Wednesday, July 25, 2007

on the phone

You know where I've been these past few days? Here. On the phone. It seems that I've had a lot of things to take care of and the only way it can be done is by calling places. Then I'm left on hold for 75 hours straight. I wish I could say that I've been chit chatting and catching up with friends, but that it not the case.

- We have a package cable/internet/phone service. It's a good deal because it's less expensive that way. On the sucky side, it's always going down. That means all three things stop working at once. I have to call them on my cell phone and wait for them to tell me "It's not like we do it on purpose". Also, the service could be out for HOURS every day but as long as it is not in 24 consecutive hours, no credits are given. Nice.

- I haven't written about this, but I had credit issues for a LONG while. I did sooooo much to get good credit after ruining it in college only to have someone use my ss#. Somebody had used it to get a mortgage, some credit cards and a car loan. Unfortunately for that person, it was financed through the bank that I worked for. Duh! It took a while to get that all sorted. Everything is off my credit report now and instead I have a couple of my mom's accounts. The reason . . . we have the same name. I find it ridiculous first of all because I would've opened those accounts as a kid and secondly because they didn't ask for a ss#. I was on the phone with department store credit offices explaining that I am not my mom. I think it is all taken care of now. My credit score is now considered "EXCELLENT" but I know it'll be higher once this clears.

- When we got our alarm system, we were offered some really good promos and now they're not going into effect. We were offered three free months and a low fee and are now being charged (at one month) with a higher fee than we were quoted. We called. The salesman that made us this offer is no longer there so they keep passing the buck to see what they can do. We keep getting promised a return call but so far we've called about a million times and they've called us back zero times.

- The exterminators . . . ugh, this is a long story and deserves a post of it's own.

For now, I have to make a few more calls. At least these are more pleasant (school, dentist and such). -sigh- Am I the only one that hates being on the phone so much?

feeling: loving this rainy weather
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Anonymous said...

Yeah I did a pretty good job of mucking mine up in college as well.

Glad you got stuff straigned out even though the phone became another appendage for a bit.