Monday, February 16, 2004

100 years/monday madness

100 years
I caught Five for Fighting today on an Ellen show rerun. Have you seen his video for 100 Years? I had seen it a couple of times but not really paid any attention. When I finally did pay attention, my eyes got watery. I thought the part when he's an old man was so sad. The song is nice too but I have to admit that I liked the video before the song. So now you probably think that I'm one of those sappy people that cry for videos and at the end of movies but I'm really not. Ok, it depends. I won't cry at something like Titanic or at romantic comedies but movies like The English Patient and Damage really got me. Maybe it's just Juliet Binoche. As for music videos, Collective Soul's The World I Know and R.E.M.'s Everybody Hurts were both tear jerkers for me. What movies or videos make you cry?

Monday Madness
1. Name two types of food that you could care less if you ever ate again.
-avocados (YUCK!) anchovies
2. Name one animal.
3. List three words to describe yourself.
-ambitious, astute, alright (I can't think of another "a" word)
4. Name two things you might find at a zoo.
5. Name three things you might find living in the water.
-amphibians, algae, alligator

feeling: hungry
listening to: Soundgarden (Fell on Black Days)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: eating

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