Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No Soup for me

Hello. My name is Yvett and I'm a soupaholic. I love, love, love soup. Imagine my surprise when I found out that January is supposedly National Soup Month. What? Why. Didn't. Anyone. Tell. Me?!?!? Besides, who makes these things up anyway? ARGH, I could've been making soup after soup after soup this whole month by having the excuse that it's soup month. : P I've only made some a few times this month. I've made chicken noodle soup, tortilla soup, a roasted tomato soup with bacon and yesterday I made egg drop soup - with perfect, no clump egg ribbons thankyouverymuch.
Although I love soup, I try to avoid canned ones like the plague. I am forever trying new recipes. So now I'm asking you to share your favorite soup recipe with me. Pretty please? I like any kind. Yum, tonight I think I'll make albondigas (meatball soup). I can't wait.

feeling: in the mood for warm soup
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foodiechickie said...

I really need to find out all these interesting dates and keep them on my calendar. Permanently.

My mom makes good meatball soup too.

I like French onion soup best.

I have a decent Chorizo and lentil soup recipe if you like.

foodiechickie said...

Oh check out this link. Not sure if you have heard of this food blogger before.


Jesser said...

Here are the soups I have posted on my site ... http://www.jesser.org/recipes.php?cat=12 ... of the ones listed, the Clam Chowda Mug O Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup and Turkey and Bean Chili are my faves.

Now you share your recipes, Miss Yvett!!