Monday, May 24, 2004

my weekend

This past Saturday, we attended my friend Gloria's baby shower. We had the same due date for her daughter and Brianna and her daughter was born one day before Brianna. Now she has the same due date I had with Alec only one year later. Here are Alina and Brianna. . .

We had fun. My friend Denise also showed up sans her guy so we were able to catch up on gossip.
Yesterday my mom took Brianna to watch Shrek 2 and after we picked her up, Rodrigo, Brianna, Alec and I went out to eat. It was a good weekend except for the fact that we all have a cold. It is very hot here and we have a mega-freezer air conditioner. We HAVE to turn it on, then we freeze, then we turn it off, then it gets too hot and so on and so on. So now we're all sick. Ugh.
One thing I noticed this weekend is all the good music coming on. The Cure, The Beastie Boys, Morrissey, and Prince all have new albums. The Pixies are back together. I can only hope that all his millions haven't made Morrissey happy because I love all his gloomy songs. I hope he's still miserable. The Cure was getting a little happy with "Friday I'm in Love" but I also hope they're back to their depressing selves. We'll see.

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Friday, May 21, 2004


I've mentioned before that we haven't gone to the movies in the longest time. In fact, next month it'll be a year (which, in fact, you all told me to get a life and get out of the house). Anyway, a whole lot of movies that came out last year and I wanted to see are now out on DVD. So far this week, we've seen The Last Samurai, House of Sand and Fog, and last night we started watching The Matrix Revolutions. (Yes, think "you barely saw that?") I say we started to watch the Matrix because I fell asleep. Isn't that awful? I used to get so upset at my dad when we'd start watching a movie then I'd look over and he was asleep and now I'm the same way. To my defense, it was almost midnight when we started watching and to be perfectly honest, I don't understand The Matrix movies. Rodrigo loves them but I just get so lost when I watch them. I don't consider myself dumb or one of those people who you have to explain movies to, but for some reason, I just can't get into the whole Matrix thing. Seriously, it wasn't until after I read the credits in the first movie that I realized his name was Neo and not "Neil". Oops. We saw the second one at the theater and I got confused about the whole "architect" thing. Tonight I'm determined to watch Revolutions and understand it even if I have to keep pausing and rewinding.

Something else for today. . . Brianna completed her final project for the school year. She had to make an insect. We were asked to make them out of things you'd find around the house. Any insect made out of anything. I immediately thought to make a caterpillar out of styrofoam I use to make little floral arrangements (I call them flowerballs) and use pipe cleaners for antennae. Then I reconsidered and decided for once not try to "out-craft" the rest of the moms. We took the bottom of egg cartons and cut out six sections, painted them green, glued confetti to make the spots, and used lollipop sticks as antennae. It looks cute but most importantly it was something that a Brianna could make almost entirely on her own. I didn't take over her last homework assignment as just another excuse to craft. Whew, that was hard.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

bar mitzvah

The Beastie Boys have a new album. One of our local radio stations is having a "Beastie Boys Bar Mitzvah" to celebrate the album release. They will be giving away a trip to Las Vegas to the person who has the best interpretation of any Beastie Boys song so you know it will be funny to watch all these people perform. This bar mitzvah is by invitation only and it sounds like its going to be a really fun party. I'm on the guestlist for two people. Here's the problem, I can't go. It's tonight which makes it really difficult to attend. Maybe if it were on a Friday or Saturday, but it's a school night and a work night and the celebration begins at 9 pm. My parents both work tomorrow, so I don't really want to ask them to babysit. Oh well. Alma, "Diana's", Vanessa, Bonnie, (El Paso people) let me know if you want to go.

On a totally separate note, I have to tell you about a lady that I have a huge problem with. There is a grandma who goes and drops off a little girl at Brianna's bus stop. She seems pleasant enough but I can't even stand to look at her because SHE WEARS A SWEATER EVERY DAY! A sweater. Not the kind that you wear over a blouse and zip or button it up and later take off. No, a regular, thick winter sweater. This is in El Paso. We reached 100 degrees yesterday for the first time this year. I can't imagine that she's cold yet everyday she shows up with a sweater and some type of sweatpants or wool skirt. Even in the afternoon when we go get the kids. Now I look out for her everyday just to see if she's wearing one again. I hope today is the day that she shows up in a regular blouse.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: painting Brianna's insect project

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

celebrity names/ tv tuesday

This past Saturday was Rodrigo's birthday. Yea! He's only a couple of months older than me, but for these couple of months, I get to call him old. He is now a very old 28 year old guy. He had the day off yesterday and we were out all day, so my days are all messed up. Yesterday felt like Sunday and today I'm lagging like a Monday. I could tell you about my weekend but I HAVE to write about this. . . . . .
What was Gwyneth Paltrow thinking?!?! I first heard on Sunday. We got together at my mom's house and my brother's girlfriend was there. Our conversation went something like this. .

Lily: "Coldplay" had his baby
me: What?
Lily: Coldplay. They had their baby.
me: Gwyneth Paltrow had her baby already?
Lily: yeah, they said it on tv. guess what they named her.
me (thinking) with Gwyneth Paltrow's style it HAS to be something elegant or classic. I imagine it's something like Claire, Emma, or Isabella
Lily: they named her "Apple"
me: huh?!?!?
Lily: Apple
me: no they didn't. yeah, right.
Rodrigo and I start joking around: What's her middle name, Dumpling? Pie? Turnover?
we all laugh
Lily: no, really. look it up online. watch, let me call Ruben (my brother)
Lily to Ruben on speakerphone: What did Gwyneth and Coldplay name their baby?
Ruben: Manzana
Rodrigo and I: Oh well, that's different. not everyone knows what "manzana" is
Ruben: no, they named her Apple I'm just saying "Manzana" so that you can understand

I still didn't believe them. When we got home, I looked it up online. I googled -gwyneth paltrow baby- and I found an article that stated that "it was reported" that she had a baby and had named her "Apple Blythe Allison". Still, I didn't believe it. I heard it on The View yesterday but not until I read this article today that I finally believed it. WHY DO CELEBRITIES DO THIS? I know sometimes we hear a name that we don't necessarily love, and you can't please all of the people all of the time, but celebrities tend to be a little more absurd than the rest of us. Poor baby. Still I think I'd rather be named Apple than any of the names of Paula Yates' daughters.

I wonder what happens in the minds of celebrities that they no longer have that little voice that tells the rest of us, "Don't do that!" Whether it's some ridiculous outfit they wear or some crazy hairstyle or even the names they give their children, why do they seem to have no judgement at all? I think I'll go be famous just to study this further. Heh heh.

TV Tuesday

On that musical note:

1. What is your favorite TV theme song?
-I like the music for the Law & Orders. We especially like that Alec now stops whatever he's doing and stays perfectly still to hear the theme. He could be in the middle of a crying fit, but the Law & Order music comes on, and he'll stop.

2. Which song drives you crazy enough to hit mute on the remote?
-The "whistling" for Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Ugh. If I hear it, it sticks in my head ALL day.

3. Which song are your proud to say you remember (most of) the lyrics to???
I have a brain full of useless information, so I remember a lot, I'll try to list some: Three's Company, Gilligan's Island, Friends, Growing Pains, Who's the Boss, Family Ties, Diff'rent Strokes, Cheers, Frasier, Golden Girls, I'm sure there's a lot more I don't even realize I know.

~Bonus~ Put the lyrics on your page (from memory), and I'll list you next week in the TV Tuesday Theme Song Hall of Fame. Don't forget to leave a comment so I'll know you posted!

"Thank you for being a friend. Traveled down the road and back again. Your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant. And if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say thank you for being a friend." -great. this song is in my head now.

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

this is an audio post - click to play

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

fun game

I first saw this game on Vanessa's page yesterday and today I saw it on Giao's page. The game looked fun, so I decided to do it. Take a look at their pages as well since I'm sure their answers will be better than mine!

) First Grade Teacher: Mrs. Bittner

2) Last word you said: yeah

3) Last person you hugged: Alec

4) Last thing you laughed at: explaining to Rodrigo how I used to gallop when I was a little girl and would get mad

5) Last time you said 'I love you': A little while ago to Brianna

6) Last time you cried: Sunday watching Steel Magnolias (sap, sap, I know)

7) What's in your CD player: Mozart Classics of a lifetime (music for Alec)

8) What color socks are you wearing: it's too hot for socks here in El Paso

9) What's under your bed: nothing. dust bunnies, I guess

10) What time did you wake up today: 6:30

11) Current taste: Strawberries & Cream Frappucino, iced green tea

12) Current hair: back to my natural color (light brown) cut in a bob about up to my chin

13) Current clothes: yellow flowered sundress

14) Current annoyance: the neighbor's cat for killing mice and leaving them on our driveway

15) Current longing: more money

16) Current desktop picture: tulips

17) Current worry: work is VERY slow and my paycheck is going to be pathetic

18) Current hate: my allergies

19) Story behind your web username: helloyvetty from some stickers I made at a Sanrio store. It was a picture of me with Hello Kitty ears, nose, and whiskers. I gave some to some friends, one of them said "Hello Yvett-y" later I used it as a joke for my email address now it's on everything.

20) Current favorite article of clothing: totally fresh blue sundress which I wear with some earrings & necklace I found that match PERFECTLY. I'll be wearing that all summer!

21) Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex/same sex: hands

22) Last CD that you bought: I bought "Life for Rent" for Rodrigo. He HAD to have the real cd

23) Favorite place to be: here at home with Rodrigo & the babies

24) Least favorite place: stuck in traffic

25) Time you wake up in the morning: 6:30-7:00

26) If you could play an instrument, what would it be: I can play violin and my dad plays bass in a band. He tried to teach me but I never learned. I regret it now.

27) Favorite color: sky blue

28) Do you believe in an afterlife: yes

39) How tall are you: 5"1" and 1/2 (very important to add that 1/2)

30) Current favorite word/saying: These pretzels are making me thirsty

31) Favorite book: House of Sand and Fog, The Catcher in the Rye, The Bonesetter's Daughter, and Like Water for Chocolate

32) Favorite season: fall

33) One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: my grandpa. I miss him

34) Favorite day: Saturday

35) Where do you want to go: to sleep, France, Italy, and Spain

36) What is your career going to be like: rewarding

37) How many kids do you want: maybe three. right now two are a handful

38) What kind of car will you have: I'm there. I drive a four door family car

49) Type a line you remember from any book: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

40) A random lyric: "I'm not a perfect person. . ." (Hoobastank's "The Reason" is played sooooo much and it sticks in my mind all day! ARGH!)

41) Identify some things surrounding your computer: printer, speakers, digital camera, Rodrigo's voter registration certificate, a router, a Duncan Dhu CD, a pen, two pairs of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, and seven rings (I always take off my jewelry here at the desk at it piles up)

Wow. That took longer than I thought. Good night, all!

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Monday, May 10, 2004

new blogger/update

Blogger just changed it's whole look and honestly, I'm not used to it yet. Oh well, I guess I just have to mess around with it a couple of times. For those of you who use blogger, is it letting you use Unkymoods?

The science fair went really well. Brianna gave her whole speech and didn't forget anything. The one thing that bothered me was that everyone who participated received the same thing: a certificate, a button, and a wand. Yes, I understand that they are little kids, but I don't think a little competition ever hurt anyone. Ok, I may be wrong, but it's not fair when some projects looked like they were thought up of that same morning and some really took a long time. Oh well...
Friday we took the kids to a book reading. Mama Bear from the Berenstain Bears was there taking pictures and Alec came out trying to bite the bear's nose. There's a Starbuck's in the bookstore and we went to buy one of those Strawberries and Cream Frappucinos and got dirty looks from the college kids and childless adults that were there. I thought "Wait! I'm one of you! I'm AM coffeehouse girl", but it was too late. Heading in there with a five year old and a baby in a stoller wasn't "cool". Sniff! We bought the Frappucinos and went and drank them in the children's section where we belong. Sniff again! Here is Brianna while listening to one of the stories. She is the one in the front in the middle.

Saturday was my little cousin's First Holy communmion. Since she will be in California this summer she also celebrated her birthday. Three of my uncles came into town and I'm always happy to see them. Brianna was especially happy to see my little cousins. One of my cousins and Brianna are just months apart but since my cousins live in San Francisco, they hardly ever see each other. Here's a picture of Crystal and Brianna. . .

Sunday was an odd Mother's Day for me. Other than when I lived in Phoenix, I've always spent the day with my mom. This year my aunt invited us to go to Juarez and take the kids to a Papalote museum that's there. I couldn't go but my mom, my brother's girlfriend, one of my cousins and her kids all went. So I didn't see my mom. Aww. I thought my aunt had picked a weird day to invite them but since Mother's Day in Mexico is ALWAYS May 10th, she didn't have to work today and my cousins didn't have to go to school. Anyway, I spent the day with Rodrigo and the kids and did nothing but hang out and relax. I watched movies and once again cried like a baby while watching Steel Magnolias. I received some awesome party trays and dishes that I really wanted and also some pink roses from the kids.
Today was Brianna's school's Mother's Day show. Her classroom sang and danced "The Streamer song". It was adorable! Some of the kids understandably looked a little scared but Brianna kept singing and waving. It looks like she's doing a "we're #1" but I just caught her mid wave.

Ok, so now I'll catch up on memes. . . . I hope you all had a fun weekend as well.

Monday Madness
1. If you had a farm, what would you name the following animals: Pig, Cow, Goose, Chicken and Horse (assume these are show animals and not food.)
-Pig: Wilbur
-Cow: Vaquita
-Chicken: Henrietta
-Horse: Spirit (Brianna named this one)
2. What are the top ten spices you use in cooking and what is cooked with them as the main spice (ie. Oregano: Spaghetti)
-salt: most everything
-pepper: same
-garlic powder: meat
-basil leaves: chicken
-cinnamon: sprinkled on apples/oatmeal
-lemon pepper: flounder
-oregano: menudo
-Knorr tomate: tortilla soup
-red pepper: pizza
-paprika: jicama
3. Name your favorite flower and describe yourself using the letters.
- I'm sorry, I can't decide which I like better: Calla Lillies, Gerber Daisies, or sunflowers

Tuesday Twosome
1. The last two songs you heard:
-Say it Ain't So (Weezer) and Buddy Holly (Weezer)
2. The last two CDs you bought:
-I didn't buy cd's for the longest time but I bought Dido's Life For Rent for Rodrigo for Valentine's Day. Before that, I can't remember.
3. Two songs you hate at the moment:
-"Yeah" from Usher and "Naughty Girl" from Beyonce
4. Two songs you are loving at the moment:
-"Maps" from the YeahYeahYeah's and "The End of the World" from The Cure
5. Two singers you would like to meet (dead or alive):
-Bono and Jim Morrison

TV Tuesday
1. What show would you like to see brought back for an hour or two episode, to see how the characters are doing now? (This should be a show that it might be possible to do a reunion on.)
- Seinfeld
2. Pick a show that could not realistically be brought back for a reunion, because some or all of the cast members are gone. What if they could have done a reunion before it was too late? Name the show you'd most like to see.
- Three's Company, it would be nothing with John Ritter
3. Which reunion show have you watched and thought "Wow, they should have left that one alone!"
-The Brady Bunch reunion

~Bonus~ Which do you prefer- a "reunion" episode of the series, or a "cast reunion" where the actors sit around and talk about the making of the show?
-A reunion episode. I saw the 90210 cast reunion and I didn't really care about what they thought.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: trying to get Alec to sleep

Thursday, May 06, 2004

science fair

Brianna's science fair day is finally here and not a moment too soon. I've already mentioned that I go overboard with her homework projects and try to "craft them up" (some of you might remember the Valentine's day bag and cookies and the One Fish, Two Fish... costume). We've worked a lot on this project. Especially because she has to make a 3-5 minute presentation. Once I stopped looking for a project that I thought was cool and started looking for one that a five-year-old would understand and be able to explain, it was easy to find one. We ended up doing one about the breakdown of garbage. We took three samples of garbage, placed them in a little container with some dirt and tracked the progress. Last night she made the presentation over the phone to my mom, my dad, my brother, his girlfriend, and my grandma (who doesn't speak English but loved it anyway). Alec has been her audience of choice. He stares at her like if he really understands her and claps throughout. To this Brianna lets him know, "Not yet, brother. Don't clap until I'm finished". Anyway, I get to go help her with the presentation today at 1:10. I'm glad to be getting back to some normalcy. I haven't been keeping up with my favorite blogs and my house is a mess. If time permits, I'll have Brianna post her presentation in an audio post this morning. I'll take pictures and let you all know how everything went later on today. Remember to dress in black today because it seems that we're all supposed to be mourning the loss of "Friends". Ugh.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: making sure we don't forget anything today

Tuesday, May 04, 2004


I've been meaning to post something but I've been really busy. A lot of that is going around right now.

Last Friday was "Day of the Young Child" celebration day at Brianna's school. I was in charge of the student mural. Basically, one whole wall of the cafeteria was covered in black butcher paper, the kids drew a self portrait on a 4x6 piece of white paper and we glued them onto the black paper sorted by class. It was interesting. There are more than 680 students in her school. All 4 and 5 years old. All day they kept telling me, "Teacher! Teacher!". It sounds simple but it was a lot of work. Plus we had to get them to the next station as soon as possible. I'm in no hurry to do that again.
Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for my brother. We had told him that it was a party for my cousin so he wasn't really in a hurry. He showed up almost two hours late and by that time I was already starving. You have to realize that my brother is a dork. For some reason my family decided to not yell "Surprise!" but to start singing Happy Birthday instead. He walked in, we started singing and he thought we were singing for my cousin so he didn't get it. Ha! Ha! Alec had a blast being passed around from person to person. Everyone wanted to hold him and he loves the attention. My little cousin, her friend, Brianna and my nephew were all playing and Alec really wanted to join them. He kept yelling and laughing watching the kids play. He's going to be a terror when he starts walking.
Sunday, Rodrigo and I caught up on some things we had to do around the house, finished up some yard work, went shopping, and picked up Brianna from my mom's. Rodrigo had a lot of work that he hadn't done all weekend so I helped Brianna with her "bookbag" homework, bathed the kids, and cleaned the kitchen while he was stuck to his laptop.
We've also been working on Brianna's science project. Her presentation is this Thursday. I found a lot of neat projects but chose a really simple one about the breakdown of garbage. Still, getting a 5 year old ready to make a 5 minute presentation has proven to be quite a challenge.
Today I'm going to put the finishing touches on the project as I'm here logged into work, take Brianna to school, take my grandma to the bank and the store, pick up Brianna, wait for Rodrigo, take the kids to my mom's and head over to the "ready to be ready" parenting classes. ARGH! I need more hours in the day!
I'm doing memes now and I'll talk to you all later! Have a great day.

Tuesday Twosome

1. Do you prefer: Fiction or non-fiction?

2. Do you prefer: Magazines or books?
-books for the most part but I won't refuse a magazine

3. Do you prefer: Biography or autobiography?
-neither one but I guess biography.

4. Name your two favorite books:
-The Catcher in the Rye and House of Sand and Fog

5. Name two books you haven't read, but plan to:
-The DaVinci Code (like everyone else) and The Divine Comedy, at least Purgatory (I've had Purgatory for years but everytime I start reading it, I give up)

TV Tuesday
1. Who is/was your favorite TV mom?
-I'd have to say Roseanne Connor. She was just so funny.

2. Was she a realistic mother, or more of a TV fantasy type?
-mostly realistic

3. Which TV mom did you find the most unrealistic? Or if you’d rather: creepy – sappy – mean – you choose the adjective, and you name the mom.
-Mrs. Brady. I can't believe she was never really upset and always looked great. I don't think I'd be that calm if I had six kids.

~Bonus~ No disrespect to your dear old mum, but which TV mom did you think it might be neat to have as your own?
-I guess Claire Huxtable. Those kids seemed to have it all and she seemed strong but fun.

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