Wednesday, February 25, 2004

ash wednesday

I don't like to talk about religion but this is more about my life. Even though at this point in my life I am pretty much agnostic, I was born and raised Cathoilc. Today, being Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of lent. As I do most Wednesdays, I went to my grandma's house today. She is strictly Catholic and so today began a series of rituals that she practices. As a kid, I'd spend weekends and vacations with her so I remember absolutely hating this time of year. On Fridays during lent I had to eat things like lentils, pea soup, fish, and shrimp (I hated seafood at that time) while staying over. She still follows all these things too. During lent she will not eat meat on Fridays or on the Saturday before Easter, and she will also not eat or drink anything before noon on Fridays. I know she would also "give something up" for the 40 days but I'm not sure she did that this year. I admire the fact that she believes in something so much that she is willing to do all this. I also admire that she doesn't try to push her beliefs onto someone else. I mean, I could go over and eat a burger and she wouldn't tell me not to. Anyway, this year I decided that I want to learn how to make all these lenten foods that she makes. I want to learn how to make capirotada (a dessert made with fried bread, molasses, cheese, raisins, peanuts, candy, and I don't know what else) and pipian (shrimp omelets in a chili and pumpkin seed sauce). Not so much because I'm planning on suddenly turning devout, but these are good foods and she only cooks them this time of year. I was talking to some friends about how our grandparents and some of their parents follow all of these traditions and we were talking about giving something up for 40 days. Among the suggestions were carbs, soda, chocolate, and the one I thought was hilarious, giving up abstinence. That's too funny. I have no self control so I know that I wouldn't be able to give anything up. Anything I like, that is. I told my friends I'd give up carbs and by noon I was eating rice. It was suggested that I not use my computer for anything other than work from now until Easter. Uh huh. Good one. Well, I'm cutting a million pieces of felt that I'm going to use for scales on the fish costume, so I must go now. Have a good night or a great day!

Oh! I just got an email from June saying that "What's on. . .right now?" is up. I'll answer that before I close.

What's on. . . .Right now?

What's On the front page of your newspaper Right Now?

-Bush backs ban on gay marriages
-"Passion" called overwhelming. El Pasoans ponder faith after film
-Many receive ashes today
-Hispanics urged to vote to bring about change

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