Thursday, November 30, 2006

rant/ any players?

Whew, I am so glad that I didn't post anything this morning. I was so livid about something pertaining to blogging and possibly my page that I was this close to going on a rant. I'm glad I didn't since I think it might've alienated a few of you. I know I wouldn't want to go read that on someone's page. Also, I would've drawn some negative attention to my page. Also, not something I want to do. The only reason I'm still sort of mentioning this is that I'm still mad. Not anywhere near as mad as I was this morning, but mad. Ok, enough of that.

There's something else I want to ask you all. At the beginning of the year there was a celeb dead pool that I wanted to participate in. I didn't and I still hear about the results now that the year long game is almost over. The problem was that that particular one wasn't online. I think I'd be easier to play that way. Anyway, I'd like to start one in January. So, my question is, is that morbid? I mean is it like laughing at the misfortunes of others? Of course it would just be a game but is that super mean? Would you guys play if I set up the page? Rodrigo agreed to play and he doesn't have a website, so just an email address will do. The whole point would be to make a list of 25 famous people and if and when one of them dies in 2007 we would subtract their age from 100. At the end of the year the person with the most points wins. I don't know, maybe monthly prizes as well. What do you guys think? Is this a go or just plain mean. The only reason why I'm asking this now is that if we do play, I'd like to have a couple of weeks to come up with my list. Let me know what you think in the comments or an email.

One last thing today. I can't believe I almost forgot. Happy Birthday to my dad! Would you like to know what he's doing for his birthday? He. Is. Going. Hunting. That's right. Now, you should know that he's never been hunting in his life. Ever. My uncle (who has also never been hunting) invited him. He, in turn, was invited by some fellow co-workers none of whom have been hunting either. I think its more of male bonding sort of thing, so I'm happy for them. I guess. I doubt they'll actually get anything. I think what makes them more excited is a weekend without the wives. :)

feeling: freezing!
listening to: Thurl Ravenscroft (You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch) <-- don't laugh its on my holiday play list

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Jesser said...

Now I'm curious what your rant was about! :) I might play the celeb dead pool ... sounds like it's a very minimal time commitment (perfect for my short attention span). Hope your dad has a nice b'day hunting ... but as far as I can tell it involves spending loads of time being quiet and waiting, two things I'm horrible at. And unlike fishing, you can't drink, cuz ... well... guns+alcohol=BADidea ... hehe.

Funny hunting story ... a friend of ours (from India) brought his arranged-marriage bride back here from India and we got together for dinner and I don't know how we got on the topic of meat or whatever, but she says to me, "I've heard, and don't think I'm lying, because it sounds really strange, I know, but I've heard that some people here go out in the wilderness with weapons and kill animals. And then they eat them!" I said, "Yea, my dad does that about 3x/year ... we call it hunting."