Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I don't really wear t-shirts but I love looking at them online. Especially funny ones. I was browsing through del.icio.us yesterday and I found a site that had a whole lot of t-shirt shops.

With t-shirts like this one, Busted Tees was my favorite. I like the Greece and the South Korea ones. Well, I like a lot of those.

From Think Geek I would HAVE to buy these two for Rodrigo. The second one made me feel a little sad. I'm a dork for understanding it.

If I were a fashionable baby, I'd wear this shirt. Of course, I'd have a super hard time finding it. They're all sold out now that Shiloh has made this the latest baby fashion trend.

Ok, now for World Cup updates

Italy 2, Ghana 0
Czech Republic 3, USA 0
Australia 3, Japan 1

Brazil 1, Croatia 0
France 0, Switzerland 0
Korea 2, Togo 0

Germany vs Poland
Spain vs. Ukraine
Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia

feeling: I shouldn't have had coffee this late
listening to: Rodrigo talking to me


foodiechickie said...

I think I may have to get those shirts for Niel and maybe two of his friends. Heh heh. Have I mentioned my dad has been watching the world cup. I live in a Polish neighborhood man were my neighbors PISSSEEEEEED when Poland lost. PIIIISSEEED!

Jesser said...

I'm a total t'shirt freak!! I wear a few myself (mostly Old Navy Ts that fit real well) and I love buying them for my hubby too. http://www.threadless.com/ is my fave t'shirt site.

Jessica said...

I'm like you, I don't wear them but like looking at them!

Janet said...

I love the Geek shirts! How funny is the "I'm blogging this" shirt. Heehee.

ren said...

i love looking at t-shirts too and i never buy any! but i find a lot of interesting ones through the "preshrunk" blog (i won't leave a link so you won't think i just pimp for them but google it, you'll find them). they always turn up something new.

mathew said...

that t-shirt is cool - i'd totally wear it