Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter weekend wrap-up

Thanks all for your kind comments and emails about Alec. He's doing much better. I hope everyone's Easter weekend went well. My parents came over to share the warm weather. We took the kids to an Easter egg hunt, had a cook-out and played on the Wii. The rest of the time, my parents were out with the kids so that Rodrigo and I could go out and do the "dinner and a movie" thing without kids for once. We totally ruined our chance to watch a movie that isn't rated G, by choosing a crap film. We saw Shutter, ugh. I was in the mood for something sort of creepy and not a drama for a change, but I should've gone to see my favorite genre instead. Shutter was better the first time when it was called The Grudge. Apart from a few moments that startle you and make you jump, it wasn't the least bit scary.
We did have dinner at a place we're almost sure the kids wouldn't like, so that was a plus. Whenever Rodrigo and I are out by ourselves, I like to have dinner at a place where there are no kid menus and they hate kids. Ah, my type of place. :P
I don't have much more to say today. The weather is lovely, lovely, lovely. We're having a nice and warm 84 degrees today, so I plan on being outside with Alec and Badger as much as I can. I had planned on walking to the grocery store until I saw on the news this morning that snakes are up from hibernating and we should be careful when walking. Drat. Time to sign up Badger for a snake avoidance course (yes, those are offered here). Anyway, have a pleasant day all. {{{ Here's sending you all warm thoughts and some desert sunshine }}}

feeling: awesome, like that Brady Bunch song when they want to take a walk in the sunshine
listening to: Ludo (Love Me Dead) LOV-ING this song!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a good Easter!


Jesser said...

Glad Alec is doing well ... and glad you had a nice weekend! I'm laughing about the snake avoidance course. We could use one of those here too!!