Sunday, January 01, 2006

package mystery

I think it was last Thursday. Yes, it was Thursday because I left to work before 8:00 a.m. Anyway, I was walking out and I saw a package from Ani. Thank you, Ani, you're the sweetest! Anyway, my address is 808 and the package was written out to 800. Above my name, someone had written "Not At This Address". Yet, I walked out and the package was there at the doorstep. Now, my post usually get here after 1:00 p.m. so it couldn't have been the mailman. Plus, it's stamped from U.S. Post, so it wasn't delivered like from FedEx or something. In front of our house we have a brick pillar and whenever we get packages the delivery guy will lean it against the pillar so that it won't be seen from the street. This one was right at the door on the welcome mat.
Anyway, since then we've been wondering who brought the package. The most logical thing is that whoever lives at 800 and wrote on it is the same person who brought it. The only thing I wonder is, how did they know my name and address. I mean, if someone sent a package to this address with another name, I'd return it to the mailman. I wouldn't know where other people lived. Unless, of course it was the nextdoor neighbor.
I've seen the lady that lives in 800 and we say hi but we don't know each other by name. Maybe she knows my neighbors and they told her. Then why would she come bring it in the night. Or did she do it really early? Why wouldn't they ring the bell and make sure this was the right address. I've been thinking all sorts of things. Even to the point that I wondered if Ani had come into town and placed the package there. Like she would come all the way to El Paso, leave a package, not want to talk to me and just leave. Come on.
Anyway, you can see how I make a huge deal out of things. I should just be grateful that someone brought me the package and didn't keep it to him/herself. Thanks Ani and thanks whoever brought it.

feeling: it's going to be a good year!
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