Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Ever since we've had DVR there is hardly anything that I watch live. Even if it's a few minutes behind, I won't watch live so I can forward through commercials. Now with the World Cup, though, things have changed. I HAVE to watch live. So now there are a few commercials that I've seen and love.

The Slowsky's. I actually saw this for the first time a few months ago in Arizona. I love that they have their own blog. Adorable! You can watch the commercials on the top of the page. My favorite is the last one. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me".

My next favorite commecial is from Volkswagen. It's called hike. This one made me laugh out loud.

Ok, well, I have to start watching soccer now. Mexico is about to play Portugal. Portugal has already moved on the next round but Mexico HAS to win or at least tie this game to guarantee an advance. U.S. plays Ghana tomorrow and U.S. also must win in order to have a shot at advancing. If you have any business in Mexico today, good luck. Everything will be at a standstill until the game is over. Ok, it's starting. . . .

feeling: nervous!
watching: World Cup


foodiechickie said...

I love having a DVR for those reasons as well.

Jodi said...

That's why I love my Tivo. I honestly watch a lot less TV, as it's only what I want and when I want. I usually fast-forward through commercials, but will rewind if a cute puppy or something bizarre catches my eye. I do try to watch certain shows (Lost, 24) at least on the night they air so I don't hear or read any spoilers!

Jesser said...

Yea ... I love/hate that about the DVR, especially when ppl are talking about a cool commercial they saw and I've never heard of it ... ;)