Tuesday, February 24, 2004

i'll be busy today/ tuesday memes

I'll be busy today (I hope)
I decided to write early today because I plan on being totally productive and busy for the rest of the day. I have to pick up around here and I also want to work on Brianna's fish costume. I've been cutting out pieces of felt for the scales and I'm sewing sequins on them. The stuff I bought came out to just a few dollars and I'm proud because I like to make pretty stuff without spending a lot of money. I won a costume contest at work once with a sunflower costume that I made for $6. The prize was $50. Anyway, I just finished taking that Peanuts quiz and it says I'm Lucy. I thought I would be Snoopy or something but I guess not. If you take the quiz, leave me a comment as to who you are. I'm going to do the Tuesday memes now and try to fight this magnetic pull that my computer has towards me and prevents me from doing other stuff. . . . .

You are Lucy!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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tuesday twosome

1. Your internet connection: DSL or dialup?
-cable modem
2. Daily: How much time do you spend on your computer working?
How much time do you spend on the internet?
-working: 2-4 hours, internet: about one hour apart from working
3. Have you met someone on the internet? And if so, have you met in person?
-yes, not in person
4. Emails: When you receive a humorous or pointless email from a friend, do you pass it on or "the emails dies at my inbox"?
-i pass it on
5. Pop-up ads: Annoying or "I ignore them so it doesn't bother me."?
-annoying but my pop-up blocker stops them

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather:
lose the thumb on your dominant hand in a hunting accident OR lose your non-dominant foot in a rock climbing accident?
-lose my foot. I would still be able to walk with a cane or something but I need my thumb for the things I do.
take care of 20 screaming toddlers everyday OR work in the sewers of new york everyday?
-probably the sewers. I'd get used to the smell eventually but toddlers are full of surprises all the time. besides, it's so much responsibility to watch just one, I can't imagine 20.
invent a cure for lung cancer that makes the person never able to walk again OR makes the person blind? -not be able to walk again.
your 10 year old child find you masturbating OR hear you speaking derogatively towards a racial minority neighbor?
-speaking derogatively. I'd just say that I was quoting what someone else said or some other excuse. there's no excuse for the other

feeling: i'm going to accomplish a lot today
listening to: The White Stripes (Seven Nation Army)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: getting started on being productive!

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