Saturday, July 12, 2008

school supplies

We went shopping for the kids school supplies. Target, of course. Anyway, I went crazy when I saw that they had all sorts of Domo items. Notebooks, folders, etc. Sorry I couldn't find a link at the Target site and the aisle was packed so I didn't want to take a picture. Right about now, I wish the kids' school wasn't so communist . . . for lack of a better word. They have to take notebooks, folders, pencils, crayons and other things for the whole class. They gather them all and pass them out. Suck. They can't have cute Domo or Hello Kitty supplies.
Anyway, I think I'm having a shortage of folders around here. I'm looking for reasons to buy some of those!

feeling: darn the commies
listening to: Rodrigo's iTunes


Nanette said...

Domo Kun supplies at Target!?!?!? I'm so there!

Jesser said...

Oh yea, I was so psyched when I saw the awesome school supplies at Target. I was ready to send Tabby way to school so I could buy some ... hehe. I do not like the idea of community school supplies. It seems like schools are getting weirder and weirder ideas ... community kleenex boxes? Ok. Community folders?? eh???