Wednesday, November 01, 2006

trick or treaters

I was amazed at how many trick or treaters were out last night. If I'd never been to this area and someone told me that the elementary school had just let out and all the kids went directly to trick or treating, I'd have believed it. The area was PACKED! It was also good to be able to see all the costumes. The weather was very pleasant and there was no need for even a sweater. A lot of the parents were out in shorts. Our house looked nice. We had pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, some eerie music, and a few skulls. There were some really nicely decorated houses around here. One house had jack-o-lanterns all over the lawn. They had 14 total, just laid out on the lawn. It looked NICE. Another house had about a million jars with tea lights hanging from their tree. That looked very creepy but I LOVED the idea. Other houses had fog and many, many houses had creepy music. I loved how the whole neighborhood got into the spirit. Last year we were one of about three houses on the block that were even giving out candy. I am also happy to report that we are in the "good candy" area. The kids are pleased.

feeling: nervous about actually completing nanowrimo
listening to: Breaking Benjamin (Diary of Jane)


Tommy said...

We didn't even go through a bag of candy at our house, be we did see quite a few kids, I guess they just didn't get to our house.

Jodi said...

We had fog and music/sounds and lights and a grave yard! Unfortunately, most of my neighbors were lame and did nothing. We had a fair amount of kids, but I know we'd have more if the rest of the street got in on the fun.

Nanette said...

That sounds awesome!