Wednesday, August 31, 2005

mouse in the house

We have a mouse. ARGH! Now, I've always considered myself an animal lover. I was a member of an animal rights organization for years. (You can guess who, I don't want it googled onto my page. I'm not a member anymore because I think they are a bit too extreme.) Anyway, those "I love all animals" feelings are out the door right now. I want this mouse out of here. I get grossed out imagining it all over all our things. Ugh. I've never been in this situation before. Should I get a "mouse friendly" trap or just those old traps that snap down? Eww, that sounds so cruel.
As a little kid I remember there was a mouse at my house once and I caught my dad setting traps. I started crying about the poor little mouse and how we were going to trick him with cheese. I wanted him to catch it somehow and drive it over to a forest in New Mexico.
That's not the case anymore. I haven't seen this mouse. Rodrigo saw it last night. He was doing some work and said that he saw something waving like a little piece of paper. He went to see what it was and it was a piece of graham cracker. After that he saw the mouse run then he couldn't find it. He went upstairs to tell me and I thought he was playing around. Eww. I couldn't sleep well last night. I kept imagining the mouse on me. (shudder) Poor Rodrigo. I was clinging to him and didn't let go all night.
We didn't tell Brianna about it and are not planning to. I just keep imagining that stupid mouse in the pantry, in the trashcan, anywhere I go to, I keep thinking I'm going to see that mouse. Plus, he's not cute. He's no Mickey. This mouse has fangs and huge claws. :D (Ok, I haven't seen him, but that's what I'm imagining). Now that we moved to the new house and it's close to a mountain, we've seen scorpions, skunks, and mice. Oh my!
Anyway, I'm better start searching online for ways to get rid of this mouse. As much as I want it out of here I don't want to use some primitive method. Mostly because I don't want to be the one that finds it. Eww. I wish I could just march around the house playing a flute and have it follow me out.
Oh, great. Now I'm exactly the type of girl that I'd make fun of. One who would scream at the sight of a mouse. Watch out, mouse. It's on now.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: eew, getting rid if a mouse.

Monday, August 29, 2005

vacation pics

Last month Brianna went to California with my parents and her little cousin Darian. I finally got around to uploading pictures. After a while the photo titles really get redundant. Sorry. Most of the pictures are there. The only ones missing are ones from Long Beach since they were taken with a different camera (a waterproof one and it still has film.) Anyway, you can take a look at the pictures here. Take a look and tell me what you think.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: putting away dishes

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Happy birthday, Jenn!

What? It's Jenn's birthday? Dude! Well, happy birthday, Jenn!

Friday, August 26, 2005

honey and links

I've always loved honey. I put it on biscuits, I dip fries in it, I use it to sweeten my tea, I pour it over fruit. It wasn't until I started reading The Secret Life of Bees that I started thinking of all the posibilities of honey products. I've been using milk and honey shampoo for a while now and really like the results. So, upon searching, here are some of the links that I've liked.

Burt's Bees: I'm really loving the hand salve, the rosemary mint shampoo bar, and the rosewater and glycerin toner. I WANT THEM!

Here's a link to some honey beauty treatments. You can also get all sorts of recipies on here.

So, speaking of links, here are a few that have caught my attention throughout the week.

I found this at OK Girl's page. I didn't know whether to believe it or not until I read this.

I thought this was pretty disturbing. I don't know about you, but they'd have to pay me a whole lot more than $200 to do that. Scroll down to see that ridiculous girl.

Yes, I like celebrity gossip. Although it is not a really credible source, when I heard this all I thought was WTF?

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend! Post soon.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: paying attention to my phone conversation

Thursday, August 25, 2005

airhead yvett

I don't consider myself a stupid person by any means. In fact, I'd like to think I'm kind of smart. Only sometimes the stupidest things come out of my mouth. Not just little "oopsies" but big old stupid sentences.

-When I was in flight attendant training we were being trained on how to handle and care for unaccompanied minors (little kids traveling alone). We were told that for some reason the flight that had the most minors was the flight to Ontario. There, a lot of fathers greeted their kids who would spend summers with them. I said "I guess after the divorce all these men just moved to Canada." The instructor laughed and explained we were talking about Ontario, California. We didn't even fly to Ontario Canada.

-Again while flying someone explained to us that if a person got sick on a flight and happened to vomit on the floor we should pour coffee on it. That way it wouldn't smell bad. I was confused and asked "Won't that just make a bigger mess?" I didn't realize they meant coffee grounds.

-While living in Phoenix, I went to a Japanese restaurant with a bunch of friends. I ordered a meal that came with California rolls only I didn't read the "California" part. When my meal came, I told the waitress, "Uh, you forgot my bread." She smiled like she felt sorry for me.

-A group of friends and I were looking at Rodrigo's jacket once. I'd told them it was from Mexico and we were talking about the good leather quality from Guanajuato (a state in Mexico that exports a lot of leather). One friend asked, "Es de Leon?" ("Is it from Leon?" Which is a city in Guanajuato. Also the word for "lion.") I replied, "No, es de borrego." ("No, it's lamb.") They still don't let that one go.

I remembered all these things because I was telling Rodrigo about my California roll story. He asked if I'd been serious when I asked. Unfortunately, I was.

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listening to: Gorillaz (Feel Good Inc.) <- I think I'd like this song more if it weren't for that guy laughing. It annoys me. Plus, whenever I hear it I feel like pulling out my iPod.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

yvett without an "e"

Seriously, I'm ready to go get my name changed. All I want to do is an an "e" at the end of Yvett. I understand that people are going to spell "Yvette" and it's never bothered me because that's the way it's supposed to be. But I hate being asked about it and being called "Yvett without an 'e'". I have to have a name plate at work and I get soooooo many people asking me about the "e". They make such a big deal. One man kept going on and on about it asking me why I didn't have an "e", if I was just trying to be different, all sorts of questions. For starters, I didn't name myself and that's the way my parents spelled it so that's the way it's on my birth certificate. It's always been misspelled everywhere else but for some reason it was spelled correctly on my name plate and business cards and now I'm getting grief. I don't mind when friends tell me that they'd never noticed it before or something like that but I just don't get what the big deal is. Now I'm getting asked about it at least twice a day. I'm going to take some while chalk and just add an "e" on the name plate.
Another thing is that Yvett is my middle name. Carmen is my first name but since it is also my mom's name, I've just never gone by it. I even have family members that don't know my first name is Carmen. No one ever calls me Carmen. Well, there were some papers we had to sign at work and some guy saw that my name read Carmen Yvett. Ever since he keeps saying "Hello, Carmen" like in a mocking sort of way. You'd think I work with high schoolers. I explained to him that I don't dislike the name I'm just not used to it. Plus that's also our boss's name, so I just might not answer.
I've never really inquired about name changes but I hear they're quite pricey. If I would do it, I'd drop the "Carmen" because I don't use it, keep the Yvett and maybe add an "e". If I would get married I don't think I'd change my last name. I've had mine for so long and it's part of me. I wouldn't be able to drop it. Maybe I'd do the hyphen thing. For sure I know I wouldn't do the Mexican "De" tradition. In Mexico, you always have two last names, first your father's then your mother's. For men in stays the same but once a woman gets married, she drops the mother's last name, keeps the father's then adds "De" (Of) and adds her husbands. For example, Hillary Rodham Of Clinton. Pretty bad, huh? Anyway, I better stop rambling now. Have a good day!

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Monday, August 22, 2005

fall movies

Summer isn't even over yet and I'm already looking forward to the fall/winter movies. This summer the only movies I absolutely felt like I had to see were Crash and March of the Penguins. I loved both. Here's my must-see list for the fall. . . .

Walk the Line: Joaquin Phoenix plays Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon plays June Carter Cash. That sounds good right there. I'm surprised at how much he looks like the young Johnny Cash. Plus there's Oscar buzz for Reese in this movie.

Memoirs of a Geisha: I haven't read the book, yet. It's expected to arrive from Amazon any time now. I definately want to read the book before I watch the movie, though. I'd been putting it off until I realized that the movie would be released this year.

Munich: This one just sounds really good.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Difficult times lie ahead, Harry. I was sooooo excited when I saw this preview for the first time and then I remembered this isn't out until Thanksgiving. Ugh, I can't wait.

Shopgirl: From Steve Martin's own novel, this movie also has really good reviews.

Some others that I won't have to wait as long for are Flightplan, Broken Flowers (which isn't out here yet) and The Constant Gardener, next to Johnny Depp, Ralph Fiennes is my other boyfriend.

The DaVinci Code movie isn't out until next spring and I'm not as excited anymore. I mean I like Tom Hanks and all but while I was reading the book, I had a another image of Robert Langdon. More "Harrison Ford-like". Plus, I read an article about how scholars were hired to "dumb-down" the script. I don't know, I'll still probably watch it, though. What movies are you looking forward to? Or would you recommend any good ones out right now?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

busy again!

Just when things start to calm down everything gets busy all over again! Brianna started school on Monday. Her teacher this year has been "Teacher of the Year" for like 10 million years and I was very excited that she's in that class. Plus her best friend Sofia is in there too, so Brianna was excited. We walked into the classroom and all the parents were standing around while the kids found their seats. Just then the teacher announces "Parents, we will be having homework every day. Including today. Including Fridays". Yikes. Homework on the first day of first grade? I figured she'd have to draw a picture or something but no. Her first homework assignment was a fill-in-the-blanks sheet that included "my name is, my favorite color, favorite food, what I'm good at, favorite animal, what makes me happy, what I'll be doing when I'm 30. . . " etc, etc. It seems simple but since Brianna is barely learning how to write so I had to spell a lot of words for her letter by letter. After that she had 20 spelling words, she had to write out the difference between pictures of four trees, write four words that rhyme with "bug" and finally read a book. Yes, all that. I felt a little bad for her and started with the whole "My poor baby" routine. It seems like a lot for a first grader but this teacher is known for having students leaving her class really knowing how to read and write. I don't know of any of her students who haven't gone on to the gifted classes. Just this morning there are still parents trying to get their kids transferred into her class. Plus Brianna is one of those kids that has to be busy all the time. Last night her homework wasn't as lengthy. I, on the other hand, was given 18 sheets to read, sign, and return. Yes, I counted them. There will be a lot of science experiments, cooking, and pictures in this class so there was a lot of release forms.
We have a rotating snack schedule again this year, so we went to buy that. I almost fell over when I saw that there were a lot of Christmas decorations for sale at the store. I can understand Halloween since I've already seen a lot of those, but Christmas? Wow. No wonder I always feel like time flies. The stores contribute to that feeling. It's still summer, how can I be thinking about Christmas?

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: getting ready for work

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm losing my mind

If you need more proof that I'm going crazy, read this. . . .

This morning Rodrigo and I were both doing chores around the house and the kids were playing outside. Rodrigo started vacuuming the stairs and I started filling the sink to wash dishes. Just then it started raining. The kids were still outside and I went to give them unmbrellas. I was worried that Alec would poke his eye so I went and put his raincoat on him instead. They were both outside playing around and I went looking for the camera. It hardly rains around here and has been raining hard the past couple of days, so I really wanted a picture. They hardly ever get to wear their raincoats. The camera wasn't charged and I went to get the charger. It wasn't where I thought it was and I started looking for it. I asked Rodrigo where it was, he didn't know and I started looking though some boxes in the garage. I couldn't find it and I went to look in the utility drawer in the kitchen when I noticed that the water was still running and had completely filled the sink. It was pouring over the edge, suds everywhere. The kitchen floor was completely soaked and the water was running into the dining room.
We grabbed towels, the mop and a bucket and started trying to clean up. Oh yeah, and by this time, I'd turned off the water. :P
Rodrigo and I spent the next half hour trying to clean up all the water and mess. He kept saying (in a very bad Ricky Ricardo imitation) "Lucy, you've got some 'splaining to do". Very funny.
To my credit, the vacuum had been on so I couldn't hear the water. Otherwise, I would've remembered. I'm notorious in my family for always forgetting things. I hate to think that I'm proving them right.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: getting things ready for tomorrow

Saturday, August 13, 2005

bye, Liz :(

My good friend Liz left today. I feel like a little kid whose best friend moves away. She's moving back to her home state of Iowa to get another degree. This time as a veterinarian. I know she will be very successful. I wish her all the best of luck. Argh, I'm going to miss her. :(
We had a get together for her yesterday. Of course our boss was there. I think I've mentioned before that my boss reminds me of Steve Carell's character in The Office. He thinks he's soooo funny and really isn't. Well, the menu was carefully thought over seeing that Liz is a vegetarian and we wanted her to be able to eat everything there. Our boss gets there, looks around and starts saying "Where's the Beef"? Groan. He continued saying it. Many times. Many times. Oh, when will he learn?

feeling: sad
listening to: My Chemical Romance (Helena)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: helping Rodrigo

Friday, August 12, 2005

meme tag

Ani tagged me. I'm it now so here are my answers. . .

“List ten songs that you are currently digging ... it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're no good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the ten songs in your blog. Then tag five other people to see what they're listening to."

1. Sing by Travis
2. City of Love by Persephone's Bees
both of these were on the mix cd given to me by Giao and I'm really digging them.
3. Only by Nine Inch Nails
4. La Tortura by Shakira: I think I like it because it features Alejandro Sanz and I've LOVED him since I was in high school.
5. Camisa Negra by Juanes: I just think this song is fun
6. Conjunction Junction by Better Than Ezra: If I have to listen to kid's music, it might as well be a School House Rock remake by cool bands
7. We are all on Drugs by Weezer: I love Weezer. I love Rivers Cuomo.
8. No Ordinary Love by Deftones: I recently found this song among all the old downloaded music, remembered it and like it all over again
9. Speed of Sound by Coldplay
10. Don't go Away by Oasis: my good buddy Liz is leaving tomorrow morning. Sniff.

Now I'm tagging: Vanessa, Alex, Tom, Wyn, and Jay.

feeling: sad that my friend is leaving
watching: something on PBS
what I should be doing instead of blogging: combing Brianna's hair

Thursday, August 11, 2005

sad songs

I was listening to a radio conversation where they were talking about this article. It lists the 25 saddest songs of all time. Now, I'm not a typically depressing person, but I have to admit that I used to listen to really depressing music growing up. Angst ridden songs from the likes of Morrisey, the Cure and that whole genre. I hadn't even heard of a lot of the songs on this list. Here's my take on some of these. . .
#24. My Immortal by Evanescence. I don't know if this song is sad but it certainly is depressing. I never really liked it. Sounded like a lot of whining to me and I just thought about how she should be on anti depressants.
#23, #20, #5. These really sound like something I'd make fun of. Or like the type of song that you'd expect to be playing in the break-up scene of a Ben Stiller movie.
#16 & #4 These songs remind me of a local radio show that used to play when I was in high school. They were late night dedications that always just seemed to be depressing songs. They remind me of the girls I knew who'd listen to this. They'd keep a poetry notebook and always drew roses or breaking hearts.
#14 & #11 These are genuinely sad.
#18 & #13 These really, really depressed me.
#17. The Freshmen from The Vervepipe. Oh, what can I say? This is one of the most depressing songs I've ever heard. I associate it with a breakup and moving out of my parents' house, being homesick, ugh, just not a good time. Great song, though.

There's sooooo many songs I'd add, though. Of course, it'd be longer than 25. "There's a Light that Never Goes Out" would be on there. Pssh, in fact just add all Smiths/Morrissey songs on there. Lots from the Cure. Plus there's sooooo depressing songs in Spanish. "La Celula Que Explota" from Caifanes, songs from "Los Amantes de Lola", "Duncan Dhu" and that's not even getting into ballads. Someone should write a whole book compiled entirely of just songs that people consider sad. "Angel" from Sarah MacLaughlin as well as "Sweet Surrender" oh and "Adia". I guess we could go on forever here. What are your depressing songs?

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: checking why the kids are so quiet

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

more of the same

Unpacking is coming along. Slowly but surely. I think the crap in my garage is multiplying at night or something because I swear I keep finding more. I never realized just how much crap we had! Seeing so much stuff really wants to make me turn into a minimalist. Plus some things that I put "in a place so that I won't forget where they are" are lost. I can't find my black work shoes. I've been going to work wearing pumps and all my other shoes. I walk around a lot. Not a good idea.
We had our first guests over on Saturday. Rodrigo's friend Val and his girlfriend came over. I was really embarrassed since the house is still a mess but Val swears he's a buddy and not a guest at all. That in mind we put him to work. He and Rodrigo set up the oven's hood. Once again the "Rod & Val" inseperable duo were back together.
Other news. . . Brianna goes back to school on Monday. We went shopping for school supplies and again received some odd requests. She needs to take 48 sharpened pencils. 48. For first grade. Four large bottles of glue, three notebooks (one black, one blue, and one white all wide ruled. We took over an hour to find a white notebook), writing tablets, paper plates, a oversized shirt, and lots of other stuff. We spent about $80 just on her supplies. I don't understand why they need so much stuff. It's not like all the other kids don't show up with supplies. If there's one great thing about this school it's the parent participation and involvement. I guess they're really going to be busy all year. In first grade. I remember only needing crayons, scissors, pencils, and a school box. Oh well, times have changed. She's excited to go back to school and is already making cards for her friends. I think I'm more excited, though :) Anyway, back to work before I'm off to work.

feeling: overwhelmed
listening to: The Rasmus (In the Shadows)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: sorting clothes to donate

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

moving update

I thought I had my priorities down straight when I set up to have our internet service here before we even moved. We didn't have beds yet but we were going to have internet. It didn't work out that way. The installer came out and couldn't get it to work. We had to set up for a service call. Since we also have Voice-Over IP for telephone service, we didn't have a working home phone either. No cable, no internet, and no telephone. I felt like I'd moved to a cabin in woods.
Sunday we went to pick up the moving truck that we'd reserved and were told that there was no reservation for us. Rodrigo and I were really confused. They couldn't find our reservation and were really unwilling to help out. This was at U-HAUL in case you're wondering. I'd used them twice before and had never had a problem. Anyway, we went to try to find our confirmation email but our internet connection wasn't working. Rodrigo went to a cafe with wireless access and I stayed home trying to look for phone numbers. It took us about an hour but we finally found our truck. It turns out that the place you make the reservation is not necessarily the place where you're supposed to pick up the truck. I just think it would've been nice if someone would've told us. Especially since the place that I was directed to call was the place that we'd just come back from. We went to the different location and the service was so different and helpful.
Later that day, we moved all the furniture. My dad and brother came to help us. I only got one cut and a few bruises which is really good for me. Plus, I only cried about four times the whole weekend which is amazing! (Yes, I cry a lot)
Our mail is on hold right now while we wait for our mailbox key to arrive so we have to keep going to the post office to check the mail. The last thing I received before the hold was a package from the lovely Giao. I was sooooo excited! She sent me a really cute journal, a card and a great mix cd that she made. I listenend to it all weekend. With all the driving I had to do back and forth it was such good timing and such great songs. Thanks sooooooo very much, Giao. You made my moving seem pleasant. (I took a pic of the goodies but I can't find my camera. My dad took it away when he got tired of me not helping them in order to keep taking pictures. It's in a box somewhere)
Right now I am still not done unpacking and putting everything in it's place. The only day I haven't worked has been on Sunday, so it's been pretty hectic around here. Working, cleaning, working, unpacking, driving, arranging, driving, driving, working, driving. I can't remember when I'd gone to bed as tired as I have these past few days. I can't wait to have everything settled. It's going to be soooo worth it. Anyway, I'm off to do some more of the same now. I got the cutest change of address cards and still have to fill them out and mail them. Hopefully, I'll get that done today. Someday soon I promise to post about something other than houses and moving. That's what I'm living now so you're all stuck with reading it. Take care!

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listening to: Persephone's Bees (City of Love) Thanks, Giao!
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