Thursday, November 29, 2007

lots o' stuff

I'm living in a sort of daze. I can't believe Thanksgiving was already a week ago. Ok, so I want to write about some things . . .

- About Thanksgiving:
My mom, dad and grandma came over and spent it here with us in Arizona. They arrived last Tuesday and stayed until Sunday. It was nice to have them here. I especially loved that my grandma came and got to see the house. I ate too much. Everyday. With my parents here, Rodrigo and I were actually able to go out and do something by ourselves. We went to watch this movie and got to do a lot of shopping without the kids. Yes, we did the early shopping and risk getting trampled thing.

- About my parents:
They couldn't get over the weather and kept going out for walks. I personally thought it was finally getting chilly and was wearing sweaters. Meanwhile my parents were wearing shorts and skirts. Well, my mom was wearing skirts. My dad wasn't. :P

- About the kids:
The kids are crazy spoiled and it gets worse with the grandparents here. They were going everywhere with my parents and really pushing the limits of what they can get away with. That said, whenever they have their own kids, I'm spoiling those to get revenge for now. (insert evil grin here)
Brianna's grade had a field trip here last Wednesday. I got to chaperon and spend a lovely day with 75 million third graders. I'm kidding, it was actually really nice. The weather was not too hot or cold and each parent was only in charge of three kids. We got to go at our own pace and just try to complete a scavenger hunt. My group was just interested in being silly. See? (Brianna in pink)

- About the Na_ _ _ Mo's.
I didn't do them this year. I knew all the things I was going to be doing this month and there was just no way I could write a novel and/or post an entry every day. Plus, I'd have to go out and do all sorts of cool things to make my life seem a lot more awesome than I really am. Or lie. I signed up for the NaBloPoMo last year and apparently I'm still on the randomizer. So if you're here checking in to see if I'm really doing it, I'm not. I'd love to, but I can't.

- There's a lot of other things that I want to post about. I screw myself for taking so long in between posts. If I make some time while I'm checking emails and such to throw in a short post, I'll get it done. I have to tell you guys about our elf in the house but that deserves it's own post. Tomorrow. I PROMISE!

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Jesser said...

LOL! Looks like you're having a good time. I think "tomorrow" is gone. ;)