Thursday, March 29, 2007

pictures and computer woes

I finally have the Spring Break pictures organized. You can see them here.

It was such an ordeal uploading and organizing them because I've been having computer trouble. I'm lucky to enough to say that I don't have computer problem often, but when it does happen, well, you've been through it too. It sucks. Luckily, I have a computer guy living in the same house as me. I know that anything that breaks down will be fixed by him. He LOVES doing that kind of thing which is both good and bad. Bad because he'll take the opportunity to change a whole bunch of things and that takes longer. I now have a new harddrive, a new dvd drive and a new operating system (Don't quote me on those things. I'm just typing what I think I remember him saying).
It's pretty sad to realize how much you rely on your computer when you can't use it. Also, I had about a MILLION things I wanted to blog about and I couldn't. Yes, I actually had material and like a huge dork I wrote down a list. You'd think that I'd use one of our other computers (Rodrigo's computer, his laptop, his mac) but the truth is that I don't know how to use it. He had linux in everything else and I don't even know how to get online. Sad. Sad. Anyway, I have several emails I want to write, prints I want to order from Kodak before the sale is over, and I also want to catch up on all my bloggy friends. By the way, if you are one of my messenger contacts and you've seen me signing in and out for days, sorry. I had no control over that.

feeling: happy
listening to: some pretty funny "Sanjaya" song on the radio. Wow, people don't waste time making up these things.

Monday, March 19, 2007

we're back

We're back. I have about a million pictures to share but I haven't uploaded them anywhere yet. I'm still tired and I have about 75 loads of laundry to do. In the meantime, watch this and this. I've had both those songs stuck in my head for what feels like the longest time and I don't want to be the only one.

feeling: back to normal
listening to: Peter, Bjorn and John (Young Folks)

Friday, March 09, 2007

idol . . . .again

It's no secret that I really like watching American Idol. I do. It's also not a secret that I've gotten poor Rodrigo to watch it right along with me all the time. I don't feel so bad anymore because I'm sure he enjoys it. Lately, we've been laughing a lot at the show. You know how Kermit, I mean, Ryan always says dumb things when telling the contestants the results? Sort of like "I'm sorry . . . . but you have to wait until after the break." So, what we've been doing is making up our own more riduculous phrases. One time Ryan told someone "have a seat . . . ", and I said "on a plane . . . to go home." I know these things are silly but we're cracking up throughout the show. Another we said last night was "You sang If You Really Love Me, America voted and they don't really love you?" It adds to it that we immitate Ryan at those times.
Oh, and did you hear, Saint Bono has a hand in everything now. I bet they're going to raise a LOT of money. I know the show has been promising a big announcement. I just didn't think it was this big.

feeling: busy
listening to: Pixies (Gouge Away)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"classic" yvett

Here is yet another reason as to why I'm old . . . I LOVE watching VH1 Classic. I first started watching when I caught The Alternative. If you love alternative music from the late 80's - early 90's, you have to watch this. I also love that they show the old pop-up video shows. I was watching last night and caught a Classic Albums show. I watched U2 explain the making of The Joshua Tree. For being such a U2 fan, I have to admit that I'd never seen this before. I learned some things that I didn't know. It sort of made me wish I still played "U2 trivia".

Anyway, I can't believe a lot of what they show here is considered "classic". You know they just mean "old". I would understand some of the things from the 70's that they play, but Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, and Sonic Youth? Really? Am I that old?

feeling: old, I guess
listening to: Gomez (See The World)

Monday, March 05, 2007

i'm going back to Cali . .

Cali, Cali . . .

tickets: check!
hotel reservations: check!
excited kids: check!
more excited mommy: check!

6 days and counting! . . . . . .

-on a sidenote, I used to think that the song went "I'm going back to Kelly".

feeling: excited
listening to: Ramones (Blitzkrieg Bop)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

random conversations

I've got nothing. I thought I'd share some bits of conversations we've been having here at Chez Yvett. . . .

- Alec: What are you doing?
- me: Getting ready
- Alec: with make-up?
- me: yes. it's lipstick
- Alec: I don't want to kiss you anymore
- me: why not?
- Alec: because you have make-up on your mouth
- me: it's lipstick. I put it on my lips to look pretty
- Alec: nobody is ever, ever, ever gonna kiss you because you have make-up on your mouth
(walked away and left me there) He's kept his word so far. All day he didn't let me kiss him.

- Rodrigo: What was the dentist's name again?
- me: Dr. Jaws
- Rodrigo: That's right! That's awesome! If my name were "Jaws" I'd have to be a dentist.
- me: that's not his name j.a.w.s. are his initials
- Rodrigo: well, if those were my initials, I'd have to be a dentist
- me: oh really? then why don't you work on the railroad? or why don't you run a bed and breakfast so that people can get some "R & R".
- Rodrigo: aish

- Brianna: did I tell you that Sarah lost her earring?
- me: WHAT? Sarah lost her ear?!?!
- Brianna: her earring! but she found it later on. What is she, Sarah Van Gogh?
-me: oh. I'm glad she found it. (thinking) wow. she knows more things than I realize.

- me to Rodrigo: quit making that face at me. you look like Gilbert Gottfried
- Rodrigo laughs
- me: hey, do you know who he is
- Rodrigo: Gilbert Gottfried?
- me: yeah
- Rodrigo: yeah I know who he is
- me: no, do you know who he does?
- Rodrigo: his wife?
- me: no! that duck
- Rodrigo: huh?
- me: he does that Aflac duck. that's him
- Rodrigo: oh. uh, ok.
- me: BWAH! HA! HA! Gilbert Gottfried does his wife! HA! -and I kept laughing for about 10 minutes.

- Alec: mama, what's this? (he was holding onto something small)
- me: oh, that's a . . uh . . . "lentejuela"
- Alec was satisfied with my answer and ran off
- Rodrigo: What the hell is that? Len . . te. .what?
- me: it's . . uh. . sequins! or sequin whatever, I couldn't remember the word in English
- Rodrigo: "lentejuela" that's a funny word
- me: si, cara de lentejuela
- we both laugh. I guess it is a funny sounding word.

feeling: sort of chilly
listening to: a morning radio talk show