Wednesday, April 27, 2005

cell phone tv

I don't know if I'm behind on the times but I just heard about this yesterday. Apparently, there are now cell phones being made that come with a built-in television. Is it just me or does this sound a little, I don't know, dangerous? I mean, we've all been driving behind or alongside someone who is talking on the phone and nearly causes an accident. I can't even imagine how people are going to be driving while watching tv. I guess it's the same thing as those people who have those tv screens in the car, but the only way I've seen those are really so that the people in the backseat can watch. I wonder if people can watch tv and talk at the same time on these phones. You know if I have one I'll be one of those people saying, "Did you see that?", while on the phone. My mom and I are like that as it is. About a second after a show is over the phone is ringing with my mom asking, "What did you think of Constantine? Who do you think will go home next?" But I digress. I hope I don't sound like I'm all anti-technology because I'm really not but I think people don't pay attention to what they're doing and this will make them more easily distracted. Now they can cause a car accident and be able to watch themselves on the news at the same time.

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