Monday, October 01, 2007

my almost divorce

If Rodrigo and I were married, I'd have filed for divorce last week. Why? Because of the Beatles, of course. There's a movie called Across the Universe that I REALLY want to see. I told him and he asked what it was about. I don't really know what it's about but I know that it's all Beatles songs. Also, I thought I saw Bono singing "I am the Walrus". I was sold. So anyway, Rodrigo sort of scoffed and said that he thinks The Beatles are overrated. Yes. He. Did. I went on and on about how they reshaped music and inspired everyone and he still was like "Eh". Yeah, that would've meant divorce right there.
Then this morning, I would've torn up the papers. He's usually a holiday grinch. He just never got into decorating and everything as much as I do. Our house looks nice right now with the Halloween stuff. Well, there's these neighbors that we call "the quail people" (they bought some quail decorations for their yard that we wanted ourselves). We feel that they totally stole our idea. Anyway, we got home yesterday and the quail people were out decorating. I saw that they had some skeletons that looked like they were coming out of the ground. We walked inside and I told Rodrigo that the quails were decorating too. This morning they have a huge blow-up Frankenstein and loads of stuff that cover their whole yard. Rodrigo was saying things like "Oh, it's on now". Now he wants to buy some cool ghost we saw yesterday. I was calling him Rodrigo Griswold. I have to admit that I was ecstatic that he was being holiday competitive. Divorce off.

feeling: super happy it's October
listening to: Rilo Kiley (Dreamworld)


Elaine said...

Now, I'm not a HUGE fan of the Beatles, but I DO want to see this movie. I know I'm gonna cry (because Beatles songs always make me cry) and I'm not taking Ivan. I wished you lived closer, I'd go with you.

A movie that I almost missed was The GamePlan, with The Rock. The critics pretty much panned it, only 31% on, but I really liked it. My six year old did too. Shed a couple of tears here too.

Right on Rodrigo Griswold!

Jesser said...

Oh LOL. This made me laugh SOOO much. What a crack up. I'm the grinch in our house ... hehe. Matt would buy that HUGE blow up haunted house @ Sam's if I'd let him.

Anonymous said...

Hah divorce off! Too funny.

I want to see the movie too.