Wednesday, August 09, 2006

random observations

- I say "adorable" waayyyyy too much. If I comment that your ___ is adorable in one of your posts or pictures, really I'm not being condescending. The truth is that I'm in dire need of a thesaurus.

- Remind me that if I ever get married, I shouldn't have it documented on MTV.

- We went to Trader Joe's this past Sunday and EVERYONE there was about as big as Kate Moss. Seriously. I told Rodrigo we were the fattest people there. First he laughed, then stopped because it was true. I was surprised we weren't beaten by produce and thrown out of there. :P

- I take any opportunity I get to be witty and funny. At least, that's what I think I'm doing. I'm starting to get the feeling sometimes it's just annoying.
Example: This past Friday at Ruby Tuesday

Rodrigo: Alec's burger was kind of rare, huh?
me: No, it's pretty common. (insert rimshot here)

Either way, we're always laughing, so I guess it's not so bad after all. Besides, I think Rodrigo is worse than me.

- Brianna takes FOREVER in the bathroom each morning and I finally found out what she's doing. She's sitting on the bathroom counter, smiling into the mirror and talking to herself. (I peeked inside this morning) So, do I wake her earlier so that she could have mirror time or just tell her to hurry and risk scarring her self esteem? ;P

- This article makes a whole lot better sense once I read it correctly. Although it was pretty funny to imagine a 4 foot SURGEON jumping out of the water.

feeling: dumb
listening to: Gnarls Barkley (Crazy) <--great, now I'll have this song in my head all day


foodiechickie said...

I really do think anytime a couple is on a MTV "reality" show they are cursed. Remember Brandi and her baby special. Her and her partner broke up also!

Yvett said...

They did? I didn't know that one. I knew about Jessica/Nick, Carmen/Dave and now the Barkers. See, Ani, no matter how much they beg you and Neil, don't do it!

Jessica said...

I had to giggle about the mirror! Too funny. I think my sister used to do that. Luke sings to the "Crazy" song. It doesn't exactly sound like he's saying crazy though :)

Jesser said...

Hehhe. Good lord. Looks like MTV is the kiss of death for marriages. Yikes. Briana and the mirror reminds me of my lil' sis. She was just like that ... she still spends lots of time in the bathroom, but now it's all primping. ;) I'm jealous that you have Trader Joes. They won't put one here because we have stupid laws that won't allow liquor (wine and beer included) to be sold in grocery stores.

Jen said...

"Adorable" blog! Really, though, very cute! I like it!