Tuesday, January 13, 2009

100th Day

Yesterday was Alec's 100th day of school. Well, I suppose it was Brianna's too, only her grade didn't celebrate. Anyway, we had this conversation . . .

Alec: let me read you my 100th day paper
me: OK
Alec: I wish I had 100 me.
me: 100 of you?
Alec: yes. 100 robot me's so that they could do my chores
me: (thinking) chores, huh?
Alec: I'm glad I don't have 100 red
me: red?
Alec: yeah, red
me: red what?
Alec: (scoffing) red zits, you know, like on my face
-here I have to try super hard not to laugh at him
Alec: I could eat 100 apples. I can not eat 100 candies.
me: that's really good!

So, he has a project due this week where he has to make something out of 100 somethings. It was a little easier helping Brianna with these kids of projects because we tend to think of the same sort of things. 100 flowers? Yes, please. 100 sparkly thingies? Absolutely! Alec, on the other had, wanted 100 storm troopers or 100 ninjas. He finally agreed to a snake. I made 100 little poms almost like these . . .

(those I'd made when I was coaching cheer) Anyway, I made 100 of those but in "snake color". Then we took some more yarn and are tying all those poms onto the string to make the snake. It's taking a little long because I'm having Alec do a lot of the tying. It is his homework, afterall. We're not going any faster by having him pretend to be Voldemort every five seconds. I'll share a picture once I'm done.

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Jesser said...

Yea ... see that's where I'm at with having a boy. I'm just not quite sure what to do with them. They're very sweet and everything and I know I'll do great with him, but I'm so used to girls ... the softer stuff. My nephews are chaos and loud!! Haha. They are just very different.

I would do 100 pirates though. ;)