Saturday, February 28, 2004

i'm old (again)

I didn't write anything yesterday. By the time I got to my computer, my fingers were so numb from sewing that I wouldn't have been able to type anyway. Instead I went into the most recently published blogs on the blogger page and I was surprised by one of the blogs I came across. I won't add a link to it or say the title but what surprised me was the "About Me" column that the writer had. In it she stated that her birthday was in 1990. Oh my God! I couldn't believe it! Kids that were born in 1990 already have blogs? This little girl is thirteen years old! I didn't even have a computer at that age. I was pretty shocked at the things that she wrote. There are a lot of things going on with kids nowadays that were definately not going on when I was that age. She describes some sexual activities that a thirteen year old has no business even knowing about. I thought about when I was thirteen and honestly I still played with my Barbies. It worries me to think about what will be going on when Brianna and Alec are that age. I don't care about being cool anymore so I fully intend to be the nosy mom that wants to know everything. Another thing about that blog I went into is that it also made me really sad. Anything she wrote other than about sex was really depressing. I understand that everyone is trying to fit in at that age, but I don't remember ever being that sad. I felt tragically misunderstood at at later age, but never that sad. Well, I hope she just ends up ok and now I'm going to be nosy and check up on Brianna. Good night.

feeling: kids who were born when I was in high school already have their own blogs. I'm so old!
watching: Saturday Night Live
what I should be doing instead of blogging: washing dishes

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