Sunday, April 23, 2006

yvett the weirdo

The awesome Ani tagged me with this cool meme I've been seeing around. The whole point of this is to list six weird things about yourself. *deep breath* So, I think you all are going to think I'm a huge psycho after this but nevertheless, I'm going to be as honest as I can.

1. I hate the sound of silverware. I hate the clinking sound that it makes when it taps against other silverware and especially hate the sound of silverware against teeth. It literally gives me chills and goosebumps. I cannot stand the sound. The worst noise I can describe is the sound of a teeth scraping a fork. Just thinking about this is making my skin crawl.
2. I count digital numbers in multiples of five. I do this mostly anytime I am around a digital clock. You know how the numbers are "blocky"? Well, I look at the time, count each little line on a number (example: the number 7 is two lines) and whatever time it is, it have to make it total a multiple of 5. The little dots between the hour and minute are extra, so I can either subract or add two or up to four to make it add up. This is really hard to explain but I've done this for as long as I can remember. If I am around a clock, I'll look at the time, make the 5 pattern and keep doing it in my head until the minute changes and/or I start concentrating on something else. I do this for long times now since I'm so used to it and it doesn't take much thinking. It's such an unconscious thing now.
3. I do something similar when driving. I memorize license plates. Not because the driver has done anything but I just do it. I'll look at the plate in front of me and read it "123 abc" then I keep repeating "123 abc" until again something else grabs my attention. Again, since this doesn't require much concentration, it can keep going for a long time.
4. I cannot eat with a utensil that has a design on the handle. If there are no utensils without a design (when we're not at home) I'll use a plastic one.
5. I go crazy for journals, stationery and pens. Ahh. . . . you have no idea. I actually haven't bought any stationery for quite a while because I just have so much of it already. I have lots that I've never even used. As far as pens, I LOVE them. I love pens and sharpies and markers. I rarely ever lose a pen and just keep using it until the ink runs out. When someone asks me to borrow me pen, I'll lend it, but it secretly bothers me. As for journals, again, I have too many. Lots of family members and friends know that I love them and I get these kinds of gifts a lot. I love it and can never have too many. I have soooo many journals and use them all too. I also use my planner as a journal. I write all the things I did that day instead of the things I have to do. It's kind of fun to go through old planners and see the things I was doing then.
6. I have a thing about having to start walking with the right foot. The first step I take out of bed, into a room, out of a room, up or down stairs, anything always has to be with the right foot. I think this comes from the years I spent in dance. Every step always started with the right foot, if not, you'd be off. I feel "off" if I start walking with the left foot.

Yikes, I'm a weirdo. I'm thinking of how I didn't even list the traits I consider weirdest about myself. There is no reason to tell me that you think I have O.C.D. because I'm pretty convinced that I do. I won't tag other people but I'd really like for you to either do it on your own site or leave a comment about a weird trait about yourself. Please make me feel that I'm not the only weirdo.

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foodiechickie said...

Oh the silveware and teeth thing. I hate that.

Yvett said...

Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Jesser said...

Hehe! I share some of your idiosyncracies ... I sort of do 2 and 3, but in a bit of a different way, can't explain it either, but I know what you mean ... totally. 5 I do ... SO MUCH. I am addicted. Sad sad sad.

I also tend to notice weird things and then memorize the details of them. Like I might be called for a police line-up or something. Also, ever since I learned the ASL alphabet, sometimes I sign things to myself. It's like talking to myself silently. I have wondered if a deaf person ever watches me and realizes what I'm doing. LOL.

Jodi said...

You are definitely not the only one with "idiosyncracies!" I've been trying to think of a post topic, so maybe I'll do this on my site.

Maribara said...

Yeah, I always knew you were a weirdo! Remember when we were patrol girls at Lancaster and ditched our jobs to go out to the playground. We would also make fun of the "Big Faced Man" and "Butterfingers." We're both weirdos by nature.