Wednesday, February 08, 2006

grammys and update

I usually don't watch the Grammys. If I do, I end up disappointed. Wow, it's been good so far this year, though. I saw Madonna and Gorillaz, Coldplay, *U2* and now Paul McCartney! Singing "Helter Skelter", no less! I am pleasantly surprised. Oh, and since I'm a huge crybaby, I already cried. At Kelly Clarkson's acceptance speech, can you imagine? I'm not even a big fan but she was crying and, well, you know the rest. . . .

Now for an update on Brianna's science fair that was causing so much drama. She won the sweepstakes award! Yes, my baby won! I was soooooo proud. I'd picked her up and they didn't know the results yet. The whole classroom walked into the place where all the projects were all displayed. The winners already had the ribbons posted on the project. I heard some kid saying "I got first place", and I thought "Aww, poor Brianna". When we got to her project it had a green ribbon on it and I was wondering what place that was. Then I saw Brianna jumping up and down saying "I got sweepstakes! I got sweepstakes!" Oh, I was sooooo proud! Her teacher came over and hugged us and I had to try really hard not to cry because I didn't want to embarrass Brianna in front her little friends. So now she has to go to the district competition. Wish her luck with that.

Ok, and finally for tonight, I was tagged by Margie. Here are my answers. . . .

4 Jobs in my Life
- bank teller
- credit specialist
- debt collector
- flight attendant (one of these things is not like the others)

4 Films I could see a million times
- Pulp Fiction
- You've Got Mail
- Goodfellas
- Kill Bill

4 Places I lived at
- El Paso, TX
- Mesa, AZ
that's it for cities just different residences

4 TV Series I really like to watch
- Family Guy
- Scrubs
- The Office
- Law & Order SVU

4 Places I've spent my holidays (oh, as in vacation)
- Acapulco, Mexico
- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
- SoCal (this is probably where I go most often)
- Las Vegas, NV

4 Favourite Foods
- pad Thai noodles
- rice bowls (any kind)
- shrimp cocktail
- lemons

4 Websites I visit every day
- my personalized Google page (it's my homepage)
- ljc fyi
- a banking page I use for work

4 Places I’d love to be right now (instead of *here*)
- SoCal
- London
- in the bathtub
- at PFChang's (yum!)

4 People who should do this

Oops! I guess that wasn't it, because I also have another meme. So, for this one you're supposed to take your iPod, put it on "shuffle" then list the first ten songs

1. Kashmir: Led Zeppelin
2. Airport Song: Guster
3. Exit: U2
4. And I Love Her: Beatles
5. Enjoy the Silence: Depeche Mode
6. Somewhere Only We Know: Keane
7. Around the World: Daft Punk
8. Persiana Americana: Soda Stereo
9. Are You In: Incubus
10. Fly Me To The Moon: Frank Sinatra

(ok, I'll add another 5)
11. Dolphin: Poe
12. There is a Light That Never Goes Out: The Smiths
13. Kiss Off: Violent Femmes
14. Wild Horses: The Sundays
15. Alec Eiffel: Pixies

Play along

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