Thursday, March 12, 2009

wanted: fake cake

Jenn's posts always make me laugh. It was for a different reason today, though. I'd just been talking about fake food a few minutes before I read her post and then I see that she has a picture of her kid holding fake food. Hilarious!

Let me explain. . . My mom gave us a crystal cake stand that I absolutely love. Right now it is displaying some cookies I baked yesterday. That's just it; I feel like it always has to have something. Rodrigo was saying that we should get one of those fake cakes like they have in model homes for when we don't have something fresh baked.

me: (laughing) yeah, we should. You know people use fake cakes for weddings
Rodrigo: huh?
me: yeah, they make a fake wedding cake and only the bottom layer is real so they could cut into it, then they send it to the back and just slice off some sheet cake
Rodrigo: OK, but a wedding cake wouldn't fit in there
me: (laughing) I know, I'm just saying. I don't know where I'd get one, though
Rodrigo: a fake wedding cake?
me: no, just a fake cake for the stand. Where do they buy those?
Rodrigo: we should just into a model and take one

Both of us just laughed.

We weren't being serious, but I started thinking seriously about it. I don't think I've ever seen a whole cake at those places. Just slices like they have in restaurants. I started wondering . . . where do they get those?
Of course, when I don't know something, I always ask Mr. Google. I was shocked to see the results. There are sooooo many fake food manufacturers. I'm having a blast looking at all the fake desserts I'd like to display in my stand. Just now I was looking at all the pictures I took in model homes and Alec came up behind me.

Alec: what are you doing?
me: looking through pictures
Alec: of me?
me: both of you playing with fake food
Alec: oh yeah, look they're I'm making eggs
me: yes, you are
Alec: and there's Brianna in front of a giant cookie
me: what? a giant cookie? -pause- Bwah, ha! ha!

It turned out to be this picture . . . . .

What might be nice wall decor for us equals a giant cookie for a kid.

feeling: I need to start packing
listening to: U2 (Magnificent)

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foodiechickie said...

Did you purchase a fake cake? If so, what flavor? LOL!