Tuesday, June 30, 2009

organic yvett

I am forever looking for ways to make my blog cuter. About a week or two ago, I did a search for something like cute blog templates or something. I reached several sites, one lead to another and I ended up here. Oh. My. Goodness. I fell in love with her designs. They're exactly what I've had in mind for the longest time. Now, I never check my site meter, but some people do. If she does, I'm going to look like a complete stalker. I walked away from my computer once and didn't get back on until the next day. Anyway, I was in her page for at least 12 hours. Oops. -blush-
So, I've been going back again and again looking over her designs to order one of my own. Today I was reading her blog and I read she's starting up a new Organic Girls blog and is looking for contributors. Gasp! I've been wanting to start up my own blog about how we're trying to be greener. At the kids' school, it is a BIG deal to be green. A school in our same district was named
the greenest school in America by the Ellen show. You can imagine how the rest of the schools in the district are proud and trying to do their best. My kids drew some "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" posters and placed them on their bedroom doors. In fact, Alec just asked me the other day if it was true that not all families are "green". So, little by little, we've been making changes.
I applied to be a contributor to that blog. She only needs 5 founding editors but I sooooooo, sooooooo, sooooooo wish I could be one of them. I just feel like I would be a project that I could really get into. So, anyway, send me good vibes as I await the answer. Oh, and check out her designs. Lovely, eh?

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Update: I got it! I got it! I gooooootttttttt it! As you can tell, I am very excited! April is now working on the template and getting all our info. I can't wait. . . . .

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

that's not my name

I know I've said before that I love names. I LOVE names. According to this website I found, my kids' names should be Anya and Anwar. Uh, wrong. But I did make some tags with the names we already have. I think my kids names go well with them. As for Rodrigo and me, well. . . . that's another story. I think Rodrigo sounds really latin like some sort of hot Spanish guy that walks around without a shirt. He 's more like a Matthew or Eric or Jonathan. Something like that. I think my name sounds like a French maid or a stripper. Something more like Nicole would fit me better. Anyway, here are the name tags I made . . . .

Find out what name you should have picked and/or make tags here.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 Banana Cream Pies . . . . .

Alec's 6th birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday, Alec! We already had his party, though. It was the first time he had a party with his school friends and was very excited. The theme was Star Wars and I'd ordered those cakes that they print out a thin picture wafer for. I chose this picture from Alec's Padawan training in Disneyland.

The party was scheduled to start at 2:00. The cake was to be ready at 1:00.
Now, this is what always ends up happening at Casa Yvett . . . . . Rodrigo and I start getting ready at about the same time only I have to get Alec ready and get Brianna's clothes ready, then comb and style Brianna's hair and help Alec with something then comb Alec's hair then clean Alec's face again because even if he just bathed he always gets something on his face then Brianna asks if the earrings she picked out match then they all go into my room for something until I finally get them out, then and only then am I able to get ready myself. By this time Rodrigo is already ready and is wondering why I take so long.
This was the case. He was sitting around and asked if he should go pick up the cake. It seemed harmless enough. He left and I finished up. I was checking things off my to-do list to make sure I had everything ready (candles, camera, treat bags). Everything was fine. I kept waiting . . . I finally went to call him and noticed that the phone had a "Check Telephone Line" message. I fixed it and called him. Busy. He was calling me.

me: (I didn't even say "hello") where are you?
Rodrigo: I've been trying to call you. I dropped the cake
me: (total, complete silence)
Rodrigo: hello?
me: you're kidding, right?
him: NO! I dropped the cake. It's windy and I was trying to open the door and blah, blah, blah (I sort of drifted out or passed out for a while)
me: (quiet again)
Rodrigo: oh, so what, now you're mad?
me: uh . . . .no . . . . just . . . .well, go buy another one. I mean, what else can we do? (I was in a sort of daze really. I wasn't even mad, just numb)
Rodrigo: what kind?
me: It doesn't matter. Any cake. Just so long as Alec has a cake.
Rodrigo: OK, I'll call you back

He took the smashed cake back inside and they made him a new one at no charge. Plus it was ready in like 10 minutes. Aren't they awesome? I thought it was really nice of the bakery but joked that they must've felt really bad for Rodrigo. They must have imagined him with a Rodrigo & Kate style wife and were thinking he'd get the lecture of his life when he got home. I couldn't stop laughing at that because I am the furthest thing from a tough wife as possible. Luckily all went well. Scandalous interruptus.
Alec was oblivious to any cake drama and had a great time!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gamer yvett

I've never been much of a gamer. The only game I can ever remember having looked forward to was the Wii Fit. I thought the whole concept was awesome.
Well, now there's a game I absolutely can't wait for. This one.
I. Cannot. Wait. Believe it or not, I've never played a Rock Band/Guitar Hero anything. I've been saving myself for The Beatles.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Reasons my blog is neglected

1. I'm busy. I know that's a lame excuse, but it really is the truth. It turns out it doesn't make a difference whether the kids are in school or not, I'm still busy doing things with and for them.

2. Facebook. Ugh, I wonder how many blogs this social network has ruined. It's sooooo much easier to just write a little condensed version of what you were going to say anyway and get it out to practically the same people. Seriously, if I were Blogger, I'd be looking to buy out Facebook and the likes.

3. Brianna. Oh. My. Goodness. My daughter has me living through things that I am absolutely not ready for. I can tell you that this definitely requires its own post, but to summarize . . . there is a boy that likes her, she likes him back, it is to the point that his parents have called and come over and the boy gave her a pair of earrings. They're 10 years old. Ten, not 17.

4. My kids have taken over the computer. Whether they're on Webkinz or Club Penguin, they're almost always on. It doesn't even help that we have a notebook, because Rodrigo is always with his iPhone app project things that are running or something when he's not home.

-sigh- How many more days until the kids go back to school? Oh, that's right, they've only been out a little over a week. Then again, when they go back, they'll both be in full day classes. What will I do then?

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