Wednesday, January 31, 2007

link time

Some of my favorite posts are when people put links of various things they've found. I love finding new things. I thought I'd share some cool things I've seen lately. . .

- I am one of those Valentine's Day suckers. I love all the cute gifts that are available this time of year. I love these little message beans.

- I usually have a Hello Kitty background on my computer but I couldn't resist these. Surprisingly on the Kleenex site! Aren't they cute?

- My favorite type of gifts has to be personalized gifts. I love to know that someone thought of the gift. My favorite place for personalized gifts is Red Envelope. While browsing the site, I came across these chocolate fortune cookies.

- I'm also loving the personalized Hershey's Kisses.

- If you have extra money just lying around and want to buy me something, buy me this. A Momoberry Hello Kitty doll! -gasp- Ooh! I just saw this one! You could buy me either one!

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Monday, January 29, 2007

afterschool peeves

There are a few things that I've noticed when I go get Brianna from school that really bother me. I know this is going to sound like whining and complaining and I guess that's exactly what it is. . . .

- There is a couple that I have grown to hate. I know that seems harsh but I really cannot stand them. They always do something that gets me mad. This couple is a set of really irresponsible parents. They walk to and from school every afternoon. The mom was pregnant up until December. I remember seeing her thinking she must be ready to have the baby then after a weekend she was back with a stroller. They walked to school with the newborn baby. Now, I realize that Arizona in the winter is warmer than other places, but it isn't exactly warm enough to be taking a newborn for a walk. A couple of weeks ago, they took the baby without a single blanket. Fully uncovered. I don't know what they think. I mean, they're both wearing jackets. Then this last week I was FURIOUS at them. They got to the school, parked the stroller moved away a few feet and started making out like they were teenagers! Meanwhile, the baby started crying and those two wouldn't stop. The baby was crying ans screaming for several minutes. I was this close to going over and coaxing that baby myself. I don't understand why they both have to go to school. Why can't one of them stay at home with the baby? I don't think either one of them even works. They are both there in the morning and in the afternoon. Why don't they take care of her? Ugh, just thinking about them is getting me mad.

- Another thing that really bothers me are those Heelys (tennis shoes/skates) that all the kids are now wearing. I can't wait until schools prohibit those. At stores, it's been several times that I get bumped or almost bumped into by kids wearing these. I think it is inappropriate to wear them inside a store and especially at school. As soon as the bell rings and the kids cross the fence, they put their toe up and start rolling. This past week, a kid wearing a backpack did just that, fell back and landed right on his back. I see no problem with kids wearing these at parks or amusement parks. I think they'd be ideal at some place like Disneyland but at school? Come on. I sound like a grumpy old lady here, huh?

- Kids with cell phones. Ugh. Let me remind you that Brianna is in ELEMENTARY school. Yet, after school many kids walk out and start using their phone. WTF? Who do they have to talk to? Their mom is right there. I think I'd understand with the kids whose parents are at work and the parents want to know the kids are out of school or home. The ones I do see, though are either walking right next to their moms or just talking to one of the other kids they were just walking with. The oldest kids in this school are either 10 or 11 years old. Do kids this young really need a cell phone?

Ok, enough ranting for the day. . .

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Friday, January 26, 2007

exciting news!

Let me tell you about the things that have made me giddy the past few days.

-On January 15th I MET INCUBUS! That's right. I met Incubus. My Christmas gift from Rodrigo was tickets to the meet and greet at the Phoenix concert. Now, I could've thought of about a million witty and clever things to say, but as I was about to enter the building, I blanked out. When I was with the band (especially hot, hot Brandon) all I was saying was something like "Duh . . . er . . . ah . . (giggle, giggle) daaaaa . . .uh . . . " Something like that. I sounded like a total moron. Anyway, they were all really cool. Really cool. I guess since I think Brandon is super attractive, I sort of expected him to just be there posing so for him to be joking around kind of threw me off. We got an autograph from all of them on a picture designed by Jose (drummer). I also hugged the band members and was able to touch the subject of quantum theory with Brandon (long story).
After the meet and greet, we had to wait a little while before the concert started. It was funny to hear a lot of the people talking about it. A couple of girls were adding and adding things to their story. I kept thinking "I was in there and that did not happen". So, if I were like those girls, the meet and greet would have been more like . . . . . I walked in and then I tripped and all the band members ran over to pick me up. Then I was so excited that I fainted and Brandon carried me. Then we made out and now we're married. How's that?
Once inside, since we had V.I.P. tickets, we were right at the front of the stage. Uh, this was alright when I was like 19 but I was in no mood to get trampled or squished. I told Rodrigo that we should stay there for a few songs so that I could some good pictures then after that, we'd go to the back. Sure enough as soon as Incubus started playing, we were crushed. I got several pictures then jumped the barricade and went to the back. Even now over a week after the show, I still have my legs bruised up from the pushing crowd. I'm way too old for this.

- Huge news this past Sunday/Monday was the snow. IT SNOWED IN ARIZONA. That was all you could hear about on the news. We were hanging out on Sunday afternoon. It had been raining all day. I looked out because I couldn't hear the rain anymore and noticed that it had started snowing! It took me a while to process what was happening. Of course the kids were really excited.
Here is one of the pictures that was on Yahoo's Most emailed pictures . . .

There are a lot of cool pictures here.

- Also, in not so exciting news, I'm coaching cheer again. Yup, I'll be the coach again for the winter season. What can I say? Brianna loves it and since I'm going to be there anyway . . . . Besides, I at least know what I'm doing this time around. I have 11 new girls but they all seem to be picking up quickly. I should be getting paid for this, though. It takes a lot of time making all the team rosters, snack schedules, newsletters, formations, printing out cheers with moves, picking up and sorting uniforms, calling all the parents, etc. Oh well.

- Oh, I almost forgot . . . . our house! I had told you before that we were supposed to have moved in December but the house was not ready at all. So, the construction finally well under way. We had a meeting with the builder and everything is going well. They asked if we would consider renting it to them to use as a model. We're sort of hesitant about that. On one hand, it would be extra money. On the other, it's kind of weird to have people going through your house. I think I'd say yes on the condition that after they decorate it as a model, they leave everything in there for us. Yeah right. I wish! I'll post more about the house as things develop.

I guess that's it for now. I have about a million emails that I need to reply to and 75 million pictures I've promised to email and still haven't done. Take care, all!

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Friday, January 12, 2007

still here!

I had a super long post planned, but you guys are going to have to settle for this one. Since I last wrote . . . .

- I helped at a very . . uh, different winter party at Brianna's school
- we went to Texas for the holidays
- we ate a lot
- Brianna turned 8 years old
- I was foolishly mobile posting from Texas using the wrong Blogger account (hence my lack of Christmas posts)
- I'm actually keeping my resolution so far
- we got new bedroom furniture for Brianna

Every year I make some sort of half assed resolution just because it's the thing to do. I've never actually kept one. This year, I was adamant about really doing what I've wanted for while . . . . mega organizing. I've wanted a place for everything for the longest time. The problem was that we just have so many papers and Rodrigo has so much computer stuff. This year I decided that I wouldn't allow myself to do something I enjoy until I actually did what I was set to do that day. I decided I wouldn't be an active bloggy girl until I did as much organizing for that day as I had set out to do. BIG CHANGE! Boxes of papers (old receipts, bills, and things we no longer need) were all shredded, all the papers we do need are filed and labeled, the closets are cleaned out, the kids drawers and toy boxes are cleaned out, pictures are sorted and ready to be placed in scrapbooks, just so many things. I am sooooooo happy! Anyway, I'm satisfied at how I haven't slacked so far so I decided to pop in. So far, so good so I think I won't have to force myself to be an absent bloggy so much anymore. I hope all is well!

Here is a little mosaic of the time I've been away. . . .