Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy, happy Halloween, all!

Friday, October 26, 2007

quickie post . . . halloween tip

I really need to stop being such a slacker about posting here. It's getting pretty redundant to say that I'm busy. I just have to get used to it and make the most of it.

Ok, so since I'd adamant about posting more often, let me start off by not making my posts novel long. . . . . .
I don't like to give decorating advice since taste varies so much, but I really liked this. We were looking for some more Halloween decorations that we could make at home. We were thinking about some sort of creepy portraits since we have the whole wall going upstairs to work with. Well, I did a search for civil war and one for Victorian era. I found some cool pictures of people from that time. We just printed them out, made some frames (because I didn't want to use my nice frames) hung them and added a spider web around it. It is the only decoration we have that we didn't have to buy anything for and I think it looks the creepiest. I only regret giving away my old picture frames since old frames painted up black and silver would've been awesome!

So that's it for now. I uploaded some new pictures on flickr. Oh! I had someone tell me that I take bad pictures because you can never really see the people. Uh, you all realize that those are just the public pictures, right? If you really want to see ALL the pictures, add me as a friend. Anyone that comes here to my blog is welcome to see those. I just don't like having too many public pics because I get creeped out about internet weirdos. Let me know if you need a flickr invite. There will be more pictures in the next few days, we have a full weekend ahead.
Last thing . . . if you guys have any easy recipes for creepy Halloween food, please let me know. Our house is going to be the meeting place for a few trick or treaters this year. It seems that all of my kids' bestest, bestest friends all live around here. A house full of three to eight year olds . . fun, fun, fun.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

that mom

Yesterday was back to school after what seemed to be the longest three weeks of my life. Every day the kids would be wanting me to keep them entertained with something. In these past weeks we decorated for Halloween, made some crafts, practiced writing (with Alec), began t-ball practices and games, began cheer practices and games, went to cheer camp, went to the zoo, went to the library, went to the park, took lots of pictures, had the kids help with dinner, had them set the table, polish the banister, just anything, ANYTHING that would keep them occupied for a while.
Yesterday morning, Brianna left for school and everything felt calm for a while. I was on the phone with my mom criticizing moms who I consider irresponsible ( this mom to be exact. She still leaves her kid outside by herself and now the little girl has been running out to the middle of the street). Anyway, I was going on and on about how some people don't care about their kids, blah, blah. We hung up and I grabbed my planner to see what we had pending this week: cheer practice, t-ball practice, due date for library dvd's, Alec's pictures are ready, field trip to pumpkin patch, Fool's Hollow/Japanese Ghost stories celebration, Rodrigo's company open house, Brianna's game, Alec's game, cheer leader trophy order form due, Brianna's book report, Alec's parent/teacher conference . . . .wait. What?!?!? Alec's parent/teacher conference which was scheduled two hours before I was reading this. CRAP! I completely forgot about it. I was super embarrassed having to reschedule. The teacher thought it was pretty funny but I feel like that mom. Oh God, can you imagine? Alec's first ever parent/teacher conference and I forgot. I might as well just throw him out to play on the street now.

feeling: like the worst parent ever
listening to: The Church (Under The Milky Way)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oh My God Cholesterol

Brianna: what's "Oh My God cholesterol"
me: huh?
Brianna: Oh My God Cholesterol. What does that mean?
me: where did you hear that?
Brianna: I read it on the dressing label
me: let me see that
I looked at our bottle of Ranch dressing to see what she was talking about. The label reads 0mg Cholesterol.
me: oh! This isn't Oh My God Cholesterol, birdie, it's Zero milligrams.
Brianna: Oh!

Yeah, I tried not to laugh, but I had to. Now I'm here thinking how the heck does she know "OMG" anyway?

feeling: I should be outside
listening to: cheer mixes trying to choose a song

Monday, October 01, 2007

my almost divorce

If Rodrigo and I were married, I'd have filed for divorce last week. Why? Because of the Beatles, of course. There's a movie called Across the Universe that I REALLY want to see. I told him and he asked what it was about. I don't really know what it's about but I know that it's all Beatles songs. Also, I thought I saw Bono singing "I am the Walrus". I was sold. So anyway, Rodrigo sort of scoffed and said that he thinks The Beatles are overrated. Yes. He. Did. I went on and on about how they reshaped music and inspired everyone and he still was like "Eh". Yeah, that would've meant divorce right there.
Then this morning, I would've torn up the papers. He's usually a holiday grinch. He just never got into decorating and everything as much as I do. Our house looks nice right now with the Halloween stuff. Well, there's these neighbors that we call "the quail people" (they bought some quail decorations for their yard that we wanted ourselves). We feel that they totally stole our idea. Anyway, we got home yesterday and the quail people were out decorating. I saw that they had some skeletons that looked like they were coming out of the ground. We walked inside and I told Rodrigo that the quails were decorating too. This morning they have a huge blow-up Frankenstein and loads of stuff that cover their whole yard. Rodrigo was saying things like "Oh, it's on now". Now he wants to buy some cool ghost we saw yesterday. I was calling him Rodrigo Griswold. I have to admit that I was ecstatic that he was being holiday competitive. Divorce off.

feeling: super happy it's October
listening to: Rilo Kiley (Dreamworld)