Friday, May 11, 2007

crazy b*tch

Rodrigo: guess which song I have in my head

me: I don't know. Which one?

Rodrigo: that crazy b*tch song and I hate it

me: (thinking) wow, I've never heard him call any girl that. What song could it be? Who's crazy? Amy Winehouse? Mariah Carey? Naomi Campbell doesn't sing, does she? Whitney Houston!!!

- I guess I must've had a total blank look -

Rodrigo: you know that one from Buckcherry. (starts singing it)

me: Oh yeah! I thought that's what you were calling the singer

We both just laughed. We're dorks like that.

feeling: happy he has the day off. I'm going to be laughing all day
listening to: Depeche Mode (Behind the Wheel)

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foodiechickie said...

You sound like us!