Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bunch o' babies

This year, I am fortunate enough to absolutely adore my kids' teachers. I love them! Almost all of my "real-life" friends and bloggy friends have young children, so you know how it is. You want the person who will be spending a significant amount of time with your baby to be someone you like. This is most definitely the case this year. I lucked out.
So, anyway, Alec's teacher for the first half of the year just had her babies this past week. Yes, babies. She had to leave after Christmas but she's gone to school several times since and has really kept the kids posted on her progress, so they really still feel like she's there with them.
Her blog is a family one, so I was hesitant about linking to her, but I am fairly confident that none of my frequent readers are weirdos. Plus, like I said, we're all parents so we know how to respect a family page. Anyway, I just had to link to her today to share her hilarious post. See it here. (Her page has music, so turn it down if you're at work).
Congratulations, Mrs. Bunch. We love you, miss you and can't wait to meet the babies!

P.S. Alec was telling me the babies' weights last Monday. According to him they range from 37 lbs-100 lbs. : )

feeling: I can't imagine having more than one baby at a time
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Monday, March 30, 2009

knock knock. who's there? KGB.

The art of the knock, knock joke is completely lost on Alec. He just doesn't get the concept. Brianna tried to teach him for a while even providing one of her own for him to use. Here it is as she told it to him . . .
Knock, knock
who's there?
buck who?
buck, buck. I'm a chicken

Here's what he turned it into . .
knock, knock
who's there?
buck who?
chicken to eat at my house and stay home

See? Lost cause. He loves them, though and what's more is that he thinks his versions are hilarious. I, being the mom, have to force smile/laugh at his jokes. Brianna, on the other hand says they're not funny, then he says they are, they fight, well, you know the rest.
This past Friday, Alec had two friends over. One is his age, one is a year older. They started telling knock, knock jokes and they all told them the same wrong way. See, what I now get is the longer and sillier it is, the funnier it is. Oh, and it really helps if it ends in something about a butt or a fart. Some of their jokes were something like . . .
knock, knock
who's there?
Anakin who?
Anakin who doesn't know how to use a light saber and then he tried but he fell on his butt

Bwah, ha, ha, ha!!!!!! They would burst into laughter and went on and on for a few minutes. I was laughing too because of the fact that none of them knew how to tell a proper knock, knock joke. Well, they thought I was laughing at the actual jokes and went on. -sigh-
Here's the kind I like . . .

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

we're back

I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things after spring break. I have about a million pictures to sort through/edit. Until I do, here are a few pictures which pretty much summarize this break.

Day 1. At the lighthouse in Long Beach. No one is tired yet.

Day 2. Alec asleep outside of the Indiana Jones ride.

Day 3. Alec asleep at our table during lunch.

Day 4. Alec asleep during the fireworks show.

Day 5. Pleased with their purchases and pretty much sitting down whenever they can.

You'll see more pics on flickr soon. For now, I need a break from our break.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

wanted: fake cake

Jenn's posts always make me laugh. It was for a different reason today, though. I'd just been talking about fake food a few minutes before I read her post and then I see that she has a picture of her kid holding fake food. Hilarious!

Let me explain. . . My mom gave us a crystal cake stand that I absolutely love. Right now it is displaying some cookies I baked yesterday. That's just it; I feel like it always has to have something. Rodrigo was saying that we should get one of those fake cakes like they have in model homes for when we don't have something fresh baked.

me: (laughing) yeah, we should. You know people use fake cakes for weddings
Rodrigo: huh?
me: yeah, they make a fake wedding cake and only the bottom layer is real so they could cut into it, then they send it to the back and just slice off some sheet cake
Rodrigo: OK, but a wedding cake wouldn't fit in there
me: (laughing) I know, I'm just saying. I don't know where I'd get one, though
Rodrigo: a fake wedding cake?
me: no, just a fake cake for the stand. Where do they buy those?
Rodrigo: we should just into a model and take one

Both of us just laughed.

We weren't being serious, but I started thinking seriously about it. I don't think I've ever seen a whole cake at those places. Just slices like they have in restaurants. I started wondering . . . where do they get those?
Of course, when I don't know something, I always ask Mr. Google. I was shocked to see the results. There are sooooo many fake food manufacturers. I'm having a blast looking at all the fake desserts I'd like to display in my stand. Just now I was looking at all the pictures I took in model homes and Alec came up behind me.

Alec: what are you doing?
me: looking through pictures
Alec: of me?
me: both of you playing with fake food
Alec: oh yeah, look they're I'm making eggs
me: yes, you are
Alec: and there's Brianna in front of a giant cookie
me: what? a giant cookie? -pause- Bwah, ha! ha!

It turned out to be this picture . . . . .

What might be nice wall decor for us equals a giant cookie for a kid.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

same old, same old

When we were moving to Arizona, I was very excited at the fact that I would be able to stay at home. I imagined I'd have just loads and loads of left-over time. Yeah. That's not the case. I'm am absolutely grateful that I am able to stay at home. I don't know how I'd manage to throw in work with all my running around. Right now work would definitely take away a lot from the kids.
So, if you ask me how I am the answer is busy with the kids.
What have you been up to? Stuff with the kids.
What's going on? The kids.
Anything new? No, just things with the kids.

I am a taxi driver, events coordinator, builder, hauler, chef, planner, doctor, tutor, designer, stylist and dog trainer. My services are free of charge other than hugs and kisses. I'd get into the specifics of all the activities we've been up to lately, but I'm afraid your head would fall off. Without the details, we've been up to OOTM practices and competition, choir practice and performances, karate practice, district fair, school carnival, school volunteering and finally a lovely bout of fifth disease (this went around the whole school and included Alec).

They're on a two week spring break now and I finally had time to breath for a bit. We're leaving this weekend for a SoCal holiday. I'll try to post some more before we leave because I've been driving around and I get all these ideas of things I want to post about. When I have time, I have no ideas. When I have no time, I have about 75 million ideas. Right now I have to get back to typing out a manual for my housesitter/dogsitter/mom. (There are lots of instructions to our techy home).

feeling: I hope I don't forget something
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