Sunday, February 29, 2004

my oscar recap/unconscious mutterings

my oscar recap
I just finished watching the Academy Awards a little while ago and although I usually love this show I have to admit that this year I was bored! They should've just called it the "We're going to make up for the past two years that we haven't awarded The Lord of the Rings and just give them all the awards" show. They won everything! Yes, the movie is good. but come on. On the other hand, whoa on Johnny Depp. He finally shaved, cut his hair, and dressed up and I felt like when I felt when I loved him on 21 Jumpstreet. I wasn't sure who I wanted to win for Best Actor. I really like Sean Penn, I loved Bill Murray in Lost in Translation and I thought it would be nice to see Johnny Depp win. Ben Kingsley already won and I haven't seen Cold Mountain but if they would've won I wouldn't have been upset. I'm happy for Sean Penn though and really happy for Charlize Theron. I've liked her for a few years since I noticed the really cute tattoo she has on her foot. I talked about how cute it looked and how much I wanted one for such a long time that a good friend of mine went and got one done. She got a cute vine with ladybugs but her foot was swolen for a while. But I digress. . . . . .
I'm really sleepy now so I'll do the unconscious mutterings for tonight and try to get to bed. Good night.

unconscious mutterings
I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Hollywood:: stars
  2. Censor:: edit
  3. Nascar:: races
  4. Lube:: oil
  5. Mortgage:: refinancing
  6. Freedom:: liberty
  7. Champion:: boxing
  8. Reality TV:: survivor
  9. New York:: statue of liberty
  10. Tease:: strip

feeling: starstruck
watching: I love the 80's
what I should be doing instead of blogging: sleeping

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