Thursday, December 30, 2004

holiday run-around

I think we're all still in the middle of the holiday run-around. Things don't really settle down until after the new year. My Christmas was good. Lots of visiting and visits. It snowed here on the 23rd! Brianna was very excited. We took pictures that night because I knew it would probably be gone by morning.

I love how the snowflakes look huge. Rodrigo thought one of them was the moon. On Christmas Eve morning, she woke up really early and ready to build a snowman. There really wasn't that much snow gathered, so she settled for making castles. Christmas Eve and Christmas day I ate, talked, opened presents, and ate some more. Yum. I can understand how people gain weight at this time. All I did was eat and sit around talking to my friends and family.
I got some great gifts this year! Mainly fron Rodrigo. He gave me pearls! I *LOVE* them and finally get to have my own. He gave me a silver bracelet with little diamonds, a pearl bracelet with little diamonds and a pearl necklace. I LOVE them all. My parents gave me a watch and a tea set that I wanted. Other gifts were another watch, some candle holders and votives, sunflower framed art for my kitchen, a pampering set with lotion, nail supplies and lip gloss, a porcelain trinket box, a planner, some lotto tickets (I won $2), an eye mask and back massager, a hand sewn Santa with my name on it, and lots of homemade goodies like cookies and fudge.
Brianna received lots of gifts but has played the most with a Monopoly Jr. that Rodrigo and I gave her. We spent all weekend playing but it has become quite a traumatic game. She had to pay almost all her money once and she ran away crying. We explained how you can't always win and in Monopoly sometimes you pay all your money then you get some more. She came back. I had to step away with Alec for a while and Rodrigo followed. We came back and caught Brianna "borrowing" money from the bank. She said she was just looking at it but put it back.
Yesterday was Brianna's sixth birthday! I can't believe how quickly these six years have gone by. My parents, brother, and grandma came over for coffee and cake. Here is a picture of Brianna surprised at the trick candles relighting.

I love this time of year. I love how you can spend time with family at home just hanging out, talking, having coffee. I feels so much better to do this when its cold outside. Something about being warm and cozy indoors with good company really makes me happy.
Anyway, I hope you all have had just as comfortable a time as I have and hope you're all enjoying this time before we get back to "normal" next week! Take care.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: picking up toys

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

bad customer service

I had a bad customer service experience tonight. Of all places, it was at Target and I love going there. Here's what happened. . .
I bought a scooter for Brianna because that was at the top of her Christmas list but it turns out that my dad had also bought one for her. He bought it first, so I told him that I'd exchange it for something else. Now, Rodrigo keeps EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT HE'S EVER GIVEN but for some reason we could not find that one. To top it off, it was like one of the only times this year that we paid cash. I went to Target knowing that since I didn't have my receipt, I'd only get store credit. So I'm there in line for customer service and I tell the girl my situation. She tells me that I can pick out something else that can't be less than what I paid, it has to be at that moment and from the same department. Ok. Fair enough. She used a condescending tone, but ok. So, I tell her that I'm going to the toy department and I'd be back and she tells me, "That's not where you got this from". Excuse me? She didn't ask me if I got it there, she just said that I didn't. I told her that we got it from toys, that it was the only box there and even told her where it had been. Then she said, "No, you got it from Sporting Goods and you need to get something from there." At this point all I felt was heat rising up my body and my face turn red. If I were a cartoon, this is the point where steam would be coming out of my ears and a whistle would be blowing in the background. I explained once again but not as nicely that it was in toys and she said that it was probably in the wrong location. I told her that wasn't my fault and she pretty much shrugged like saying "Too bad". Ugh. I had no use for any sporting goods right now because I knew what I wanted instead and it was in toys. I asked to speak to a manager and without even pausing the girl said, "He's busy". I felt so angry I knew I was about to cry. I am not one of those scene people that start yelling and carrying on. When I get really angry, I cry. So I told her to just give it back because I just really wanted to get out of there. She shrugged, just gave it back, and asked to help the next customer. Seriously, I could've slapped her. I left and called the manager who wasn't all that busy. I told her what had happened and she apologized and told me to go back in and I could exchange it for something in toys.
I didn't go back. Rodrigo went back and was as calm and persuasive as he always is. He got them to look through their tape for the day that we bought it, gave them the approximate time. They found the upc number or whatever on their records, printed out a new receipt and gave us the money back. "Out of principal" is what Rodrigo says. We're not buying the gift there.
What upset me is that they acted so rude and patronizing. There's soooooo many people like that. They think they're so much smarter than you because they know their routine. And I understand its busy and hectic and they can get frustrated. News flash, its like that everywhere right now. My first job was at Target during Christmas and yes, it sucked but I wasn't rude to people. Plus, we go to Target all the time. We go for something like diapers and end up buying things we don't really need. It might not mean a lot to lose one customer but to potentially lose a customer who spends about $100 everytime they shop over the price of a scooter doesn't make sense. Plus, I was going to buy something there anyway. And you know when you feel you've received bad service somewhere you tell EVERYONE you know, "Don't go to ____ because . . . . ." Oh well.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Rodrigo always somehow manages to find out what I got him for Christmas. He's not even as curious as me but he always does it. A couple of years ago, I got him a jacket. I had it planned a few months in advance and I was really happy. Then, a couple of weeks before Christmas he decided to go buy himself a jacket. I tried a million ways to get him to change his mind but he was determined. I had no choice but to tell him that he might get one for Christmas and so, of course, he knew.

Last week I stayed home from work to watch Alec. He's sick again so today Rodrigo stayed home. While he was here, I received a phone call from the company where I ordered his gift from. He told them I wasn't here but asked what the call was regarding. They told him "It is about her order of . . . " and flat out told him. Ugh. He was surprised, but early. I'm upset that the person calling gave him details knowing he wasn't me, but then again, Rodrigo shouldn't have asked. Still, I'm upset. Anyway, this is what I got him. I don't really understand what it does, but Rodrigo liked it and really wanted it. My plan was to wrap it, put it in another bos, wrap that one, out it in a bigger box, etc. etc. I guess that's ruined now. I think I'm going to send him on a Christmas scavenger hunt to find it now. Well, good night for now.

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

busy, busy!

Like everyone else, I've been super busy the past few days. This last week was about sick babies, Christmas shopping, decorating, Christmas parties and lots and lots of traffic. Still, I love this time of year. I love to see houses decorated, people shopping, and I love the smells and tastes of the season. We had our company party this week and that was really fun. Dinner was good and they had dancing which is always great. I tend to dance really silly when I'm with friends but it wasn't quite dark enough.
So, I think I'm finally done with my shopping. Whew. Now on to all the wrapping and arranging.
On another note. . for years I've been looking for a good recipe for "calientitos". This is a drink that I used to have at Christmas "posadas" when I was a kid. It is served hot and made of various fruits, sugar, and rum. Of course I had the non-alcoholic kind. The best one I've ever tasted also had hibiscus flowers. Anyway, I found a good recipe but it calls for some fruits that I'd have no idea where to find. I'm going crazy looking for an English translation for "tejocote" but I can't. All I know is that its a fruit that I thought was a kumquat. Oh well. Maybe next year I'll prepare better. Again.

I haven't answered any memes in the longest time, so I think I'll do Monday Madnessnow.
1. From Becky... How did you learn about computers? Were you self taught?
- I don't really know much. Living with techy boy here makes me want to.
2. From Tom... What is your favorite color and why is it your favorite color?
- I love sky blue and pink but I tend to buy a lot of black clothes and shoes.
3. From Olivia... What one thing going on in the world right now, has the most effect on you personally?
- I'd have to say the bad economy.
4. From Barb... If you were going to develop your own meme, what kind would you create?
- Definately a pop culture type of thing.
5. From Sherle... Why do you enjoy answering memes?
- I do. I hadn't done it in a long time but I think they're fun.
6. From Teresa... What is your wildest dream?
- To be a super famous rock star.
7. From Mz. Em... Why do you answer these questions?
-Because they're there.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

christmas choir

Today, Brianna and the rest of the kindergarten students in her school went to sing and dance at Target. I thought the location was odd, but nonetheless, there they were. The kindergarten choir sang "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer", "Jingle Bells", and "Feliz Navidad". Target became pretty crowded with all of us sucker parents loaded with all sorts of cameras who think their child is just the cutest (although in my case it happens to be true). I think it was a cute treat for the rest of the shoppers, though. Hmm, either that or really annoying. Anyway, I was a very proud mama watching my baby sing and dance.
Alec gets really excited around other kids especially today that they were singing. He was also dancing along.
In other news, I am soooo excited! There is a Starbucks like 3 minutes from my house but it doesn't have a drive-through. Its sometimes a hassle because there are never any empty parking spaces. Well, they are building another one also about 3 minutes away (in the other direction) but this is only a drive-through. Better yet, it is across the street from my place of work! Merry Christmas to me.

feeling: warm
watching: A Charlie Brown Christmas
what I should be doing instead of blogging: dedicating school pictures

Sunday, December 05, 2004

my wish list

As a kid, I had no problem making out an extensive list of what I wanted Santa to bring me. The past few years, though, there hasn't really been anything that I feel I HAVE TO HAVE. When my mom asked me (as she always does) I would just say, "anything". I am the easiest person to shop for because I love and use everything. I can always use things for the home, I always carry bags, use perfume, love jewelry, don't limit my wardrobe, am a stationary and pens freak, etc, etc. This year when my mom called and asked my to name 5 things I wanted. I immediately gave her much more. Here is my Christmas list . . .

1. A watch. I haven't worn one for a long time and I kind of want to wear one again.
2. A silver bracelet. I'm really liking those that look like a chain with a dangling heart as well as charm bracelets.
3. Perfume. I've been wearing Estee Lauder Pleasures for a few years now and I want to alternate with something else.
4. MAC products. I'm running out of some but even if I wasn't, you can never have too many.
5. A pearl necklace. I love them and always borrow my mom's. Its time I had my own.
6. A sewing machine. I don't have my own.
7. A beater or food processor. Not too exciting, but needed.
8. A satellite radio system for my car. I spend a lot of time in the car and the radio stations around here are not the best.
9. An iPod. Same reason. I need music.

I can't remember what else I told her but there were a few more. What do you guys want for Christmas? Are you even ready for Christmas? I am nowhere near ready. I guess I better get moving. Good night!

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