Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the elf story

Ooh! I just realized that I had promised to write about our elf and I completely forgot. Ok, here it is. . . . .

So, I was on websites looking for various Christmas decorations that I could make and such when I stumbled upon some little plush elves that were for sale. Next to them, there were some stories that people have shared about how they had the elf "arrive" at their home for the holiday season. Alright, so you have to know that right now is an amazing time with Brianna. She is still young enough to believe in Santa and elves and fairies and all that but she is old enough to know how to read, like and understand scavenger hunts and most importantly understand what is going on. So, I found a template for a letter from Santa. It basically says (not verbatim) . . . I'm sending you an elf to stay with your family until Christmas, he will watch you to make sure you're good, he will write reports to me, and he can be mischievous so things might be out of their place sometimes. I placed the letter, an elf passport (which I also found a template of online), a little notebook for the reports and some candy canes in a package. I put it next to our mailbox and put a bow on the mailbox. When Brianna read the letter she was really excited. I didn't buy the little stuffed elf but she really believes that there is an elf in the house. She was running around looking for signs of him and concluded that he is in the attic (because Rodrigo hadn't closed the attic door properly). So now I leave signs of elvish mischief right before I go to bed. So far, we've placed the sofa cushions on the stairs, placed random kitchen objects on Brianna's dresser, put some towels in the middle of the hall, emptied some of her sock drawer onto her carpet, you know, just random things. Oh, I'm also writing the elf reports and leaving the notebook in various places like under the tree and on the top of the washer. What I've done is made a sort of points system where the elf takes the things the kids have done during the day and either adds or deducts points. What takes me long is trying to write in the elf print I'm faking to make my writing unrecognizable.
My mom thinks it's hilarious and that the kids will one day need therapy because they're having to walk on eggshells since an elf is watching them. Rodrigo goes along with it but is being funny by saying dumb things like that he's going to call animal control. Alec couldn't care less. All he wants to hear about is Santa. Brianna is the one who is taking this very seriously. She even leaves little treats out in the night (which I put away after she goes to bed and am required to leave a little thank you napkin). I think it's cute, no?

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foodiechickie said...

That is a such a sweet idea.

Jesser said...

Yvett!! I think this is absolutely hilarious!! I will have to keep this idea in mind for when Tabby is a bit bigger. What a fun thing for Brianna.