings

I say . . .and you think . . .

  1. Wife:: husband
  2. Criminal:: intent
  3. Campaign:: presidential
  4. Infection:: disease
  5. Portland:: Oregon
  6. NASCAR:: races
  7. IMAX:: theather
  8. Martian:: Marvin
  9. Nike:: Just do It
  10. Trial:: & error

Monday Madness

1. What was your favorite TV show as a child?
-Three's Company

2. What show did you hate?
-there was a "novela" (Spanish soap opera) that mt grandma used to watch called "El Maleficio" (The Curse) It was so scary! I hated when she would watch it. I also hated M.A.S.H. never saw it, but I hated it.

3. What show did your family gather around the TV to watch?
-We all had different tastes so the only show that we all saw and laughed at was America's Funniest Home Videos.

4. What show is currently your favorite?
-Law & Order S.V.U.

5. What show do you hate now?
-I don't know about hating shows but I seriously dislike Mad TV, Fear Factor, Golf, and Viva La Bam.

feeling: I like my hair
listening to: Beck (Where it's at)
what I should be dong instead of blogging: going over new work material

Friday, March 19, 2004

try this/ friday five

try this!
Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in
waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht
frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses
and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed
ervey lteter by itslef but the wrod as a wlohe.

friday five
If you...

1. ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?
-Mexican definately. I'd have my grandma be in charge of the kitchen and hopefully learn to cook like her!

2. ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?
-I'd have to be between crafts & jewelry, a place where you take your pictures and I'd make a scrapbook for you, or a wedding decoration shop.

3. ...wrote a book, what genre would it be?
-Fiction. Probably something totally depressing that you want to shoot yourself after you finish reading it. Like House of Sand and Fog.

4. ...ran a school, what would you teach?
-I'd love to teach crafts but I'm sure someone can make anything better than I can. Maybe I'd teach Spanish.

5. ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?
-Rock. The kind of music that used to be called "alternative". I'd love to sing like The Sundays or Natalie Merchant, unfortunately I'm FAR from singing like that.

feeling: sleepy
listening to: Plophonic Spree (Light & Day) I think? This video is weird!
what I should be doing instead of blogging:

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

happy st. patrick's day

Happy St. Patrick's day! Erin Go Braugh and other Irish expressions. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog lately but the weather has been really nice here and I've been out or busy. We are now having 82 & 83 degree weather so it is nice enough to be outside or keep the doors open. Brianna is on Spring break now and yesterday she left to spend a few days at my mom's. I've been looking over magazines and various websites like crazy trying to find ideas to fix up her room. At our old apartment, her room was a garden. The walls were pale green and she had a picket fence with flowers border around the middle. She has a ladybug mirror and dragonfly shelves so I want to keep the garden theme but I was looking for more ideas for the walls. Also, since we moved here I gave her the bedroom furniture I used to have and took over Rodrigo's. Her furniture is in good shape but I want to do something to it. I don't know whether I should paint it with stripes (maybe light pink and pale green or pink & white) or do the mosaic thing like in LCJ FYI's projects or maybe even redo it like I saw this week on the Christopher Lowell show. (sorry, I was looking for a link for instructions but I can't find it) I also want to paint Alec's room. That's not too hard, though because he has a sort of patches and teddy bears theme. Now that the weather is cooperating I can finally paint since I like to keep the room well ventilated when I do it. Anyway, I'll take before and after pictures and show you all. Please, any ideas are welcome!

feeling: creative
watching: Law & Order
what I should be doing instead of blogging: choosing a color scheme

Monday, March 15, 2004

tuesday twosome/tv tuesday/funny email

Tuesday Twosome

Spring is finally here!

1. What two things you enjoy about Spring?
-being able to wear "summer clothes" and finally being able to have my doors open and not feel so locked in.

2. What two things are you going to miss about Winter?
-being able to use the oven without heating up the whole house and being able to wear nice sweaters.

3. Spring Cleaning: "Of course, I get to clean out my house." or "Nope. What's the point? It's going to get dirty again anyway."
-growing up I hated spring cleaning, now that it's my own house, I like to clean out things, maybe paint or redecorate and get rid of kid's out-grown clothes.

4. Spring Flowers: "Tulips and all flowers are blooming. I love this time of the year!" or "Allergy season is kickin' in. Pollen! Enough already."
-I love flowers but I have allergies. I take medication and I'm back to "Flowers are blooming"!

5. Spring weather in you area means: "Outside activities!" or "It is still freakin' cold! I am going to be inside, thank you!"
-We don't really have a winter but it's cold enough. By now, everyone is wearing shorts and sandals and love the outdoor activities!

TV Tuesday

Yay! This is Isabella's first installment of TV Tuesday and here are my answers!

1. What is your favorite "Classic" TV show?
-Three's Company. I loved watching it afterschool and it's still funny!

2. What character from a "Classic" TV show would you like to be?
-Lucy Ricardo. Again, just too funny.

3. On which "Classic" TV Show would you have loved to have a walk-on role?
-Three's Company. I had such a crush on Jack Tripper and I think it would've been a blast.

~Bonus~ Can you remember a line you liked from a "Classic" TV show?
-"Lucy, you've got some 'splaining to do."

funny email
I received this email that really made me laugh so I thought I'd share it with you. Have a great Monday!

A Woman's Perspective

Cool things about being a man:
1. Your ass is never a factor in a job interview.
2. Your climaxes are real. Always.
3. Your last name stays put.
4. The garage is all yours.
5. Wedding plans take care of themselves.
6. You never feel compelled to stop a friend from getting laid.
7. Car mechanics tell you the truth.
8. You don't give a rat's ass if someone notices your new haircut.
9. Hot wax never comes near your pubic area.
10. Same work .. more pay.
11. Wrinkles add character.
12. You don't have to leave the room to make emergency crotch adjustments.
13. Wedding Dress $2000; Tux rental $100.
14. If you retain water, it's in a canteen.
15. People never glance at your chest when you're talking to them.
16. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet.
17. One mood, ALL the damn time.
18. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds.
19. A five-day vacation requires only 1 suitcase.
20. You can open all your own jars.
21. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.
22. Your underwear is $10 for a three-pack.
23. If you are 34 and single, nobody notices.
24. You can quietly enjoy a car ride from the passenger's seat.
25. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough.
26. You can quietly watch a game with your buddy for hours without ever thinking ''He must be mad at me".
27. No maxi-pads.
28. If another guy shows up at the party in the same outfit, you just might become lifelong friends.
29. You are not expected to know the names of more than five colors.
30. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt.
31. You are unable to see wrinkles in clothes.
32. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.
33. Your belly usually hides your big hips.
34. One wallet and one pair of shoes, one color, all seasons.
35. You can "do" your nails with a pocketknife.
36. Christmas shopping can be accomplished for 25 relatives, on December 24th, in minutes.

By the way, have you all taken a look at The Carrotbox today? Every Monday Alice has me drooling with the new items! So many rings. . . . . . . . .

feeling: awesome
listening to: Depeche Mode (Everything Counts)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: working on Easter plans

Sunday, March 14, 2004

the first four/ monday madness

the first four
What are the first four things you think of when I say:

-bin laden

monday madness
1. What is your solution for cabin fever - you know that feeling of being penned in the house all winter?
-I live in El Paso where it didn't snow once this year so it's really yoo cold to go out. Not being able to go out as much, though I like cooking especially baking. I'm not too good at it, but using the oven in the summer just doesn't appeal as much.

2. Who are the people in your neighbourhood...in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood.....?
-Since we've moved, I don't know any of the neighbors, only that our neighbors ro the right used to have old toilets as planters. Right down the street, though, there is a park, then a few restaurants, shops and a mall.

3. What's the best thing about spring?
-Being able to have the doors open and get some fresh air.

4. Any Easter traditions?
-The "Easter Bunny" comes over and leaves goody baskets for the kids and also hides eggs in the yard. Once he is gone, we go out and look for the eggs and end up cracking lots of eggshells w/ confetti on everyone.

5. How old were you believing in the Easter bunny?
-I guess until I was like 5 or 6. I don't really remember.

feeling: tired
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Saturday, March 13, 2004

saturday senses/ unconscious mutterings

saturday senses
I love memes but I don't really like writing prompts. I feel like if it's an assingment or something and can't really write about something if it's not on my mind. I've been looking for a meme for Saturday. Saturday Senses was the one that I liked the most but I thought it was no longer going to be up. I'm glad that it is up once again. Click here to check it out! Here are my responses:

Websites: Name a website that:

[taste]:: makes you want to eat.
-epicuriuous.com. It also makes me want to cook, or wish I could could cook rather.

[touch]:: makes you feel like touching what's on your screen.
-redenvelope.com. I love the stuff they sell there and wish I owned some of them. They seem a little pricey, but you can definately get some good ideas from there.

[sight]:: you can't stop reading.
-on the left I have a column called "daily reads" and I love all those sites! I read them everyday (of course) and look forward to new postings.

[smell]:: that sells any items which have a smell you love. (could be perfumes, candles, food, anything...)
-perfumeemporium.com. You can find lots of perfumes, skincare and candles on this site.

[hearing]:: you visit for music reference, or to listen to music, or for downloading music.
I listen to music on myyahoo radio station and my winamp files but am intested in adding music to my page from radioblog.com

unconscious mutterings

  • Old Navy:: Magic (the dog)
  • Out:: In & Out Burger
  • Indecent:: Proposal
  • UPN:: Moesha
  • Pupil:: eye
  • Toothpaste:: Colgate
  • 1999:: Prince
  • Passion:: of the christ
  • Social security:: number
  • Cliff:: diver

    feeling: silly
    listening to: Kajagoogoo (Too Shy)
    what I should be doing instead of blogging: cleaning out fridge
  • Friday, March 12, 2004

    update/ friday five

    Thanks for your comments. To be perfectly honest, I feel better knowing that you thought I should just stay calm and see how things work out. Here's the update. I am now FURIOUS. Last night we were informed that there was no evidence at all to support the allegations and that the employees will be able to go back to work. At the meeting, other teachers and various parents cheered, clapped, and stood up. It turns out that a mother claimed that her son was sexually assaulted first by a parent, then dropped that charge and four months later said that it was another set of parents plus six school employees. I kind of thought that the story was a little far-fetched. I can't imagine how parents plus six employees would allow that to happen. I would understand maybe one employee or parent, but for all of these people to know and be involved just doesn't sound right to me. I figure that if one person was abusing or assaulting a child six other people who knew about it wouldn't just stay quiet. The mother who made the accusation in the first place was at the meeting and stood up, started yelling about how it was unfair and said that she was mistaken. Even though she has sworn up and down that this took place in October, after the decision was made she now says that this happened in September. She pulled her son out of school in October, though. I can't imagine why she would be there. If that happened to me, I don't think I'd start yelling in front of hundred of people. Not because I'd be embarrassed, but because I wouldn't want to cause any more pain or embarrassment to my child.
    Brianna brought home a letter today that gave us more information. I'll write it out here verbatim. . .

    -Allegation: During a field trip, school bus taking children to a local firehouse broke down and the students were taken off of the bus in a "red car" to a "green house" where they were sexually abused.
    -Fact: District records show the bus did not break down, no children were taken off the bus nor does any staff member or parent named in the allegation own either a red car or live in a green house.
    -Fact: The child making the allegation of abuse on the field trip did not even attend the field trip.

    This is what made me furious. This all sounds like just a made up story and I don't understand how it all got so out of control. I can't imagine a bus load of 4 year olds taken out of a brokedown bus in the middle of the street and placed in random cars only to be taken to a house, abused, and dropped back off at school. Yes, I'm sure a bus had broken down at some time, but another is sent for back-up. I've never heard of or seen students just placed in strangers' cars. Can you imagine what a lawsuit that would cause. I'm also concerned for this child. I believe that he is being abused but has to make up elaborate stories as to how it happened. I am mad because of all the stress that this has caused. There were times that I couldn't sleep just worrying about my daughter. I'm also thinking about the employees. I can't imagine how they must have been feeling during this whole time. I know I'd be distraught if someone said these things about me. Anyway, I went back to the school today and all seemed normal. No police cars or news crews. Brianna had a good day and is now off for spring break until April (they get three weeks off). I feel relieved and overall much better but still upset at the whole thing. I guess I should just be happy that all seems to have turned out well. I was notified that my background check has cleared and I am now welcome to be a school volunteer at the Pre-k. Now more than ever I want to be involved and actually be there so I fully intend to be at the school longer as soon as classes start up again. Thanks for "listening".

    friday five

    1. What was the last song you heard?
    - This love by Maroon 5

    2. What were the last two movies you saw?
    -Whale Rider and Capturing the Friedmans

    3. What were the last three things you purchased?
    -if gasoline counts then gasoline, gasoline, and red bull

    4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?
    -go to the party store, go to my mom's and meet their new dog, buy some more hangers, rearrange Brianna's drawers

    5. Who are the last five people you talked to?
    -Alec, Brianna, Rodrigo, grandma, mom

    feeling: relieved but upset
    listening to: The Cure (Close to me)
    what I should be doing instead of blogging: making dinner

    Thursday, March 11, 2004

    what's on my mind/thursday threesome

    what's on my mind

    I've had some things on my mind lately that I haven't written about. I like to keep my blog fun and simple but I'm hoping that maybe in writing about this some of your comments will make feel better or at least less confused. I tried writing last night but whenever I talk or write about this I quickly change the conversation or don't post the entry.
    On Feb. 27th (the last Friday of the month) I was on the phone with my dad and was kind of watching the news. Brianna's school came out. They're going to be getting some construction done to the building so that's what I thought it was. Then I heard, "five employees have been suspended and we will bring more to you as soon as more information is revealed." I freaked out! I hung up with my dad and called the news station right away. No answer. I called again. I became one of those psycho people that keep redialing until they get an answer. I tried another channel and they said they knew nothing and asked that if I found anything out, to please call them back. Two more news stations later, still no one had any information and the first one was still not answering. I checked their web pages but they had not been recently updated. The same for the newspaper. The next day I caught the news again and there was the same report. It said that five employees from Brianna's school had been transferred to another campus pending an investigation for misconduct with at child. I was schocked, appalled and furious. We spend so much of our time making sure that our children are ok and sometimes just have to trust in people. People like their teachers and school workers. I felt betrayed, lied to, and just very let-down and panicked. I didn't know what to do. I don't want to interrupt Brianna's routine in her first year of school and I love the school program but do I send her back? I don't want her to know that there is something wrong. Then I remembered that her teacher and teacher's aid had been absent for two days. I tried asking Brianna if there was anything different going on in her school and all she could think of was that they would be having a Dr. Suess celebration. I thought of going to the school but knew that they would tell me nothing and I'd probably get mad. The following Monday I spoke to the principal. She told me minimal information but I somehow felt better and besides the people whom the allegations were made against were not there at the time. I'm friends with the school counselor and she basically assured me that the allegations were baseless. Still confused but feeling better, I took her to school. Things were pretty calm for a few days but then the rumors at the bus stop started. People were making up all sorts of stories and jumping to all sorts of conclusions. Last Thursday there was a meeting for all of the parents. I thought of going but then knew how all the parents were going to be. I get upset, but I talk things through calmly and demand explanations. That didn't happen at that meeting. People were yelling, throwing accusations left and right and really nothing was resolved. What's worse is that all of the people that I saw yelling and complaining are never the ones that attend the parent seminars at school. There's been various parenting classes, monthly seminars, walk with the students, family luncheons, and lots of other activities. I've been to most all of them and didn't recognize any of those people. One lady was saying that the kids are too small and there's no way to know if anything is wrong with them. What?!?! I think if we don't know that something is wrong with our 4 or 5 year olds we are doing a bad job at parenting. You know when there is something wrong. Yes, sometimes you have to yank information out of them but you have to observe your kids and talk to them. Another lady got up and was yelling saying that it is wrong for the administration to not let parents into the classroom. Huh? We've had plenty of opportunities to know what's going on in their classrooms. We can have P.E., lunch, and some activities together with them. Of course we just can't walk in whenever we want. And frankly, I don't want parents just roaming around in the classrooms. I turned out to be on teacher, three teacher's aids and one bus monitor who are suspended. We were told that the parents of anyone who was directly involved was notified. The thing that worries me is that yesterday was two weeks since Brianna's teacher and teacher's aid have been absent. I think that if it's them, it was probably a student in the morning class. I also feel bad because I love her teacher and think she is doing a great job. All sorts of things come to mind. I know how some parents file complaints against the teachers for anything. A dad from our bus stop filed a complaint because a little boy pushed his little girl. They're four years old! How is that the teacher's fault? What was she supposed to do? The teacher contacted him, the boy's parents, and punished the boy. Did he want the teacher to hang him or something? I know he's daughter is precious to him, but things like this happen. I'd be more concerned about how she's always pulling other kids' hair if I were him. Anyway, last Friday, we were allowed to spend as much of the day with our children as possible to make sure that they are safe. The screaming moms did not show up. I was worried that they would be there and went with Brianna. We had lunch together and I spent a couple of hours in the classroom. I was the only mom who showed up from Brianna's class. I talked to the counselor again and she looked worried. There were cops and television crews there. She said that this was just bad for the kids and was concerned about them. She told me that of course she couldn't tell me who the people involved were but that she was sure that everything would turn out well. The investigation ended on March 9th and there will be another meeting tonight to let us know about the results before the employees go back or not. I'm really torn now because I'm worried about my daughter, of course, but how far is too far. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing I wouldn't do for her if I thought she were in danger, but I've seen how much she's developed in the past few months. Her social skills are better now that she is around other kids. She LOVES going to school and working on school projects. She sings all the new songs to me and can't wait to show me the art that she did. She's even writing now. She writes all the letters, her name, and words like "happy", "I love you", "mom", and "Alec". I can't help but think that this whole thing just started from some exaggeration or misunderstanding. Then I think, what if something did happen and here I am being naive and putting my daughter in danger? I can't wait to hear the results but then I wonder what I'll feel if they are bad news. I don't know what to do. You all have a child that you love whether it's your own child, niece/nephew, cousin. Can you imagine how it feels to hear something like this which is basically what we all dread? I'm trying to be optimistic and just wait but I can't help feeling worried. I'll keep you all posted.

    Thurday Threesome
    "A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it."
    ~ Alfred Hitchcock

    Onesome- The dinner: What's your favourite meal? Is it something you get out or can you get it at home?
    -I love Chinese food, and prefer it from a restaurant. I love ginger soup with chives, rice, more rice followed by rice, shrimp, vegetables. Yum. . .

    Twosome- the theatre Admission: What's your favourite movie and/or play and why?
    -I can't say that I have one favorite movie. I usually like really depressing movies that make you feel like shooting yourself as soon as you see it. I'm not a gloomy person, but I love those movies. Among them are The English Patient, American Beauty, Life is Beautiful, Il Postino, Damage, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and a movie that isn't depressing: Pulp Fiction.

    Threesome- and the babysitter: We've all been left with a babysitter at one point or another. Did you have a favourite childhood babysitter? What made that person special? - I only stayed with my grandmother and I loved it. I'm still there as often as I can. What made it special is just how much love she has for us and her cooking! She feeds anyone who walks in there with the best tasting food. I wonder what she's cooking today . . . . .

    feeling: worried
    listening to: Sarah McLachlan (Adia)
    what I should be doing instead of blogging: vacuuming

    Tuesday, March 09, 2004

    yes, poor martha/ what's on. . .right now

    yes, poor martha

    Michelle's blog entry for today was about Martha Stewart. I agreed with what she wrote and was going on and on on her comments. I thought I might as well write about it myself because I feel strongly about this. (I'm getting on my soapbox). Ok, what the f*@& is going on? Martha Stewart is guilty? Here is what I think about this: IT IS TOTALLY UNFAIR! Seriously, I can't believe it. I mean, I wasn't one of those "I love Martha" person but I totally admire her decorating abilities. I've tried doing some of the stuff that she does and can't imagine how she just makes EVERYTHING come out so nice. So, when I have a get-together or party I start stressing! I love decorating but I'm hard on myself and want everything to come out perfect. I get bossy and want everything done right. This is just for my little shindigs which in no way compare to the kind of productions that Martha does. I can imagine and understand that she would be a bossy perfectionist. Also I think the big deal is that she is a woman. A tough male is called successful, driven, and ambitious. A woman with the same characteristics is nothing but a heartless b****. So, you mean to tell me that no one else does this? What about all those Enron people? Whatever happened to them? Come on, she got some information. I think I would've done the same thing. So, she's guilty while someone like O.J. is not guilty. Totally unfair. I feel so bad for her. I think the whole thing just doesn't fit the crime. They're trying to make an example out of her and I just don't understand while people are so glad to see her fall. How sad. I'm stepping of the soapbox now. What do you think?

    On a totally different note, have you all seen the Sleeves page? I would never in a million years tattoo my arms like that but I think those shirts are the cutest! For those of you who know me, you clearly know that I am not a "tattoo my whole arms" type of girl so I think one of those shirts would be a nice surprise. Anyway, if you're independently wealthy and don't know what to spend you money on, one of these for me is a good choice! Kidding!

    what's on . . . right now?

    What's On the back seat of your car Right Now?
    You will not believe this but there is nothing in my backseat right now. Unbelievable, huh? The reason is that last week I got a flat and when the tire got fixed, the vehicle also got cleaned!

    feeling: wordy
    watching: Conan O'Brien
    what I should be doing instead of blogging: making some coffee I'm really craving

    ugh, my stomach/ tuesday twosome

    I'll go for months at a time without eating something like McDonald's then something really trite makes me crave it. Brianna wanted a Happy Meal yesterday and I thought, "Hmm, McDonald's, I can't remember the last time I had that." I don't remember when it was but now I remember why I stopped eating it in the first place. I used to love it when I was in high school since it was the only place close enough to have lunch at. Somewhere along the way, though, I lost my McDonald's tolerance. I admit that the fries are good but whenever I eat something from there, I end up being sick for a while. I spent so much of today in the bathroom until I finally took some medicine Rodrigo gave me. I feel much better now. The same thing happened to me one year that I didn't eat meat. I went about 8 or 9 months without any meat at all. I finally had some beef or something and was as sick as a dog. Oh, don't worry, I don't preach about meat, I just don't care for the taste too much, especially red meat. When I was pregnant with Alec, Rodrigo practically fell over when I ordered a steak at a restaurant. That was the first and only time I'd ever done that but something about those cravings made me do it. Oh! Speaking of Alec. They aired and Elian Gonzalez movie tonight and although we didn't watch it, I caught the credits. The little boy that played Elian was named Alec. I get excited when I see his name because besides Alec Baldwin, and a guy who had something to do with Seinfeld, I never see his name. Do you know any?

    The Tuesday Twosome is up already so I'll do those. These are cute questions this week. . . .

    1. Do you put both your socks on then your shoes or do you put on sock, then shoe, then go to other leg and put on sock then shoe?
    -I put both of my socks on, then shoes. I also always start with the right foot. (no reason why)

    2. When you button your shirt/blouse, do you start at the bottom buttons or start from the top?
    -shirts or blouses I start from the top, button dresses I start from the bottom.

    3. Do you put your deodorant on before or after you put your clothes on?
    -after. I've gotten too many blouses stained trying to put them on after the deodorant.

    4. Do you floss before or after you brush your teeth?
    -after. then I usually end up brushing them again, so does that mean it's before?

    5. You are out to eat and spill sauce on your light-colored shirt/blouse, do you try to get it out and just decide to let it be, or do you go and buy a new shirt/blouse because it is too embarrassing?
    -I try to get it off but if it doesn't come off, I leave it then explain. I won't buy another blouse because it happens so often that I'd have to be buying new blouses very often.

    feeling: dehydrated and weak
    watching: Conan O'Brien
    what I should be doing instead of blogging: putting away laundry, yet again

    Sunday, March 07, 2004

    productive sunday/monday madness

    I'm sure I've already mentioned that the only way I get anything done around here is if I stay away from my computer. There's just too many things to look at online! I swear that I'll get on just to check my email, but then end up coming to my blog and seeing if there are any comments. Then I go into my favorite blogs and check if they're updated. If they are, I usually leave comments or look at the links that they are referring to. Since I like what they write, I usually like links that they recommend. If there's quizzes on there, I take at look at them too for the fun of it. I can spend sooooo much time on here and I don't consider it a waste of time because I am really enjoying what I'm doing. I just wish I enjoyed doing housework as much as this. The weather has been cooperative lately. Once it's warm enough to be able to have the doors open, I feel like cleaning. That's what we've been doing yesterday and today. I now understand the spring cleaning phases that my mom used to go through each year that annoyed me so much. I've been gathering old clothes from the kids and reorganizing the closets and drawers. I want to paint their rooms but I think I'll wait for spring break in order to start on that. The only thing I need to do tonight is finish up with the dishes and take the trash out. After that I definately need another shower because I feel like I smell like Mr. Clean, Lysol, and have caked-on dirt on my skin. Ok, you know that's exaggerating, but you all know what I mean.
    Here is a quiz that I found on Alex's page. Her's was chococate and that sounds better, but. . . .

    moday madness
    Think of words beginning with each letter of your name (real or screen name; you choose) to answer the following question. (It may help to write your name vertically so you will have a list of words when you are finished; mine would look like this;
    O_______ I think you get the idea!
    *Ok, using the letters in YOUR name, list words to describe yourself.
    *And as a bonus question, using the same letters, make a list of things you would like to do before this calendar year is over.

    Very silly
    Totally addicted to coffee

    I really wanted to do the one about my goals for the year but I just can't think of any. "Y" and "V" are just way too hard. Sorry!

    feeling: I had McDonald's beef (don't ask why, ugh!) and it's doing a number on my stomache
    listening to: Rodrigo laughing at my blog entries
    what I should be doing instead of blogging: showering

    Thursday, March 04, 2004

    flat tire/ thursday threesome/ friday five

    flat tire
    I was on the freeway driving home this afternoon after picking up Brianna thinking about how badly I had to go to the bathroom and how I couldn't wait to get home. We were singing something which I can't remember when suddenly I felt a bump, bump, bump and heard a thud, thud, thud. I know it was just a second or two but the following all crossed my mind, "oh !@#*! I knew I should've checked the oil. now I've totally wrecked my only vehicle and what am I going to do?!?! . . . wait, maybe it's just the tire. holy @#!* how fast am I going? ok, whatever I do, don't hit the break, don't hit the break, just slow down and pull over." Well, it was a tire. I was going pretty fast but I managed to switch lanes then pull over into the shoulder. I was always scared of getting a flat on the freeway and worried about what I would do, but luckily I didn't crash into anything. Once I had pulled over I thought, "ok, Rodrigo is at work about an hour away so I need to call my dad. what the heck is his work phone number? call mom. maybe I can do this myself. wait, in these boots? ok, call mom and ask for dad's number. maybe I should call my brother. nah, he's probably not in." I ended up calling my dad and I was on the phone with him when a courtesy patrol truck pulled over.
    guy#1: "are you ok?"
    me: "yes, just a flat. someone is on the way to help me, though, thanks."
    guy#1: "that's ok. we can do this. it's very windy, though why don't you just get back in the vehicle."
    me: "ok, thanks"
    I go in and call my dad. tell him that someone was already helping me. Then they tap on the window.
    guy#2: "we're going to need the key for lock on the spare"
    me: blank stare. (what lock? what key?) "Oh, it doesn't have a lock"
    guy#2: "I'm pretty sure it does."
    Trying to prove him wrong I get off, walk over to the back where the spare is and see the lock.
    me: (handing him my keychain) "these are all the keys I have"
    I get back in
    guy#1: "none of these fit, can we break the lock?"
    me: "sure"
    I call my dad again and tell him that the spare has a lock. He, of course, knew that and tells me that the key is on my keychain. I remember that it was one of the ones I took off because they "didn't match".
    guy#1: "can we have the tire lock key please?"
    me: another lock?
    guy#1: "yes, it should be somewhere in your glove compartment or wherever you have storage space."
    I'm looking all over for a regular key and my dad calls. I explain what I'm looking for and he describes what that key looks like as if he were talking to a four-year-old. after trying to hand him all the pieces of metal I can find, I finally give guy #1 the right "key". They continue working out here, put air in the spare and put it on as I watch.
    guy#2: (thinking he is talking to a total moron) "ok. you're all set. now put on your seatbelt and what you have to do is speed up and merge into the traffic. be very careful, though"
    me: (even though I know he thinks I'm a moron) "thank you sooooooo much!"
    guy#1: "be careful now"
    me: "thank you. i will be."

    We got home safely and proceeded to make the "I'm home now" calls. Just a few minutes ago as I started typing, Rodrigo comes in.
    Rodrigo: "what are you blogging about"
    me: "my flat tire on the freeway"
    I then proceed to tell him about how stupid I felt about not knowing anything about my own vehicle.
    Rodrigo: "that's ok, you're a girl"
    me (thinking) was that an insult? was he trying to be nice as in, "I'll be the big tough man and help you in all your car troubles"? does he think I'm stupid too? was that supposed to make me feel better? should I start singing "Just a Girl"?
    me: "what is that supposed to mean?"
    Rodrigo: "that you don't know about keys and stuff like that"
    me: "so what, girls don't know that keys open locks"?
    Rodrigo: (snickers) "no, not that at all, you just don't know about car stuff. I'm going to bed."
    me: "ok, I'll be there in a bit"
    So, was I just insulted? Does he think of me as poor little Yvett who is going to be scared of those big cars passing by? I'm really not interested in learning anything about cars but I should at least know something like this, no? Oh well, I think about this more tomorrow and I'm just happy that the kiddies and I got home safely.

    thursday threesome
    Hey, how about a:
    ::Night on the Town!::

    Onesome: Night: -- Nights can be difficult if you need something from somewhere: what time do the stores shut down where you are? I mean, if you needed something more than a loaf of bread, is there any hope late at night?
    -Walgreens and Walmart are open 24 hours and just a couple of minutes drive away. There is also a 24 hour IHOP, and a Whataburger a couple of blocks from here in case we're hungry.

    Twosome: on the-- River? Hey, are there any rivers near you? ...or are you located out in the wilderness somewhere?
    -The Rio Grande divides us (El Paso) from Mexico and is also pretty close to here. There's hardly ever any water in it, though.

    Threesome: Town!-- If you could have any "Night on the Town" you wanted, what would you like to do? ...and would you like some company or would you go it alone?
    -I'd like to be with Rodrigo. We haven't had a "night on the town" since Alec was born last June so anything will do. I'd be happy with a dinner and a movie.

    friday five
    The Friday Five are already up and since I'm still here, I'll answer before I go to bed.

    What was...

    1. ...your first grade teacher's name?
    -Mrs. Bittner

    2. ...your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
    -The Bugs Bunny and Tweety show

    3. ...the name of your very first best friend?
    -Vanessa Yvette

    4. ...your favorite breakfast cereal?
    -corn pops

    5. ...your favorite thing to do after school?
    -watch Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, and Three's Company. then play with Barbies

    feeling: still stupid after this afternoon
    watching: Conan O'Brien
    what I should be doing instead of blogging: looking for keys I took off the keychain

    Wednesday, March 03, 2004

    abc's of me/ what's on. . right now

    abc's of me

    Looking over other players' pages on the Tuesday Twosome, I found a where they were playing the abc's of me. If I would've received this in an email, I wouldn't have answered it but since I don't feel obligated, I'll play. I also took the liberty of changing some because they were about scripture and soap operas and I don't really know about either. If you decide to do it on your page as well, leave a comment so that I may go snoop, I mean take at look at your answers. Anyway, here they are:

    A - Age: 27
    B - Boyfriend/girlfriend: Rodrigo
    C - Chore you hate: putting away laundry
    D - Dad's name & occupation: Jesus, central supply at a hospital
    E - Essential everyday item(s): computer, phone, coffee maker, tv, lotion, chapstick or lipgloss
    F - Favorite actor/actress: Kevin Spacey
    G - Gold or silver: silver
    H - Hometown: El Paso, TX
    I - Instruments you play: I played violin for several years
    J - Job: online client service
    K - Kids: Brianna Marie & Alec Julian
    L - Living arrangements: chaotic westside house
    M- Mother's name and occupation: Carmen, school secretary
    N - Name and who are you named after: Yvett after Yvette Mimieux (french actress my mom loved)
    O - Overnight hospital stays: two, one for each baby
    P - Phobia: werewolves (don't laugh)
    Q - Quote you like: can't think of any right now
    R - Ride you have: Chevy Astro (how mommy of me)
    S - Shows you like: Survivor All-Stars, American Idol
    T - Time you wake up: about 6:00 am
    U - Unique habit: I won't eat with utensils that have a design on them
    V - Vegetable(s)/Fruit(s) you refuse to eat: avocados
    W - Worst habit: procrastination
    X - X-rays you've had: dental when I was about to get braces
    Y - Yummy food you make: shrimp cocktail, pineapple upside-down cake
    Z - Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    what's on . . .right now

    What's On your 'places to go; people to see' list Right Now?
    -I read this in the morning even though I am posting at night, so I'll write the things I had to do today, ok? - fill up gas tank, drop off Brianna at school bus, pick up grandma, take her to the bank, take her to nature store for herbs, take her to pet store for birdseed, drop her off, pick up Brianna, come home.

    feeling: tired
    listening to: 311 (All Mixed Up)
    what I should be doing instead of blogging: ugh, putting away laundry