Tuesday, March 18, 2008


You know what I've been doing since I last wrote? Playing. That's right. Last week Rodrigo called me from the road telling me that he was about to turn into our street and asking me if I could "go outside and help him". I love it when he asks me for help because . . . .

a). He's stronger than short 5'1" me and never really needs my help
b). he always asks me to go help him when he really just wants to show me something
c). that something is usually always for me

I didn't know what he could be bringing but I was convinced it was flowers for me. I saw him pull into the garage and there were no flowers. He popped open the trunk, I went to peek and it took me a while to realize what that box was . . . . a Wii. I can't say that I've wanted one, but I know he has been wanting one for a while now. We just could never find any. Anytime he'd go to buy one, there weren't any in stock. Plus, it's not like he wanted one badly enough to go hunting one down. So he set it up and we started playing. We haven't stopped since. The kids love it. They really love the bowling game. Rodrigo and I are becoming obsessed in beating each other in tennis and golf. We've done the trainings for it and are now just focusing on lowering our golf score. It's pretty sad that I'm soooooooo out of shape that my arms have been sore. Really. There was a time when I could say that I was sore from playing tennis all day, but now I'm sore from playing virtual tennis for a while. Pathetic, huh? We made the Mii characters for each of us and played around making some of our parents. We've been laughing at my mom's for days now because she really does look like her. We'll catch her in the backgound of a game and just start laughing. The Wii came with the sports game, of course and he also bought this game. (He had bought this one but we exchanged it thinking it might be too complicated for the kids.) From the other game he got, I like playing one where you have to find different Mii characters.
So now you'll excuse me while I go train in golf. I want to beat that guy when he comes from work tonight.

feeling: like I really should be doing some housework or something
listening to: Against Me! (Stop!) <-- I love this song


Jesser said...

The wii is good fun ... and so original!! But we really don't play ours as much as our PS2 and computer games. We've got Zelda (which we've barely even cracked) and then Simpsons Game (don't like it) and My Sims (haven't played it much at all, but I didn't really like what I have played). The classic games you download are awesome though.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh glad you found one. We have been looking for one for a while now.

They are so much fun.

We play when we're at my parents.


Michelle said...

We've been pretty addicted to our Wii too. Well, in between Guitar Hero on the Xbox... We would bowl a lot, since it's fun to do with friends. I'm working on Super Mario Galaxy, and Hubby's addicted to Tiger Woods Golf. Oh, and the Lego Star Wars game is fun and easy.