Monday, February 13, 2006

my weekend

This weekend was pretty uneventful. Rodrigo and I got sick YET AGAIN. We're better now but my nose is all peeled and red. Ugh.
I worked on Saturday for a while then we all went to have a late lunch at Nothing but Noodles. (Yes, we live there) While I was at work, Rodrigo and the kids went out to buy one of my Valentine's day gifts. I know what it is but I'm not sharing until tomorrow. This same gift is what got us sick. That same afternoon, Rodrigo was messing with it (big hint) and it turned out to take longer than he had anticipated. It was supposed to take half an hour but it turned into 4 hours. He finally asked me to go hold a flashlight for him and that did it. We were both out in the cold for a while and we started sneezing. Yesterday we took turns napping. The kids were surprisingly good yesterday. I felt like we were babysitting them yesterday since we didn't want to get too close to them for long and with our cold medicine, Rodrigo and I were in sort of a daze all day.
Today, I've already had drama. We received information at the bank I work at saying that we needed to give out a new routing number. It was an important memo and I used this same routing number for my income tax refund. Well, I'd been waiting and now I find out that the routing number that we were given (that we've giving to clients) is one for New York accounts. I was sooooooooo mad. So, I had to have a bank manager type out a letter for me stating that I'm not a moron and really do have an account there. I had to fax that along with a copy of my i.d., my ss #, my phone number, a voided check, my first born, a pound of flesh and a bottle of blood in order for them to correct the error. Have I mentioned that I work here?!?! I can't believe it. Don't you hate it when your same company gives out conflicting information? One person says one thing, another says another thing and in the end everyone is messed up. Oh, well. I was just at work with Alec and I have to go back (by myself and to really work this time) in a while. I just hope that everything is fixed. Take care, all.

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