Saturday, November 11, 2006

siempre hay un pelo en la sopa

It's always something. ALWAYS. We took Alec to get portraits taken today. The session went well. The photographer guy was really nice. We received the pictures TODAY already and were overall really pleased. They gave us a proof sheet as well and told us that the pictures were already up and we could access them online. I got home and couldn't wait to share the album with friends and family. I logged on and noticed that a few of our favorite poses, poses that we had purchased were not on there. I read the troubleshooting area and finally called the studio. Since we'd had no problems at all, I KNOW that I was very pleasant and asked her if maybe not all the pictures were showing yet. The girl that answered was not the one that had helped us and she said that only the proofs that were shown to us were the ones that were online. I told her that we'd been shown those but others as well and the others were not on there. "Well", she said, "That's because you ordered one thing then made a change and ordered another thing". Ok, I absolutely hate it when someone in a customer service position tells me that I did something. I hate it when they say you did something instead of asking if you did it. Especially, especially when it is something that I did not do. I know for a fact that we did not make changes in the order. Rodrigo and I took a very long time trying to pick out the package and people went a couple of times to ask us if we needed help. We had a "for sure" stack, a "maybe" stack and a "no" stack. The pictures that are missing were from the for sure stack, so there is just no way that we had made a change on those. Then she said that we were first shown six poses and then someone brought out more. This is also not true. We were given a whole pile all at once and we sorted through them. I mean, come on, we're young parents who just had pictures taken of their child whom they think is just one of the best looking people walking the earth. That equals suckers. Do you really think they weren't going to show us all the poses? She finally said that she would have to rescan the whole session and repost everything over and she'd give me a call once it was completed. She sounded like this was the most difficult task ever. Whatever. I thanked her and we hung up. We'll see.
*I didn't link to the studio because it really was a great they did and I don't want my whining about one employee to make it sound like anything less.

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Jesser said...

Ahhh... I just luv customer service. It is my most favorite non-existant thing in the universe. ;) You should heard them when we had to deal with the whole Tivo mess ... but I won't get into that. No one needs a rise in bloodpressure. ;)