Sunday, June 25, 2006

rubber band ball

Friday was my last day of work. Woot! I really thought I'd me more excited or sadder but I was just alright. I think it hasn't really hit me yet. I was a few weeks shy of having worked there for two years Since the first day I started working there, I started making a rubber band ball. There were just always sooooo many rubber bands lying around.

This ball became the subject of many conversations. People wouldn't believe that it was all bands and no ball in the middle. One client even thought it was a baseball in the middle. He wanted to take it apart just to make sure it was all rubber bands. I told him he was welcome to as long as he would put it back together.
There was a time when my ball was kidnapped and I went so far as to threaten to request to see the security tapes just to find out who it was. I got it back but always locked it up after that. Clients would go in there and ask to bounce it. One man told me that it was a giant ball of bacteria. Being a germy, that really hit a nerve. I refused to touch it for a while and was trying to think of a way to soak it without making it fall apart when another client told me "If you want to get literal, then everything is nothing but a big ball of bacteria". Eww. I started working on it again after that. This same guy wanted me to take it apart before I left, count the rubber bands and have people guess how many there were. I was tempted. I was also asked to pass it down to someone else at work as a "Legacy Ball". I considered that for a while too but I decided to keep it for myself as a paperweight. I also thought I could use it in pictures when I write to update my now ex co-workers. Aww.
The ball is actually somewhat bigger now since I got a whole of rubberbands on my last week. Oh, and I guess it had been a long while since I posted any picture of myself here so, there. Yes, I pose with toys at work. I never said I wasn't a dork.

feeling: free!
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Jesser said...

Hehe... that's pretty darn cool.

Yvett said...

Thanks, Jess. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring it home. The kids want to play with it now and I'd afraid that a band might snap.


Jessica said...

That is cool.

Jodi said...

Cool rubber band ball, dork!

My husband had one in college and I think it may be somewhere in our house or garage still...and probably dry rotting!