Thursday, August 07, 2008

a post about nothing

- The phrase "At the end of the day" is at the top of my sh*t list right now. The trouble is that I hear it EVERYWHERE. Ugh, it makes me cringe.

- Brianna was picking on Alec and he told her she was the worst person in the world (it was more like "the vorst person in the vorld". He said it just like they do on this show. I probably shouldn't watch it every single day.

- I know you all know it's hot in Arizona. Duh. But it's been so hot and HUMID. It's awful. The poor emo kids walking around have their make-up melting off. I figure they're depressed enough already and laughing at them might not help, but I couldn't help it. I guess it's hard to be emo in Arizona.

- No one I know in person is as far as I am in the Twilight series. I totally pressured my friend into reading them, but she's barely on the second book. I'm dying to tell someone "Can you believe that Bella . . . . . ." I considered joining a book club but I'd hate to be the only adult there.

- It's J@nas Brother/C@mp Rock fever around here. Brianna got one of those book order sheets from school yesterday. Three of the four books she wants are about those certain brothers. That and ohmygodicantbelievethenewcdcomesoutnextweek! <-- to be read exactly like that without taking a breath. Rodrigo and I were joking about having a bunch of more babies to make a band.

- I just found out that the kids' school prohibits skulls on clothes. Uh, nice timing. Brianna's messenger bag has skulls and flowers on it. Plus several of her new school outfits have little skulls on them. They're in style. You know the skulls with a tiara and/or flowers. I wonder if cute skulls are an exception.

That's it. I know I had more things I wanted to say but I can't think now. It's way too hot and my brain is fried.

feeling: weak from the heat
listening to: Folk Implosion (Natural One)


Anonymous said...

I nominated you!

Jesser said...

- "Proactive" is on mine.
- I like the idea of Alec as a grumpy little Russian man. ;)
- Poor Emo kids ... Seattle is really much more suited to their specific needs for cool and dark and damp. ;)
- They're on my very long list of things to read. I scoffed at the whole idea at first, but I probably would have scoffed at wizards before I read Harry Potter.
- Their parents must be seriously raking in the cash ... does put a different spin on breeding, right?
- Well they didn't say anything about skulls on BAGS, did they? How narrow-minded.