Wednesday, May 31, 2006

news, finally

Well, after much consideration we decided we're moving to Tucson. The position that Rodrigo was offered was just not one that could be turned down. Once he accepted, he had to submit lots and lots of paperwork and be screened for a security clearance. Again, we had to wait. I have told some of you that we had decided to move, but I didn't want to make any official announcement until we got the go-ahead. This morning, Rodrigo received a call stating that he, or we rather passed the interim security process and can go forth with the relocation process. Woot! We've already been there a couple of times looking at houses, but now that we are certain that we are moving we need to go back and do some serious house hunting.
Looking for a house in a city that we don't live in has proven to be really difficult. When we bought this one, we'd spend weekends and afternoons looking at various visiting various houses until we found the one we really wanted. Right now, we've been relying mainly on the internet. We get a list of houses that have what we we're looking for and then go look at them in person when we get a chance. Being how Tucson is a four hour drive, we haven't gone as often as we would've liked.
My apologies once more for being so inconsistent on this blog. As you can imagine, we've had a lot to do. I've scheduled my last day of work and are trying to take my left over vacation days whenever one is available. More to come soon, I mean it this time.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

non-inventor yvett

Don't you hate when you see a product and think "ARGH! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT"? I've had a few of those moments recently.

- I should've totally thought of this seeing as to how I have such a hard time opening packages. Now I should come up with some kind of gadget to cut all the things that toys come tied up in.

- A salad spritzer! Of course. You know when I get one of these I'll be spritzing, eating, spritzing, eating.

- this isn't exactly a product but what a great idea! A few of this bank's members are paying 98 cents per gallon. Yes, 98 cents. Thousands of people are paying less than $2.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

my american idol take

I know you've all been dying to read what I think about American Idol this season. The fact that I hadn't posted about this is the reason why some of you can't sleep sometimes. Calm down, here it is. Now you'll feel complete. Here is what I think in order of last night's performances. . . .

Elliott: I think he's good but I don't think he'll win. I like his voice most of the time but I don't like how he moves "rapper style" sometimes. It doesn't go with him.

Paris: She can sing. I liked her a lot more during the auditions than I do now. I can definately see her singing like in a musical or something. I'm not sure if she could headline a concert.

Chris: I love him. I think he's winning this year. I think even if he were not to win, he'd still have a good musical career. He's pretty marketable. I can't say much more than that. I really, really like him.

Kat: I love her voice, I think she's beautiful. I think she will be in the top two or three. Again, even if she doesn't win, she'll definately have a career.

Taylor: Ok, I like him. I do, but I'm tired of the whole spasm dance thing. He can really sing and he sounds better when he's not "dancing" around. Yet, if he doesn't dance around he's kind of boring. I think a lot of people really love him though.

My prediction:

4th runner up: Paris Bennett
3rd runner up: Elliott Yamin
2nd runner up: Taylor Hicks
1st runner up: Katharine McPhee
winner: Chirs Daughtry

I'm not sure about Taylor and Kat. That might go either way. What do you think?

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