Thursday, December 08, 2005

i'm back

Well, we've been sick. All of us. Ugh, it was the worst! The four of us here at home all achy, coughy, with no appetite. We're better now but still have a bit of a cough. That always seems to be the last thing to go. Rodrigo was amazing to have around. He kept bringing me goodies trying to make me feel better. He bought me a book I really wanted to read, a perfume I wanted, sacks of oranges, vapor outlet plugs, and lots and lots of things to drink. He was sick too but had to leave the house for meetings and such.
A good thing that came of this is that I could not eat anything at all. The only thing I ate for about a week was gatorade and oranges. Now, my pants are all loose.
Yay! I wouldn't recommend the flu diet, though. You suffer too much for it.

Wow, last time I wrote was before Thanksgiving. It went well. The day before, I was starting to feel sick so my mom and grandma offered to come over to help me clean. Well, of course that meant that I had to clean and they would come inspect. I thought they wouldn't be able to find things to clean, but I swear they were here from like noon until about 10:00 at night. They wiped down the headboards and telephones, moved the stove to sweep and mop. My oven was clean but they cleaned it "right" just to get it super dirty the next day. Oh, I wish all of you could've seen my house that day. I've never seen everything shine like that. Those ladies love cleaning more than anything. Since then, I've been calling them Merry Maids. Heh, heh.

In other news, my daughter has turned completely Jewish. I think it's cute. Her school has been teaching a lot about Hannukah. She's been going around singing "Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel I made you out of clay". Today she brought home a dreidel and some Hannukah coins. Tomorrow, she'll be making latkes in class. She wants us to put up a menorrah. How cute. I was raised Catholic. I'm glad that she's being exposed to different kinds of celebrations, though. I just wish I knew more about it when she asks me things.

Anyway, I'm going to try to change my template to something more in season. I'm going to get on that right now. Take care!

feeling: much better!
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what I should be doing instead of blogging: making a new template

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