Thursday, November 01, 2007

the #1 thing I need to stop doing

Halloween went off without a hitch. The weather was so amazing that loads of neighbors were having cook-outs, sitting outside handing out candies and passing out food. I LOVE where I live. There was such an aura of friendship outside last night with everyone over at everyone else's house, all the kids recognizing each other. I just can't describe it, but it was awesome.
We were one of the houses that had a cook-out. Rodrigo had some co-workers over ready to scare the trick-or-treaters, the kids had friends and their parents over and I hung out with everyone. It was pretty awesome. Then someone left without Alec noticing and he came and asked me, "Did Jake Long go home?". I was mortified, but luckily nobody heard.
You see, I have this horrible habit of giving people nicknames. I don't mean it in a cruel or mocking way. It just sort of happens. It could be how someone looks (like if they remind me of someone), what someone does, or something they say. I was thinking about how I have to stop doing this since now the kids are aware of it. Thinking about it, I made a list of the nicknames I regularly refer to people as. Just within people we see on a regular basis are: Jake Long, Voldemort, F*f*fini (replace each "*" with an "a". I didn't want any searches ending up here. Also, look up what it means since this is my favorite nickname), the quails, the basketball players, the frat house, hot dog, tattoo, the funnies, the office, the scotty. I think the list can go on and on. See what I mean? Am I horrible? (here's the part where you leave a comment and say that I'm not awful and make me feel better) What's more is that I've always done this. Old friends and ex co-workers can certainly vouch for this. So, yeah, I think I should stop since I really don't want the kids to be doing the same thing. Except for Voldemort because I can't remember his real name and he really does look an awful lot like Voldemort (from the last two movies) I'm not the only one that does this am I? Rodrigo and I were wondering what other people call us behind our backs. Hee, hee.

feeling: I can't believe how warm it still is
listening to: Morrissey (Suedehead)


Anonymous said...

I am really glad you found such a nice neighborhood to live in! Yeah Niel and I do it too:)


Jesser said...

Sounds like a great neighborhood. I think ours is like that, but we've been too busy to figure it out. We need to make more of an effort to meet our neighbors. I think it's a bit easier with kids (or it is for us anyhow!).

Sort of related story: when we were little, my parents owned a commercial building (sort of strip mall thing) and they had this tennant called "Happy Feet Balloons" and the woman who owned it was a real biatch and so my parents called her "Grumpy Feet Balloons" and one day she called and my sis answered the phone and when my dad asked who it was, she said "Grumpy Feet Balloons" with the phone about a foot from her face. Hahha. I'm sure the woman heard her, but I'm not sure if she realized who had been calling her that. ;)

Oh ... and you're not awful. Just amusing. But then maybe I'm awful.