Monday, August 04, 2008

weekend wrap-up

I had been freaking out about a little white dot on the TV screen. I was sure that I'd done something that had created a burn-in and was just about to schedule a repair man to come out. Then I heard this news. Whew! You can tell which channel I watch a lot. I usually stick to three channels. I'm surprised Tim Gunn or "Michael Scott" aren't burned into my screen yet either.

I wasn't sure whether or not to go to the midnight release party for Breaking Dawn. I did. I also took Brianna which made me think I was bordering on child abuse. She really wanted to go with me, though and so I gave in. I also thought I might be able to say that she's a really advanced reader and we were really there for her and not me. :P I was number 613 in line. Nice. The kids in attendance went all out! I loved the shirts with Team Jacob/Team Edward on them. I'd be the latter, by the way. I really wanted to take pictures of several of the shirts and outfits but I thought I'd be the creepy old lady there and so I refrained.

The rest of the weekend was spent at home. I can't believe it! It felt good to be home for a couple of days. Rodrigo and Alec seemed to be getting one of those horrible summer colds and neither really felt like doing anything. It gave me a chance to read. Sunday I pretty much lived in the kitchen. I cooked my grandma's style food which takes hours to prep (homemade sopes, gorditas, green chile, shredded beef and spanich rice).
I hope your weekend was good as well.

feeling: sooooooo tired of the humidity. I can't handle it
listening to: STP (Unglued)

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Jesser said...

You have been a busy girl! That dot thing is kind of interesting/weird. I like it when regular folks figure out insider stuff like that. I have not yet gotten into the Breaking Dawn craze yet. I don't have time to obsess over anything more. Just Heroes for now. Can I come over and have a bite of yuummy-sounding food?