Friday, April 23, 2004

rough nights

We've had a rough couple of nights. I was sick last week and unfortunately, I got Alec sick too. He's been waking up throughout the night for the past two nights. I feel awful because he can't express how he feels. I think his throat hurts because he cries when he coughs and has hardly wanted to eat. I wish I would just get sick again instead of him. This morning he was "talking" a lot and seems to be in a better mood but he's still coughing. I just hope that Brianna doesn't get it too.
Today is Brianna's trike-a-thon. She's been reciting the rules all week. Yesterday the whole time we were driving she kept saying, "Rule #1: Never ride on the street". . . . Also yesterday as we were driving to the bus stop, I was listening to "Black" from Pearl Jam and Brianna asked me if I could change that "old people music". I was shocked! She told me that she wanted "her type of music". I flipped through stations until she heard Avril Lavigne and said, "there!". She sang along to "Complicated" and then to "It's my Life" from No Doubt. So now it's confirmed, I'm old. I listen to old crooners like Eddie Vedder. You know, I didn't have a say as to what we heard in the car when I was that age. I was stuck with Donna Summer, Neil Diamond, or whatever my mom felt like listening to. It was worse when my dad was driving because I had to hear "Los Bukis" or whatever Spanish ballad singers were on. Ugh. Anyway, I better get back to work. Ooh, wait, memes! Have a good Friday everyone!

Thursday Threesome
A geek-- Hey, who handles tech support at your place? You? ...the six year old? ...or someone from outside? ...and how about in your web space? No, we're not looking for techs; we're just curious .
-Rodrigo. He works in IT so he has to.

in the-- computer? Just a curiosity for the designer types: what Operating System are you running? ...and which browser? Since sites can show up differently in different browsers it's more than a casual question.
-the operating system is XP Professional and the browser is Internet Explorer 6.0

Family-- Do any family members read your place? Do they care? Do they have a clue? ...and how about your 'off line' friends? ...or do you supply a little bit of separation there?
-my brother's girfriend and about three offline friends will occasionally visit and not leave any comments. when we're together and they say something funny they ask if I'm going to "blog about it". most friends are just like, "how do you find the time?!?!?" Rodrigo just thinks it's cute but never reads it.

feeling: I wish I was still in bed
listening to: The Sundays (Here's Where the Story Ends)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: reading work emails

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