Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brianna's pigpen

You know where I've been? Here. Cleaning.

Ugh, because Rodrigo and I are constantly on drugs, we decided it would be a good idea to have a yard sale. Well, it was actually my fault. I was trying to convince Brianna to get rid of a lot of junk, er, things and I blurted out "You could have a yard sale and whatever you sell will be money for you". Still, Rodrigo didn't stop me and is going along so it's his fault too.
I've never had a yard sale, have never had any desire to have one either, but it seems that we really give away a lot of good clothes simply because the kids have outgrown them. Plus, we have some old bedroom furniture and other things we need to get rid of, so we thought it would be a good idea. Getting things ready has been a nightmare, though.
I've tried and tried and tried and tried to get Brianna to let go of some things. She saves EVERYTHING. Everything. I knew that if I went into her room and did cleaned it myself, I'd get rid of some things she'd probably want. I warned and warned and warned to no avail.
Saturday we went to Phoenix and spent a lot of time at IKEA. Oh, you cannot imagine how inspired I was with all the choices for home organization. I've been on a "everything has a place and everything in it's place" mode for a while now, so Brianna's messy room was driving me batty.
Sunday she went to a friend's party. As soon as she left, I went straight into her room. I had planned to be done by the time she got back but it became a longer task that I had imagined. Oh. My. God. I could not believe the kind of thing this kid was saving. Think empty plastic Easter eggs, empty party favor bags, homework from years ago, notes, every plastic necklace imaginable, toys she hasn't played with in years, gift tags, pencils, etc. Armed with a new organizer and bins, I tackled that room. It two days and several hours but that room is Or-Ga-Nized. Closet, drawers and all. She owes me big.
Now I just need Alec's room (which really isn't that bad) and the toy boxes in the garage. -groan- All I'm saying is we better make some money on this yard sale thing and make all this worth it.

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Jesser said...

LOL. I remember my mom tackling my messy closet with me. She says I always got overwhelmed. Now I'm way more organized than she is ... hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Good grief you sound like me now Yvett. With all the extra items for the baby. You've got a lot done.


Nanette said...

Great job, mom! I have a guest room/office that we'll be turning into a nursery. Feel free to come over and help me organize. ;)