Thursday, February 28, 2008

mood yvett

Let me tell you how I've been feeling lately . . . .

- confused: I started watching Project Runway last night thinking that both Chris & Rami were going to show. I had been on the website and had seen pictures of their collections along with Sweet Pea's. I thought they were all still in the running and I was just so clever to know in advance. Today I found out all five showed but only three are in the running to win. Oh! So, I haven't been too much of a fan of Christian, but his final collection really is, well, fierce.

- a little stir crazy: We've been having 80 degree temperatures and I'm now sporting a February tan. I'm really wanting to do some sort of day trip soon before it becomes too hot to be outside. It seems that we're all in the same frame of mind around here. Friends have spend the past few days at the zoo, camping and at the desert museum. Read this twice because you hardly ever get this from me. . . . I want to do something outdoorsy this weekend.

- like I can't write: I've changed my last name. The thing is that it now feels weird to sign my name. It doesn't come as easily as my old last name that I've written my entire life. I think I'll practice writing my name a million times in a notebook like when we were in middle school.

- political: For the past few months, I have been completely addicted to political shows. Completely. I went into almost all of the candidates websites and read up on the issues and their plans way before pur primary. I wanted to be well informed before I made a decision. Well, it's sort of rubbing off on the kids. Alec went with me on Super Tuesday and he asked me if I was voting for him to be president. I lied and said yes and since then he's been talking about how he's going to be president and live in the White House because I voted for him. Aww. You'll also probably guess which is one of the shows I watch nightly when I tell you that Alec is now calling various people, "The Worst Person in the Woooooooorld". (He pronounces it "vorld")

- busy: I've been volunteering in Brianna's classroom weekly and let me tell you . . that class is busy, busy, busy. They are on a rigid schedule and are always doing something. I have my hands full each time I'm in there. I seriously get home exhausted. All the noise and all the kids and all the work and all the talking and all the moving. Their teacher deserves to be canonized.

- weepy: I saw "Away From Her". Bawl fest. I must've cried about five times throughout the movie. Ah, depressing movies, my favorite. Seriously. We also watched "La Vie en Rose". Wow, she really, really did a great job. Oscar well deserved.

- In love: I love Rodrigo. I thought everyone should know.

feeling: see all the above
listening to: some Edith Piaf songs*

* I need help. I'm looking for a song that was in La Vie en Rose. Although, I think it's Edith Piaf, I'm not sure. It comes out in the part where Edith is little and she can't see. She's walking with Titine and bumps into a pole. Do any of you know the name of that song?

Monday, February 25, 2008

the non-existent registry

So people have been asking us where we're registered for the wedding. Uh, it wasn't really a wedding and we're not registered anywhere. Yup, I missed it. Ever since Rodrigo and I started living together, whenever we'd be out shopping and liked a lot of things in one place, we'd say that we should get married just for the registry. Yeah, we were kidding but I'm convinced that a lot of people get married only to have a wedding and/or only to have a registry. Since I had neither, I'm entitled to a do-over. Yes, again, I'm kidding.
I never expected goodies but we've gotten cards, wine and gift cards. How sweet! So thanks, all and thanks especially to Diana and Darcy!
Diana, your Mr. & Mrs. #78 envelope made me laugh a lot! Thanks!

feeling: I love my friends
listening to: the same two songs that Brianna listens to all the time and stick in my head whenever she is not listening to them . . . . I Don't Think About It by Emily Osment and See You Again by Miley Cyrus.

Friday, February 22, 2008

my ho-hum life

I haven't been in the writing mood because I don't really have anything to write about. Everything that has been happening in the last few days (save Saturday) has been really, really mundane.

- I've done my weekly share at volunteering at the kids' school.
- My car has some kind of hose that's leaking and we need to get that fixed.
- The weather here has been c-r-a-z-y! Last week we were at about 80 degrees, then it got all windy, then it snowed on Friday. Yes, snowed. That fake sort of desert snow, but still. Then it got all warm again.
- My parents came to visit this weekend. It gave Rodrigo and me a chance to go eat at my now favorite place in the world. Read my review here.
- I'm completely dying over the Target Easter theme! I love, love, love chicks and ducklings. (I call them pollitos). I have convinced myself that I need as much of these Chiyo Chiyo things as possible. I was wrong to think they couldn't top their Valentine's cupcake theme.
- The kids have a four day weekend for Rodeo. Read it again . . . for Rodeo. That's right, it's sort of a big deal here. Odd, huh?
- If you were in town this weekend, there'd be this, this and this we could do. Plus, you'd be out of the cold.
- Oh, and I finally started reading something other than a Harry Potter book. Eh.
- I almost forgot about the Oscars! I haven't seen anything this year. Sucks. By this time we usually have our prediction sheets filled out. I'm sure we'll still do it, but it'll really be just guesses.

Have a good day, all!

feeling: kind of bored or sleepy or something ???
listening to: the kids and the dog

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

Alec has asked me to be his Valentine. He said he's having two this year: me and a little girl from his pre-k class. She's getting a big Spiderman valentine. I get Venom. If I could record all the things Alec says all day, I'd have my own version of kids say the darndest things.
Yesterday, Alec and I were in the car . . .

Alec: Dada doesn't eat blood
me: What?!
Alec: Dada. He doesn't eat blood.
me: What do you mean? Who said that?
Alec: Dada did. He said that at work he doesn't eat blood yesterday. There was a doctor and they gave Dada a band-aid.
me: Oh! He DONATED blood yesterday.
Alec: Yeah! He doesn't eat blood.
Here the conversation took several more minutes while I explained what "donate" meant and that it really isn't "don't eat".

Later, both kids were in bed. They had been for a while. I'd left little heart things in their rooms so that they could find them this morning. Maybe two hours after I'd put him in bed, Alec surprised us . .

Alec: That was very nice of you. The heart.
me: Thanks, but why are you still awake?
Alec: I had to get up
me: Why? It's very late and you should be asleep
Alec: I had to. I smelled heart.
me: BWAH! Ha! Ha!

So, anyway, the kids are having parties at school today. I'm Brianna's class room parent, so I'll be there. Anyone have any exciting plans? Happy Valentine's Day, all!

feeling: happy
listening to: Alice in Chains (Heaven Beside You)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

badger update

- Even though we've bought chew toys and chew sticks for Badger, he still loves chewing on everything. Mainly us. He got ahold of my cable for the camera and chewed through it. I haven't been able to upload any pictures. Even the one of the chewed up camera wire.

- The same day we got him, we got him a doggy bed. He's never once slept on it. Instead, he sleeps under our bed right under Rodrigo.

- He's pretty much gotten the hang of "doing" outdoors. I had friends suggest crate training, but for me, that seems a little mean. I know I have a bad notion of it because of one person I knew. She would leave her dog in the crate all day while she was at work, let it out for a couple of hours, then put the dog back in the crate for the night. I felt so bad for the poor dog and wondered why she'd have one in the first place. Anyway, that's what I associate it with. The way we trained Badger was just constantly taking him outside and praising him. He now goes and scratches the door when he needs to go outside. We're still on the praising and treats. He's also sleeping pretty much thought the night. Sounds like a baby, huh?

- The kids' new favorite store is PetCo. The one close to our house has a big display that looks sort of like a salad bar as soon as you walk in. There are boocoos of treats there, so the kids like picking them out for Badger. Right now he has some heart-shaped liver treats. Bleh. They also love that Badger can go there with us.

- This isn't related to Badger, but have you guys seen that super sad Pedigree commercial? Uh, I get all teary-eyed each time. Brianna started crying when she saw it. Ok, I need to go hug my puppy now.

feeling: horrible now that I saw that commercial again
listening to: The Shins (New Slang)

Monday, February 11, 2008

take my wife, please

Thanks all for the good wishes! I've been married for a little over a week now and so that qualifies me an expert. I could give counseling and such.
So, I feel like that dentist from Seinfeld that converted to Judiasm just for the jokes. I feel like we got married just to make jokes. As it is, I laugh way too much already. I feel like I added material to the routine. Rodrigo came home one day and told me he was was saying something about me to his co-worker. He said that he'd said, "My girlfr . . . uh, my wife" because I think it was the first time he called me wife. I was teasing him for the longest time saying that he just couldn't say it and it was actually more like "My wuh, wuh, wuh, wife". Then, of course, I was saying that I wouldn't be able to say husband and I'd be like "My huh, huh, huh . . " until somebody whacked me in the back and I could finally get it out. Hmm.... this doesn't sound so funny now that I'm reading it, but I was cracking up then. :P
The thing that's made me laugh the most is "irreconcilable differences". It used to be that when Rodrigo said or did something that I didn't really like I'd say something like "I don't like you anymore" or "You're not my favorite person". Well, during the week he was trying to rap or something. He was trying to immitate someone pretty badly and all I could say was "irreconcilable differences". I find it quite hilarious. The next day, I'd gotten a cut on my head and I was picking at the scab (yes, I know its gross, but I couldn't stand having it there) Rodrigo asked me what I was doing. I said, "picking a scab on my head". He made a gross-out face and said, "Eww, irreconcilable differences". We've been saying it since.
Lastly, because we act like we're in seventh grade, ever since we got the marriage license, and especially now that we're married, we've been imitating this clip. . . . Yes, we're immature like that.

Monday, February 04, 2008

mrs. yvett #78

I hope everyone's weekend went well. Ours was really, really good. Different, but really good. Friday evening Rodrigo and I got married!
Note: If you are a friend of mine that is just finding this out, please know that I am going back on our $100 bet, or eating my foot, or anything else I might've said I'd do to prove that I'd never get married. You win, you were right and knowing that should be enough.
Yep, we just went ahead and did it. That's what I was talking about when I posted about the ring he gave me. He had the lovely ring along with the whole proposal and I obviously accepted. Although I love, love, LOVE weddings, I knew that I didn't want anything like that. It's just not, well, me. Or him for that matter. I know he would've gone along if I'd had an elaborate plan, but what we both wanted most of all was to get married quickly, quietly and something simple.
We'd had the license for a couple of weeks and had decided to do it on the 1st. We told few family members and friends, but were there with just the kids that day. It was the weirdest, tackiest thing, really. We got to the courthouse and there were about 75 million people there. There were a few girls really dressed up in gowns, a few that looked way too young to be getting married and some people that were there in their wedding jeans. We didn't know why all those people were there. I mean, I figured it was to get married, but I thought it was way too many people. Rodrigo went to ask and we were told to take a number. All those people were, in fact, getting married that day. We were couple #78. Can you believe it? I thought it was hilarious! There was a guard who was calling out the numbers and sort of trying to be funny at the same time. He'd say something like "Number Seventy Twoooooooo........". Rodrigo looked over at me and mouthed "I'm sorry". I wasn't, though. I thought it was very, uh, memorable and funny. It could'nt have been tackier if there was an ice-cream truck circling around (For my El Paso friends, think Juarez Mercado with the vendors telling you "Pasele, pasele" and you'll get the picture).
Once our number was called, we had to go into a waiting room eerily similar to a DMV. I regret not having a video camera to record what it looked like there. We of course had a private room once we did the actual ceremony. We grabbed a newlywed couple and asked them to be our witnesses. When we were saying the actual vows, I got completely verklempt and felt my knees sort of buckle. It seemed surreal to actually be hearing the vows that are sooooooooo often heard being said to me. Oh, and I messed up! I missed out on my big chance to say "I do". I said "yes" instead. Can you believe that? It was all I could say at that moment because I didn't want to start crying. I told Rodrigo we had to go back and do it again. :P It was over pretty quickly, although not fast enough for the kids because they couldn't wait to go out to dinner.
So, anyway, I wanted to share and let you guys know that I am no longer yvett the spinster.

feeling: happy
listening to: Jack Johnson (If I had Eyes)