Tuesday, June 26, 2007

rubbish bin yvett

My kids were born with a sort of defect that prevents them from placing trash in a trashcan. Instead, they hand it to me. Come to think of it, I think Rodrigo has that same condition. I don't know what is wrong with them, but they all just hand me their trash. I mean we could be out somewhere where there is no trashcan in sight or they could be closer to one than I am and they'll still just give it to me instead. I'm trying to remember if I did the same thing with my mom. I really don't think I did. Of course I realize it's my fault. I take it. If I would just tell them to not give it to me and tell them where they could place it, they'd do it.
Brianna doesn't do it anymore. Let me tell you how . . . . The last time that we went to the movies, she was sitting with some popcorn and a drink. I didn't want any myself, but once I was sitting next to her, the popcorn smelled good. I told her so. She then handed me what I thought was a single popcorn and I put it in my mouth. It was her straw's wrapper. I then did the whole sticking out my tongue, closing my eyes and a sort of "bleh, bleh". She looked like she felt bad and I secretly felt good that she felt guilty. Heh, heh (insert cackling here). I just noticed that she hasn't handed me her trash since. If I would've known that all I had to do was place the trash they hand me in my mouth, I would've done it a long time ago.

feeling: super happy
listening to: Muse (Supermassive Black Hole)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Brianna Montana

Brianna is eight years old. Most of the time, she acts like she's 13 or so. If any of you have ever watched Hannah Montana then you can imagine how she talks. She talks just like her. In fact, all her little friends do. When I ask her something, she kind of scoffs and answers "Ye-es". You know, "yes" or "yeah" pronounced with two syllables instead of one while rolling her eyes at the same time. So, it's easy to treat her like if she were older. She acts older. Then every once in a while she says something that makes me realize just how young she really is. Last Christmas she did it with her Santa plans. These past few days, she's had several of these moments.

- She asked me how come black and white colored cows make white milk. She was wondering how come it was white and not black. I explained that all cow's milk was white no matter what color the cow was. Then she went on to tell me that I was wrong. That brown cows make chocolate milk.

- She and Alec were watching The Wonder Pets episode where they save a unicorn. She asked me where unicorns lived. I told her they were fantasy creatures and didn't really exist and again she explained that unicorns were horses but with a horn. Then she explained that zebras were white horses with black stripes.

- A few minutes later she asked me if dragons were only found in China. Again, I explained about make believe creatures but I don't think she believes me. Her school had a pretty big Chinese New Year celebration this past school year and they learned about the Chinese zodiac. She says dragons wouldn't be on there if they weren't real.

I think it's funny how she tries to convince me by explaining all these things to me. I've told her the truth about all these but I don't really think she believes me. She does afterall, know much more about anything than any of us.

feeling: proud I ate breakfast
listening to: Velvet Revolver (She Builds Quick Machines) <-- I LOVE this song

Thursday, June 21, 2007

baby names

I'm not pregnant. I don't plan on being pregnant anytime soon or maybe ever again. Yet I am always thinking of baby names. Is that normal? I hear a name and think "oh, that's a nice name" or "what a horrible name". I usually try it out like how it would sound with our last name(s). I think about what I'd name a new baby. A girl, a boy, twin girls, twin boys, twin boy and girl.
The problem is that if I really had to name a baby, and I was able to do it just on my own, that baby would end up with a weirdo celebrity baby name. Names like Echo, Desert or Stellar. Yeah, I would do that. Luckily, I don't think ANYONE in my family would approve. That would stop me.
I find it funny how something like names is sooooooo subjective. I mean you can have a friend with similar tastes on almost everything except for names. Hmm, I wonder if any of my friends hate my kids' names and just never mentioned it. Uh, do you?

I just found this article. See what I mean? I bet you these people's friends and relatives didn't think they were crazy before. Brianna and Alec are lucky they aren't named Hello Kitty and Bono or BrandonBoyd (one word).

- feeling: like it's much, much later
- listening to: The Wonder Pets theme song <-- not by choice

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

breakfast, ugh

One of the most important things that I wanted to do "once we got settled" was to start eating better. I really don't know why I always put this off other than the fact that I have the worst eating habits. I want mainly to start eating breakfast and drink more water. I've done a pretty good job with the water. Thanks in part to help from these scorching temperatures. Breakfast, though has been tougher. Monday I tried to have one of those instant breakfast shakes, a yogurt and an apple. I got halfway through the shake, ate the yogurt and didn't even try the apple. Yesterday I tried a yogurt and a shake and couldn't finish either. Today I'm having coffee and I'm happy. Eating breakfast just makes me feel so like weighed down. Like when you drink way too much water at once. I envy people that can have a big breakfast. I've never been able to do that. I know I should eat it, I know it's good for you, I just can't do it. Uh, I really, really, really have to get some better eating habits. I think I'm just going to have to force myself to eat early. Ugh.

feeling: I think my voice is changing. WTF?
listening to: White Stripes (Icky Thump)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy birthday, Alec!

I cannot believe that my baby turns four years old today. Aww, he really isn't a baby anymore. Happy birthday, Alec!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

thirty something

My birthday is on July 11th. Get ready. I used to love telling everybody when my birthday was and made a huge deal. I'd celebrate my "birthday week" which ALWAYS starts off exactly one week before my birthday with a huge nationwide fireworks display. Heh, heh.
These past few years have not been too thrilling for me as far as my birthday goes. I HATED turning 29 and 30. Thirty just sounds so old. Remember being 21 talking about some "old" person saying "he's like 30"? I hated, hated, hated turning 30. For some reason, though, I think 31 doesn't sound as bad. Or maybe I'm just more comfortable. We were talking about being "thirytysomething" and started talking about that old show. Do you remember that? I was a kid and didn't watch it, but weren't they like super serious? Also, didn't they look old? Maybe it was just the late 80's style that makes them look that way.

Although I'm not having a fit about getting older this year, I think I have more questions now.

- Am I completely immature for my age?
- At what age is one considered a spinster?
- Am I still a spinster even though I have kids?
- How should I be dressing now?
- Do I dress too young? Too old?
- Why am I still watching MTV?

Oh, nevermind. I could be here all day.

feeling: HOT <-- as in temperature, not as is amazing body
listening to: The Jesus and Mary Chain (Just Like Honey)

Monday, June 11, 2007

settled, finally

I promise this will be the last house, moving, packing, unpacking related post. I'm pretty sick of the subject myself. I just wanted to express how amazing I'm feeling now. I feel settled down. Finally. I can't remember when the last time that I felt like this. It's been years. In the back of my mind, I knew we would eventually have to move from where we were.

- Before Alec was born, we lived in a little two bedroom apartment. Of course I knew we wouldn't be there forever.
- Alec was born and we rented a house in an area that we really wanted to live in. Still, it was a rental and we knew we'd be moving.
- Then we bought a house. Although we all really liked our house, Rodrigo and I knew there might be a chance that we might move out of town.
- Rodrigo got a job in Arizona but we had to live in a temporary home for about a year while this house was being built.
- We finally moved in! No plans to move. Finally.

Ahh. . . . -sigh- For the longest time I felt like I was living on edge. Like waiting for something to happen. We were talking about how we had plans in our head that started with "as soon as we move into the new house . . . ." For one thing, I'm really happy to finally be able to unpack all my things. Pictures I had on the wall and such. Our rental home was so sterile. Now we can finally get to fixing up the yard, decorating the house however we want, not having to tell people that this isn't our permanent address, etc. If I were a puppy, this is the time where I'd be peeing all over, claiming my territory.
Ok, now that is out of my system, so no more house talk, ok?

-feeling: super relaxed
-listening to: RHCP (Hump de Bump)

Friday, June 08, 2007

sales, sales, sales

Settling into the new house has gone quite smoothly. Just lots and lots of work. Bleh. So, this whole neighborhood is new. About six families moved in at about the same time as we did. This means this whole area is a salesperson paradise. So far we've had about 75 million salesmen for alarm systems, exterminators, shutters, and custom drapes.
There is one creepy alarm guy in particular that scares me. He came around once to talk to us. He came around a second time and was just standing on our front yard using the phone for a long time before asking us what we had decided. Then a third time when I finally told him no and he was MAD! He kept saying that he hoped no one would break into our house. The thing is that we were actually considering his company but decided against it because of him. That day all I kept thinking was to get a good look at him in case I ever need to describe him or recognize him at a line-up. Yeah, that's how my mind works.
As for now, I have to go another round with the post office. Each person I speak to there has a different reason as to why I can't get my mail yet. Things like waiting periods, missing yellow stickers, and all mail being forwarded to Phoenix. I hate the fact that I have no choice but to take their crap excuses. What can I do? It's not like I can switch mail companies. -Sigh-

feeling: still busy
listening to: Tiger Army (Forever Fades Away) <-- because apparently this song is ALWAYS on