Sunday, July 30, 2006

mom's in town

mom: So, Alec is scared of pickles or something?
me: Huh? Oh yeah, a few days ago. I told you?
mom: No. It's on the computer.
me: On my computer? (thinking I left a window open)
me (thinking) "I wrote that on flickr, who did I show that to that could've told my mom? Oh, I know, through my blog. Newman!"
mom: I guess. On any computer. -insert culprit's name here- told me something about Alec being scared of pickles.
me: (laughing) On a computer? You mean on "the internets"?
mom: whatever, show me the picture

So, it seems that my mom has a mole that is coming into my blog and giving her the recaps. Nice. I know who you are. You know who you are and you know I know who you are. Stop it or I'll write about you. ;P

Anyway, my mom and my grandma made a little impromptu trip and are going to stay with us for a few days. It seems that my grandma is quite concerned that Rodrigo and the kids are malnourished. Why? Because I can't cook Mexican the way she can. I make "comida de Americanos". Not a good thing. My grandma came equipped with roasted green chiles and roasted jalapenos. Seriously. She is planning to make chiles rellenos, green enchiladas, refried beans (yes!) and real salsa. Enough so that we can freeze and I can be able to feed my family real food. Right now, I have to go buy some key ingredients she couldn't believe I didn't have at home i.e. cilantro.

I'll try to sneak in some posts these days. My mom likes to be on my computer playing solitaire and bejeweled. Hee, hee.

feeling: happy to have them here
listening to: something my grandma is watching

Saturday, July 29, 2006

no a/c

The a/c in my car broke down. That bears repeating. . . the a/c in my car broke down. I live in Arizona. We took the car to the local Honda dealership to get fixed. They called us later on to let us know that the air conditioner needed a complete overhaul. In other words, they called to tell us that it would pretty much cost us our left eye, our first born and a bottle of blood to get it fixed. Rodrigo told them to hold off since for that price, we'd be better off just trading it in. I've been wanting a hybrid for a while and he told me we could get that. The thing is that since we're getting a house built, we can't make any major purchases right now. The lender told us not to make any sort of major changes now that the credit report had already been run. Boo, hiss....... Our house won't be ready until December. Yikes. So, Rodrigo called back and told them to go ahead and do it. Then I conviced him that I was fine without it for a while. Can you believe it? I said that. Spoiled me that is always complaining about the heat. The thing is that I've hardly been using my car at all. I mean, people around here walk everywhere. Also, whatever errands I have to run, I usually do right after I take Brianna to school. I avoid the heat altogether. Plus, it's been raining around here so for the past several days, we've had highs of about 87 degrees. Not bad. So don't feel too sorry for me. At least not about the car. Feel bad for me about my eyebrows (the rash is really better now). :P

feeling: I love coffee
listening to: Staind (Right Here Waiting)

Friday, July 28, 2006

wax tragedy continued

Whatever sh!t wax they used made me break out. I have a pretty bad rash. Typical. I should know better than to have anything put on my over-sensitive skin. I am sooooo mad at myself.

feeling: mad
listening to: i don't know what this song is

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kelly Clarkson! ! ! ! !

Do you remember the waxing scene in The 40-Year Old Virgin? Well, that was me yesterday. Only I went to get my eyebrows waxed and not my chest (eww). The truth is that I don't know how to shape my eyebrows. I kind of pluck stray hairs but I'd never really gotten them into a nice shape. I'm always scared of plucking too much. Or looking like "Gordolfo". I'm sure you don't know who that is, so let me post a picture. . .

I'd decided to get them waxed a while ago, but just hadn't gotten around to it. Anyway, it hurt like a *$&@#(! I didn't expect it to hurt so much. I cried. I couldn't help it, the tears just kept coming. I should've been tipped off since the girl said "Oops, sorry" after the first time. OUCH! So, now I have pretty eyebrows and red all around the brows. She said the red would go away soon but it's still there. Especially above my nose, She waxed there too since apparently I had a unibrow that I didn't know about. Look at my pretty brows and the ugly red bumps I have now on my face. I'm putting a circle around the biggest bump just so you know.

feeling: embarrassed
listening to: Tool (Vicarious)

**sorry if this post is coming up so late. I've had problems with blogger and had to save it as a draft

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i've never said that before

A little more than a year ago, I posted about things I'd never said before. (You can view it here although all my old comments have been lost since). Anyway, I still find myself always saying things that sounds really odd. I really do say things I've never said before. Just within the last 24 hours I've said the following. . . .

-".... and then she pulled off my eyelid"

-"Your stupid vagina got me in trouble".

-"I can't believe I'm laughing about killing baby otters".

-".... not even five minutes later, he peed and all the spiders disappeared".

If you want an explanation about any of these, let me know.

feeling: HOT! ! !
listening to: The Ranconteurs (Steady As She Goes) <-- check out their website. It looks like old computer programs

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"living in sin"

Rodrigo and I are not married nor are we in the process of getting married. It really just isn't an issue with us. Surprisingly, it's not even an issue for our families. The only ones that ever hassle me are friends with the old, "So, when's the wedding?".
Well, I say that it's not even an issue but it is now. The thing that has changed is that now I feel immature calling him my boyfriend. I first felt it when I was telling clients back home that I was moving. I'd explain, "My boyfriend got a job offer in Tucson", and I thought that sounded immature. I felt like I got a look of "boyfriend?". Like I was following around some little boyfriend I have a crush on. I used to make it a big point to correct people when they called us husband/wife. Right away I'd say "We're not married". It got a little old with all of Alec's pediatrician visits, though. They'd call me Mrs. Rodrigo's last name and I just started going along with it. Places like that I don't even correct people anymore.
Anyway, back to what I was saying. Rodrigo had to reply to an email from his company about relocation fees. They asked to confirm that we were living together but not married. He replied something like "We are in fact partners but are not married". I freaked out. I think that saying that we're partners will make people think we're gay guys. That would make me the tranny. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with guys living together, I just don't want to be seen as the guy. Hmm, maybe people would think Rodrigo is just a very manly looking girl. Anyway, the point is I didn't like the way partners sounded. That brings me to a dilema. . . what do I call him?

- boyfriend = immature
- partners = gay
- lover = dramatic professor type (Think Will Farrell on SNL when he would say "My lovah. . ."
- my babydaddy = hilarious but not really my style
- gentleman friend = southern couple courting
- escort = gigolo

Rodrigo says he's going to call me his "opposite sex partner". I'd love to hear that. I wouldn't be able to stop laughing. He says there's nothing wrong with partner and that people don't automatically assume "same sex partner". For now I'm having fun looking at the entries I found on this thesaurus. I'd have a blast using some of those. What would you suggest?

Oh! Significant other! Duh!

feeling: a little hungry
listening to: Angels and Airwaves (The Adventure)

Monday, July 24, 2006

i'm it

I got tagged by Ani. I tried posting earlier but blogger ate my post. Grr. Here goes . . . . .

1. The book nearest me:
The Complete Reference Linux 5th edition (That is obviously not mine)

2. Stretch your left arm, what do you touch?
my printer

3. Last thing you watched on TV?
Miss Universe last night

4. Without looking, what time is it?
11:15 ?

5. What is the actual time?

6. With the exception of the computer what can you hear?
Alec playing

7. When did you last step outside?
a little while ago to throw stuff in my recycle bin

8. Before this survey what did you look at?
Ani's page

9. What are you wearing?
brown skirt w/baby blue print, brown blouse, baby blue earrings

10. Did you dream last night?
if I did, I don't remember

11. When did you last laugh?
less then 5 minutes ago with Rodrigo on the phone

12. What is on the walls in the room?
nothing. we won't be putting anything on the walls in the rental home

13. Seen anything weird lately?
nothing that I can think of.

14. What do you think of this quiz?
I like it. I like quizzes. I've just had a hard time posting

15. What is the last film you saw?
in a theater: Cars
at home: Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

16. Tell us something we don't know.
I hardly ever wear shoes inside my house

17. Name one thing you would change in the world?
eliminate terminal illnesses

18. Do you like to dance?
yes. I rock.

19. George Bush?
you don't even want to know. you'd be here all day and night.

20. Imagine your first child is a girl And?
She was a girl. I named her Brianna.

21. Imagine your first child is a boy. See above.
He would've been named Cristian

22. Would you consider living abroad?
yup. In England.

23. What would God say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
yvett? soooooooo........

24. List 6 bloggers to carry on this meme:
anyone who wants to play along.

feeling: hot
listening to: The Fray (How to Save a Life)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in

I was sure that by the time I turned 30, I'd be way over watching MTV. I really was for a while. There wasn't anything on there that even interested me. Then they started showing that "My Super Sweet 16" show which I like to call "How not to Raise my Daughter". Despite the fact that I don't agree with anything those parents are doing, I like watching the show. I guess I like getting upset or something. Now there's something else I want to watch and a confession I'd like to make. I, Yvett, who used to be cool and refused to listen to any sort of mainstream pop music kind of like a stupid Justin Timberlake song. Yes, I know, I know. I'm hanging my head in shame, but I hear it everywhere I go and it's sooooo catchy. Anyway, MTV is premiering the video and the making of the video this coming Tuesday. I can't believe I'm promoting JT. I am soooooo ashamed. So, if you want to go hear it go here. Now I'll never be able to face my friends or Rodrigo again.

feeling: embarrassed
listening to: You already know

Friday, July 21, 2006


I've heard of rhubarb, of course. I've just never actually seen one. We have a rhubarb strawberry pie at home right now and it is delicious. The thing is that I was eating some and I saw a little piece of what I'm asuming is rhubarb and I won't eat it. What exactly is a rhubarb anyway? It's some sort of plant, right? I'm imagining something like a turnip. Only I looked it up and it looks more like "cebollitas". I'm sorry I can't remember the word in English. It's like an onion but not chives. Anyway, back to rhubarb, what else can be made with them? If I bite down on this thing is it going to be mushy, potato-y? I'm just taking those little pieces out of the pie and eating the rest. Ani, Jess and Jenn, you guys cook a lot. Have you ever used rhubarb?

feeling: stupid
listening to: Incubus (11 a.m.)

*update* I just remembered, "cebollitas" are scallions. Sorry. Sometimes I can't think in English.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

project runway

We didn't have Bravo for a while. It wasn't in the programming package we had and it really made no sense to pay extra for just one channel that only I watch. So, I'd never seen Project Runway. Don't get me wrong, though, I knew all about it. My mom is completely addicted to the show. More so in the second season. The first season I just remember her telling me about Jay and Kara Saun. The second season she told me all about it. I knew all about whatever crazy thing Santino did or said, all about Chloe's life and struggles and not much about Daniel other than the fact that my mom wanted him to win. She still talks about the dresses made out of leaves or flowers or something.
So, the kids and I moved to Tucson this past Wednesday and my mom came along with us to help us get settled before Rodrigo moved as well. We were going to drive over Wednesday night but I had a meeting at noon, so we were forced to drive early in the morning. My mom was having a fit about not being able to watch the Project Runway premiere. The day our furniture arrived, my mom was helping me arrange Alec's room and finally watching the show (which will be shown a million more times). She yelled at me to go in and I thought something was wrong. She said, "Quickly! If you had to make a dress out of things found in the house, what would you use"? Naturally, I said my clothes. Then she went on to explain about the challenge. I caught the show the next time it aired and loved it. Now I've been looking forward to the new episode. I'm about to watch it in a few minutes since I missed it last night, so don't tell me anything just yet. Could it be that I'm hooked on a show with just one time that I've seen it? It's just soooooo good.

feeling: hot already
listening to: Better Than Ezra (Juicy) <-- OMG I hate this song!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i dream of pigs

So far since we've lived here, I've seen a scary scorpion, two tiny scorpions, a spider the size of my hand, one just as big that ran away in the front yard, a little spider and a bug that I have no idea what it was. Everyone we've met here has told us about the types of bugs and animals that we're going to see. When we first came to the design center meeting, the man in charge of the wiring was telling us about scorpions, snakes, spiders and javalinas. I didn't hear the rest of what he was saying because right away I spaced out and started playing The Pixies' "Havalina" in my head. Someone else also told us about javalinas but I can't remember who that was.
Two nights ago there was a noise in our backyard. It was some bird but Rodrigo was telling me that it was a wild pig that had gotten into the yard. We were just laughing and left it at that. Yesterday when he came home, he told me that his boss was telling him and another new guy about the desert animals and he also mentioned javalinas. What, is there like pigs running wild all over the place? So, on and off for days I've had that Pixies song stuck in my head which keeps me thinking of pigs. Last night I was dreaming that I was looking for a bug that I'd seen. When I think of bugs I get heebie jeebies like if something is crawling on me. Well, I was feeling that behind my neck and brushed it off. Only I felt breathing on my hand and turned around to see a wild pig breathing on my neck. Then I woke up. Angry. Angry at the stupid pig, at all the people who've been telling me about pigs and at myself for making fun of the fact that there are pigs around here. Seriously, if I really see one now I don't know whether I'll freak out or laugh.

feeling: loving this breeze
listening to: The Muse (Time is Running Out)

Sunday, July 16, 2006


We've moved to Tucson and are trying to get everything settled. It's hot. Kill me now.

Everyone around here has been telling us about how unusually cool it's been lately because of rain. Really?

feeling: sweaty
watching: Project Runway

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday. Even though I was in a crummy mood, I really appreciate them.

I'm moving in a few hours and won't be posting for at least a few days. We won't have internet service until Saturday. I'll post pictures soon.

Good bye Texas. Hello Arizona. . . . . .

feeling: excited
listening to: Pixies (Alec Eiffel)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In mourning

I'm dressed in black. No sun is shining, no birds are singing and today, I turn 30. Suck.

feeling: depressed
listening to: nothing

Sunday, July 09, 2006

world cup final

After England lost against Portugal in the World Cup, it pretty much sucked for me. Still, I watched. I wasn't overly excited about the final being France vs. Italy. I was rooting for France because I thought the Italian team had played pretty dirty. I really hated how they played in the match against Australia. I wanted nothing more than to see them lose. All because of what I considered bad sportsmanship. So, here we're watching the match in overtime and we see that headbutt Zidane (French player) gave Materazzi (Italian player). What? Talk about playing dirty! Rodrigo and I were shocked! Here is a guy that is really admired, a veteran player, the captain of his team playing in his last game for the national team and he just turns around at a time when the ball was no where near them and just slams into this guy's chest with his head sending the guy falling backwards. He's then ejected from the game, could not kick in the penalties and doesn't join his team to receive a second place medal. It just seems really odd and didn't make sense.
Since it is clear that they were arguing right before the incident, we were wondering what Materazzi actually said that earned him being knocked over. I was having a blast speaking in the most sterotypical Italian accent and coming up with various things he might've said. . .
"Hey-a baldy, would you like-a some-a freedom fries"
"Hey-a baldy, let's-a see your-a best bull impression"
. . . and countless "your momma" ones. I was cracking myself up. Yikes, only now that I see this, it sounds racist. Oops, I didn't mean it that way, but that's what I was doing. :P

feeling: like a huge dork
watching: World Cup highlights

Saturday, July 08, 2006

ex-crafty yvett

I used to be crafty. Not like sly or cunning, but you know, crafty. I used to enjoy making things. During holidays or birthdays it was a given that friends and co-workers would be receiving something handmade from me. I especially liked making gift baskets and so my family members (ok, just my mom) would also get me to make baskets for them to give out. After Alec was born all that went out the window.
Still, I have a lot of craft junk that I saved. Now I'm packing and finally getting around to get rid of things. I know we've moved before, but last time my dad and brother helped us move and I didn't mind having them haul boxes around for me. Now that we're getting actual movers, I'm embarrassed to have them move so much junk. I'd hate to have them think I'm a packrat and be cursing me under their breath. I know it should be the other way around, but. . . .
So, I've decided to limit all my craft material to one large plastic box. A lot of what I've kept is ribbon. I had no idea how much ribbon I had. I kept my glue guns, of course and just lots of other little knickknacks. I don't sew, so I don't have lots of cloth. I donated lots of yarn and other things to a local charity and I feel good for doing a good thing and for getting rid of things. Ahh...
There was a time when I couldn't have imagined just having one box of craft material but for now, it seems to work.

feeling: I hate my packratting ways
listening to: Weezer (Beverly Hills)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I hope everyone's 4th of July holiday went well. Here it was pretty uneventful. We're in the middle of packing and getting things ready for the move. You know how that goes.
Last Friday we had an amazing day! Rodrigo and I had our appointment with the design center for our new house. We were total kids in a candy store! It was soooooo much fun being able to pick out everything just the way we like it. Here is a list of things we were able to chose. . .

- cabinets: length, wood and finish
- tile (areas of the house we wanted tiled and of course the tile itself)
- carpet (along with the padding)
- kitchen countertops, edging and backsplash
- sink and faucets for kitchen
- sink and faucets for bathrooms
- shower door
- shower wall
- lighting fixtures (style and color)
- doorknobs (style and color)
- paint color
- light switches
- appliances
- staircase stain
- railing or pony wall in loft
- grout (yes, we picked our grout)
- window treatments and ceiling fans (which we've decided to hold off on and coordinate later)

I feel like I'm missing something, but you get the idea. There are things that I'd never thought about like carpet pads and the color of grout and was pretty amazed at all the choices. Luckily, Rodrigo and I have very similar tastes and we both feel very happy with the choices we made. We were carrying around a cabinet door to match with carpet samples, tile, etc. I cannot express just how much fun it was. I was shocked at how many choices they had of everything. Our coordinator was amazingly sweet and helpful. I soooooo want that job.
That day we also went to our wiring place. Rodrigo was in dork heaven here. So, we set up for structured wiring and all the various techy things that he absolutely needs.
In addition to those meetings, we also met with our realtor and our lender. The next day we went to look at the rental we'll be in for six months and got some of that paper work out of the way. We've set up for utilities and are still trying to keep up with all the paper work that comes along with selling a house, moving to a different state, starting a new job, renting a house, going to a new school, and buying a new home.
There are so many things to do but we are very excited. These are going to be the longest six months of my life. . . . .

feeling: excited
listening to: Blue October (Hate Me) <-- I hate this song today, I'll hate this song tomorrow. :P